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Salesforce Customization Services

We offer cutting-edge Salesforce Customization & Configuration services for all business operations to enhance revenue and sales productivity.

Our Salesforce Customization Stages
1. Integrate Custom Objects

Remove standard fields and objects from your Salesforce app and replace them with custom Salesforce objects and custom fields to boost the ROI of your business. We add custom objects, fields, & records to your salesforce solution to make it reflex data beyond its standard functionality. Say we are to customize the Salesforce solution of a real estate company, whose needs to track property for sale can’t be addressed with default Salesforce objects. For this, we introduce a custom object “property” with custom fields inside it.

2. Workflow Automation

As a Salesforce partner, we will assist you with customizing your existing CRM using workflow rules, process builder, and apex code to ease everyday CRM duties. We automate daily and recurring tasks with workflows and Apex triggers, like sending email notifications and assigning follow-up tasks. Using workflow tools, like Workflow rules, Process Builder, or Apex code for such automation supports your employees’ productivity and spares them from a significant part of their manual duties.

3. Configure Bulk API

Our Configure Build API enables bulk processing of data, which is a best practice to support the growing Salesforce solution with operations like a mass update of records, weekly leads evaluation, and other tasks. For this, we load and delete large sets of data in your Salesforce solution and perform multiple record updates with bulk triggers.

4. Customized Reports & Dashboards

To generate bespoke reports and dashboards, use our Salesforce support services. These statistics can assist you in determining the top and worst performing sales regions, profitable client categories, and true pipeline value of your Salesforce. We create custom reports and dashboards for sales, marketing, and service professionals when they need better visibility into specific figures, which can’t be properly reflected with the standard reporting functionality of Salesforce. We can complement custom reports with Apex instructions to retrieve this data and present it on the report page.

5. Salesforce Integration

We perform Salesforce integration with third-party systems, for instance, with ERP, eCommerce systems, social media, email, etc., which can tangibly facilitate collaboration in your organization. We use REST/SOAP API web services and a range of default tools (like Files Connect) or custom tools developed from scratch to make such integration possible. Our Salesforce developers are professional at integrating Salesforce CRM with third-party systems. For optimal integration and data flow, we employ REST/SOAP API web services.

6. Salesforce with Einstein AI

We complement your Salesforce with Einstein AI, and further customize it in compliance with your requirements. AI-powered features ensure valuable insights for the sales, marketing and service needs of your business due to suggesting next-best sales actions, scoring the likelihood of marketing emails’ success, automatically classifying and routing service cases, etc.

Salesforce Customization Benefits
Better Lead Conversion
Improved Sales Revenue
Enhanced Customer Retention
Increased Productivity
Faster Case Resolution
Our Salesforce Customization Services
When modifying the data model, UI, and business logic of your Salesforce system with point-and-click tools is insufficient to fulfill your objectives, we advise going with a Salesforce configuration. The development of reports and dashboards, validation and process rules, tabs and apps with different basic Salesforce tools, installation of AppExchange applications, and so on are all conceivable settings.

You need to resort to customization, when:
  • Setting up business-specific values with the modification of UI, business logic, and data model of your Salesforce solution
  • Installation of AppExchange application with default Salesforce tools to increase sales and marketing impacts
  • Add custom fields, objects, and records to your Salesforce with default Salesforce tools
Using basic Salesforce capabilities to customize your Salesforce solution based on your business model. We will help you scale your Salesforce solution by integrating third-party systems, developing procedures and processes to improve resource efficiency, customizing dashboards and email styles, and increasing client responsiveness. OurSalesforce modifications are used for automated bulk processes to reduce time-to-value.
  • You have large amounts of data and complex business logic that can’t be fully covered with default Salesforce functionality.
  • Default or configured reports/dashboards do not reflect all the necessary data about your business processes.
  • Integration with external systems (like ERP, an eCommerce system, etc.) is crucial for your business.
Salesforce Products We Implement
DianApps Salesforce experts are ready to guide and assist you in implementing:
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Community Cloud
Financial Service Cloud
Nonprofit Cloud
Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce Chatter
What Makes DianApps
The Best Salesforce Customization Partner?
Our extensive Salesforce customization services span the full Salesforce platform. To keep good customer interactions and effective business administration, get completely customized Salesforce CRM structures and interfaces. As a top Salesforce customization partner, we ensure that no opportunity is lost in a world of ever-changing consumer expectations.
  • Identified & proven salesforce app development practices
  • Thorough understanding of continuous integration setup
  • Extreme quality
  • On-time delivery
  • 100% safe & secure
Our Top-Notch Custom Solutions & Services
Third-party Integrations
Hybrid/Native Mobile Apps
Fully Branded Communities
Data Transformation
Custom Apps
Workflows & Approvals
Secured Web Services
Custom Heroku Apps
Lighting Components
IoT Implementation
Visualforce Development
CPQ Implementation

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FAQ' s

  • What are Salesforce Customization services?

    Salesforce customization is the process of adding powerful features to your CRM Platform through bespoke development and coding. It enables you to enhance your business in order to get the required results. You may engage professional and experienced Salesforce developers for further customization based on your company's requirements.

  • Do you need Salesforce Customization services?

    Yes, whether you want to change your existing Salesforce application or need assistance integrating new features, Salesforce customization services are necessary. It aids in the removal of pests and creates new prospects for your company. Salesforce customization provides several benefits that businesses will only know once it has been properly modified.

  • What is the cost of Salesforce Customization services?

    Salesforce setup prices range from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on whether you want an out-of-the-box solution or a fully customized one. If you wish to add features, modules, and objects to your current software within a specific time frame, the price may increase.

  • What is the difference between customization & configuration?

    Customization is a feature, extension, or change accomplished by the use of code and/or specific implementation. When you configure a system, you modify its behavior or functionality by using system tools.

  • Where is the customize option in Salesforce?

    You may create custom settings in the Salesforce UI by heading to Set Up, typing Custom Settings in the Find box, and then selecting Custom Settings. Once you've established your custom setting and added fields to it, go to the detail page and click Manage to submit data to your custom setting.