Social Media Development

We help craft social networking applications that offer a wide array of interactive opportunities to businesses. Improve your engagement, Generate more leads, and Automate higher ROI.

Key Features

- User Centric Interface
- Tailor-Made App Solutions
- x-Brand Awareness

Become A Brand That Inspires With Bright And Imaginative App Solutions
Social media has become the most influential and vital virtual space where the platform is not only used for building connections but also a great way of creating brand image and increasing product recognition via online advertising. We implement the latest strategies to help you gain access to a highly competent and productive application platform.
Our Social Media Development Solutions

A strategy, whether for a startup or an established firm, ensures that you are on the same page in terms of objectives, activities, and what success looks like for your brand. Our custom social media apps, designed after careful analysis of your business requirements, help you generate competitive revenue by engaging with millions of users.


We are dedicated to making technology seamless for the users. We craft eye-captivating interfaces carrying social networking app development solutions.

Online Polling

Conducting surveys and taking opinion polls is now easy, you can count on our developers to build impressive polling apps that give productive results.

Custom Social

Our developers specialize in creating personalized social networking mobile apps that allow users to interact & stay informed about global news.

Social Media
Analysis Tool

We provide solutions for our clients to obtain perspective into how their social campaigns are doing, their experience, and when they are exiting the app.


We know that communication and real-time discussions are the future of social networking, we provide platforms that allow for quick connectivity in a hack-proof ecosystem.

Video Based

We specialize in creating video call apps enabling end-users to engage with their peers on a face-to-face scale even when they are geographically distant.

Google Map

Create real time experiences for your customers with dynamic apps, routes, & Places APIs with our Google Map integration in your social media apps.

Social Game
App Development

With our social gaming applications, we combine excitement, and technology to provide end users with a spectacular experience to interact and explore.

Turn Social Media Into Brand Success!

Build Trust. Increase Engagement. Grow Conversions.

Why Choose DianApps for Social Media Development Solutions?

With over decades of experience, we specialize in developing competitive social media apps that allow your business to stay connected with new and existing clients. Here’s why you should choose DianApps as your social networking app development partner.

Advanced Technology

Our developers are adept at using the latest tools and technology, like IoT, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to create dynamic social apps that deliver exceptional results.

Domain Expertise

We offer unmatched social media application development solutions, thanks to our domain expertise and extensive experience.

Innovative Thinking

We conceptualize offbeat apps and implement them to perfection. Our designers and developers are well-known for their outside-the-box thinking.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Our social network development process begins with an in-depth understanding of your business needs so that we can develop tailored solutions for you.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure is designed to cater to the needs of all types of businesses around the world, irrespective of their size, budget, and requirements. Trust our services and get world-class results.

On-Time Delivery

When it comes to social network application development while following a strict deadline, DianApps is your best bet. We take our deadlines seriously and give our best to adhere to them.

Our Expertise
Our technical expertise is what makes your social media app stand out of the sea of others in the stores.
Easy to Navigate Design
A social media app should not be a puzzle. That’s why we develop apps with an easy-to-navigate and accessible design so that users can find the relevant information without hassle.
Secure Login/Signup
With our social media apps, users can create a unique user account with personal login information protected by backup email or code authentication, thus ensuring secure login.
In-App Chat & Calling
We build apps with in-app chat and calling features that enable users to message or call through the app and also create groups of people in their network.
Privacy & Security
Our social media apps have advanced privacy and security features so that personal information is not leaked to a third party.

Other Domain

We are one of the most trusted software development agencies when it comes to building application for the health industry.

Health Care
Our healthcare app services cover designing, development, testing, and maintenance of healthcare-related apps. We have been creating outstanding medical software products for startups, hospitals, labs, and more.
Our main goal is to unlock the true potential of eCommerce platforms to offer you a feature-rich and exclusive website. Our highly qualified web developers use their exceptional knowledge to create the user-focused eCommerce apps.
Social Media
Engage with your targeted audience anytime, anywhere across the globe, and enjoy interactive conversations with the best social media app development solutions designed specifically considering your custom business needs.
Modernize and expand your enterprise with Business app development solutions to elevate operational efficiency, automate business processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.
We have proficiency to develop a sports app that accomplishes all your business objectives as well as boost social awareness. From stunning design to successful app promotion, we build a successful sports app that comprises all superior features.
Food Delivery
Our out-of-the-box food delivery solutions are less than other popular food delivery apps. With our innovative AI-driven technology, we empower your app idea and bring your business to the head table.
We develop ever-evolving on-demand app solutions to promote next-gen services for holistic business growth. Experience all-persuasive, scalable and fully customized front-end UI, and powerful analytics panels for iOS & android.
Health & Fitness
Get your fitness app and market it efficiently to grab the attention of health enthusiasts with the help of most advanced fitness app development.
Travel & Transport
We strike an amazing balance between human-centric design, UI, and a powerful technology stack to create flexible, feature-rich travel & transport app development.
Education & mLearning
We hold a vast experience in delivering education app features using the latest learning techniques-gamification, social learning, and interactivities. We can create tailored apps for your unique L&D needs.

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FAQ' s

  • Why hire PHP programmers from an agency, not freelancers?

    It is always beneficial to hire PHP developers from an agency because they come with a wider range of skills and they dedicatedly work on your project. In case of freelancers, they work on multiple projects at any given point in time and also have a more limited skill set pertaining to what is needed in the future-forward development process.

  • How do you account for the different time zones?

    When you hire a PHP developer from DianApps, they become a part of your extended team. This implies that they work in your time zone.

  • How experienced are the remote PHP developers at DianApps?

    Our PHP developers are divided in three categories - Beginners, Advanced, and Experts. As you move from one level to another, you will find the developers becoming full-stack developers with extensive multiple industry experience. As for the beginner level developers, they have 1-2 years of dedicated experience in building PHP apps.

  • What type of software applications can be created with PHP?

    The extensive nature of PHP makes it the right choice for every software type. Websites like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Etsy, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. are a few of the ones written in the language.

  • What is the experience criteria I should set before hiring a remote PHP web developer?

    It will depend entirely on the project requirement. If you have a basic application need, go with developers with 0-3 years of experience. If you want a more complex, high concurrency platform, go with developers having 4-6 years of experience.

  • How good is the PHP programming language from a security point of view?

    The language is very secure. Infact, new PHP frameworks and tools get introduced every once in a while ensuring that the security remains the top focus of the language, irrespective of what the scale of the software is.

  • What's the future of PHP?

    Approximately over 75 percent of all the webpages are built on PHP. The fact that developers can both build a PHP website from scratch and migrate an existing web app to it, brings the language in high demand. A demand that is going to remain intact in the time to come.