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Salesforce App Development Services

We aim at delivering bug-free, efficient, and reliable business application that enhances your company efforts scales up your sales, and integrates great user satisfaction.

Our Salesforce Implementation Stages
1. Delivery Models

As an approved Salesforce partner, we are able to create niche apps at the same time. For example, suppose a corporation is dealing with a series of problems in its CRM domain. Our Salesforce apps are simple to use and extremely responsive. With the application's UI prototype, we plan out the customer journeys. Based on user input, we will subsequently add functionality.

2. Salesforce Implementation

We engage with you to properly design your implementation, no matter how large or complex it is. We will then help you configure and integrate your Salesforce products, as well as customize them to your unique business needs.

3. Quality Review

Our only focus is on delivering high-quality solutions, which means we employ a robust software testing method to thoroughly assess the build's performance. We accomplish high-quality architecture and code by executing unit tests and code reviews on a regular basis. Our QA team guarantees that the Salesforce custom app is bug-free and performs properly to provide the user with a smooth and logical experience.

4. Training and Integration

We help in connecting the app to third-party applications, default Salesforce connection tools, custom integration tools, or content management systems are part of this step. We also give Salesforce application user training resources. We provide training materials and hands-on training sessions to end users to increase user adoption of custom applications for internal use.

5. Product Launch

We transfer the tested custom app to the User Approval Testing environment after deploying the product for internal use to ensure acceptance. When it is successful, we will move it to the production environment and make the entire software available to end users. As a Salesforce AppExchange partner, we also put it through an AppExchange security evaluation to be verified by the Salesforce Product Security Team.

6. Salesforce Support

We give long-term assistance because our relationship does not end with the product launch. We fine-tune the features for greater user adaptability throughout the first few months of internal usage of the custom Salesforce app, which extends beyond training with resources like release notes and rapidly resolving difficulties. We deliver after-launch support to custom applications for internal use during 1-3 months after the launch. We tune the application’s features and take measures for user adoption beyond user training (e.g., provide release notes, reactively resolve user issues).

Salesforce App Development Benefits
Better Lead Conversion
Improved Sales Revenue
Enhanced Customer Retention
Increased Productivity
Faster Case Resolution
Our Salesforce App Development Services
Salesforce Service Cloud provides agents with a real-time, 360-degree picture of their clients, allowing them to enhance business operational support processes. With on-demand support and service after sales, you can keep current clients for a long period while also acquiring new ones.

Salesforce custom app provides performance-enhancing features such as:

  • Live Agent:The live chat feature allows for more direct engagement with many users. It is perfect for companies with modest support staff.
  • Lead Management Use the lead management capabilities in Sales Cloud to convert more quality leads into genuine opportunities.
  • Using Salesforce Knowledge, internal authors may publish articles, manuals, and other product-related papers, enhancing the knowledge base of customer care representatives.
When sales managers can automate operations with Salesforce Sales Cloud, they can gather all consumer data in one location, making lead creation faster and more convenient. Cover every customer touchpoint to acquire detailed data on user activities that can help you close more sales.

  • Manage your leads with smarter ways to prioritize leads for building a healthier pipeline.
  • Save your rep’s precious time with Automation with no manual work.
  • Improve team productivity by sales path with custom guidance at every step of the cycle for a first-time flawless execution of your reps.
  • Gather your Sales Cloud data anywhere, anytime with a mobile app.
  • Create customized forecasting reports, track rep’s performance with dashboards and use key business metrics from anywhere.
Salesforce Products We Implement
DianApps Salesforce experts are ready to guide and assist you in implementing the:
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Community Cloud
Financial Service Cloud
Nonprofit Cloud
Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce Chatter
What Makes DianApps
The Best Salesforce App Development Partner?
Our excellent Salesforce app development services are delivered to you within the time range specified. DianApps Salesforce partner developers have years of expertise and deliver industry-specific solutions tailored to various business processes.
  • Data management that is seamless
  • Reliable partner
  • Experienced Team
  • Trustworthy services with outstanding results
  • On-time delivery with high quality
  • Get quicker data analysis
  • Improved user experience
  • Business process automation on a large scale
  • Coordination between the front and back offices is seamless
Our Top-Notch Custom Solutions & Services
Third-party Integrations
Hybrid/Native Mobile Apps
Fully Branded Communities
Data Transformation
Custom Apps
Workflows & Approvals
Secured Web Services
Custom Heroku Apps
Lighting Components
IoT Implementation
Visualforce Development
CPQ Implementation

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FAQ' s

  • What is Salesforce App Development?

    A Salesforce app is the logical container for all processes, objects, tabs, and services that work as a single unit to provide the functionality required by the business function.

  • What is the cost of Salesforce App Development?

    Salesforce App Cloud pricing plans look like this:

    • Starter: $25 user/month to create custom apps
    • Plus: $100 user/month to extend Salesforce and app dev for the organization
    • Heroku Enterprise Starter for developing connected custom apps from $ 4000/company/month

  • How much time will it take to develop a Salesforce application?

    The time required to construct a Salesforce app is determined by the functions you wish to add, the features, complexity, and resources needed in Salesforce app development. To acquire a time estimate on app development, contact one of our certified Salesforce experts.

  • How is Salesforce App Development beneficial for you?

    You can achieve the following things using Salesforce mobile app development services:

    • Collaboration and On-the-Go Work
    • Create, aggregate, and quickly view apps
    • Bring Desktop Tools to Mobile and Use Them While on the Go
    • Regardless of the operating system, go for simplicity
    • Reduce the degree of customization
    • Complete everything on API-First

  • Why should I choose DianApps as my Salesforce app development company?

    Our clients provide evidence of our immaculate services because of our flexibility, agile approaches, perfection, efficiency & automation, scalable business solutions, and many other factors.