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Hire Dedicated AWS Experts from DianApps to transform your company to meet customers' current, super-fast demands. From AWS migration to optimization, our experts can assist you with all of your cloud computing needs. By employing specialized AWS developers, we can help you in making a secure and cost-effective transition to the cloud. To ensure trust, you can carefully select, examine, and speak with our skilled AWS engineers. You will be wowed by their abilities and agree to sign an NDA with us.

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Hire DianApps AWS Developers For Full FullStack Services

Our developers have impressively won the respect and loyalty of numerous clients all around the world. This is only possible with our exceptional industry-specific Amazon Cloud Services that assist businesses in establishing a unique identity and obtaining the patronage of customers.

AWS Consulting

We provide end-to-end AWS consulting services in order to assist you in overcoming complex enterprise obstacles. Employ remote AWS programmers to make more informed decisions and achieve the best results.

AWS Integration

Want to incorporate AWS cloud into your current on-premise systems? Hiring dedicated AWS developers is the perfect solution to ensure your AWS integrations are seamless.

AWS App Development

The AWS development team at DianApps creates feature-rich, cross-platform mobile applications. Hire our developers to expand on other platforms more cheaply and with fewer resources.

DevOps as-a-Service

Being a top AWS development company, We provide DevOps services, such as Continuous Integration & Continuous Development (CI/CD). Hire AWS developers to complement DevOps.

AWS Infrastructure

Our AWS experts manage all sorts of infrastructure over the AWS platform. As necessary, this will assist clients in leveraging and integrating AWS as well as services from third parties.

Security & Risk Management

We can provide you with cloud security solutions to safeguard your data and apps. Hire AWS developers from DianApps to keep your apps safe from security flaws and issues.

Support and Maintenance

We have a team of skilled offshore AWS developers and engineers who offer round-the-clock technical assistance to detect and troubleshoot bugs & complicated software problems.

AWS Migration Services

Our specialized architects and AWS developers precisely follow a phase-driven strategy to design, migrate and optimize your applications from the existent infrastructures to AWS Cloud.

Our Engagment Models

Time and Material Model


When it comes to complex projects with evolving requirements and uncertain timelines, our Time and Material model is the perfect solution. You only pay for the time and resources invested in the project, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

On-site Model


If you need a developer to work closely with your team, our On-site model is the way to go. We provide you with top-tier AWS developers who work on-site at your location, helping you to achieve your project goals faster and more efficiently.

Dedicated Developer Model


With our Dedicated Developer model, you receive a group of skilled AWS developers who work solely on your project, allowing you to have complete control over the development process. This approach is ideal for companies that require a dependable and effective team of developers to complete their projects.

Why Hire AWS
Developers From

We at DianApps have a proficient team of determined AWS consultants, developers, and industry professionals to effortlessly deliver AWS app development projects.

  • Full Transparency in Development

  • Exceptionally Flawless Solution Delivered

  • No Hidden Costs Involved

  • Complete Project Breakup & Recovery

  • Flexible Working Hours

  • Technical Support & Maintenance

  • 100% Data and IP Security

  • 100% Confidentiality with NDAs

Hire Developers For Your Next Project in 4 Steps

You have the ease to hire a dedicated team of AWS developers at DianApps. Here are the hiring stages to employ resources for your upcoming project.

Post the needs and specifics of the project.
Talk to our team about the project's specifics.
Pick a timeline and an engagement model.
We initiate the project development.

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For general queries fill out this form or have a look at end of the page for more options

Hey There contact

For general queries fill out this form or have a look at end of the page for more options

FAQ' s

  • What an AWS developer should know?

    • Proficiency in writing code for serverless apps and developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications utilizing AWS.
    • Being able to use the Amazon service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to create apps and recognize the key characteristics of AWS services.

  • Is coding necessary for AWS developers?

    Everyone is interested in knowing whether coding is necessary for Amazon Web Service in particular. The answer will please you and inspire you to start your profession as soon as possible. Programming is not necessary for Amazon Web Service. Nobody with programming experience or knowledge is needed to work for Amazon.

  • How much does it cost to hire dedicated Amazon developers?

    You can work with dedicated AWS consultants from DianApps on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis, as well as S3 developers, AWS Cognito developers, Amazon EC2 developers, and DianApps consultants. The price varies according to the project type and work hours.

  • How can AWS specialists help my business?

    Hiring AWS developers from DianApps ensures cost-effectiveness, improved project implementations, performance improvement, and increased ROI. Our AWS developers help companies increase productivity, add value, outperform the competition, and quickly enter new markets.

  • How can I hire an AWS developer?

    Provide us with the details of your project so that we may select an exact engagement model, interview potential AWS professionals, and rapidly onboard them to your projects if you want to recruit dedicated AWS consultants, engineers, or a team from DianApps.