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Are you looking for a high performance interactive website and connecting servers to web applications and websites? DianApps JavaScript developers can help. We are the team that is trusted by enterprises and startups across industries for creating immersive web solutions within the stipulated timeframe and budget.
At DianApps, you can hire JavaScript developers carrying an expertise in a range of toolsets and multiple use cases around the programming language.

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Hire DianApps JavaScript Developers for Building Complex Web Solutions

Our team of JavaScript developers are known to build robust web applications that run on multiple platforms, seamlessly. We use the language and the many frameworks it comes with to build web solutions for multiple industries, ensuring that every industry is able to offer a digitalized product to their market.
Whether you are a startup or an enterprise-level company, we can help build a scalable and secure application.

JavaScript consultancy

Our team of business consultants sit with you to discuss your business idea and find the ebay JavaScript-based solution for it. We don’t just help you build a robust solution but ensure that your brand is ready for success from day one.

Frontend UI development

JavaScript developers at DianApps carry an in-depth understanding of building customer-first, unique, interactive digital experiences and solutions. We use a mix of Angular, NodeJS, and ReactJS and multiple other JavaScript frameworks to offer you customized digital solutions for your unique business offering.

Integrated system development

We build integrated systems that remove the delay in time between data gathering and its analysis, thus improving the go-to-market timeline for the customers. Our JavaScript expertise enables us to build complex integrated solutions like CRM, CMS, and ERP with the guarantee of high scalability.

Mobile applications

Our team of JavaScript developers understand the ins and outs of building robust mobile applications using some of the best, time-tested frameworks like - ExpressJS and RectJS. A specialisation that we use to build applications around healthcare, finance, eCommerce, and media, etc in a cost and time-effective manner.

JavaScript migrations

Our migration and deployment experts ensure easy upgradation from an old system to a modern one based on JavaScript, in a way that every key aspect like business logic, data, functionalities, UI, and the source code work seamlessly. The migration process we follow guarantees zero runtime issues during migrations.

Our Engagment Models

Fix cost and time


We estimate the scope of the after gathering a complete understanding of the clear requirements and the hours it would take for development and deployment. Once we have gathered the data, we share a fixed cost and time estimate with you of when we will deliver the project.

On site


We send our resources to your place of operation to work alongside your team on the project. This model suits businesses that have a skilled team but require an expert to take care of certain aspects of the project. It’s cost-effective, risk-free, fast, and 100% transparent.

Time and model


We use the Time & Material Model when the software is in the range of medium to high complexity. Here, we charge you for the number and time of resources that we have employed to develop your software, on an hourly level. This model best suits businesses that require constant updates.

Why Hire JavaScript
Developers From

The validation of our JavaScript services excellence lies in the ability of our developers’ skills in creating a range of applications that are built to meet different business objectives.

  • Skilled programmers

  • Cost-effective project scope

  • Protection of idea and IP rights

  • Zero contract lock-ins

  • High scalability

  • Complete control

  • On time delivery

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly updates

  • Flexible engagement models

Hire Your Next JavaScript Developers in 4 Steps

Hiring a JavaScript developer from DianApps is simple. Follow 4 easy steps to employ a team for your next digital project.

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We shortlist the best talents
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Hire the best JavaScript developers

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Hey There contact

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FAQ' s

  • How do I hire a JavaScript developer?

    Hiring JavaScript developers from DianApps is very easy. All you have to do is share your requirements with us and we will handpick a team of best developers for your needs. Next, we will set up a call to introduce you and initiate the partnership.

  • What does a JavaScript developer do?

    JavaScript developers typically use the language to program, build, and deploy websites with a seamless connection with the backend services. They often work with other frontend developers who carry a skillset in creating visual style and layout.

  • Is JavaScript good for web development?

    Over 97% of websites across the world use JavaScript for frontend and backend development. If the stats is not enough to shape your decision, note that it also enables creation of web pages with highly complex feature-sets such as interactive elements and dynamic content.

  • Why should I hire a JS developer from DianApps?

    Well what makes us different is our multi-platform experience and experiences we draw from working around a range of different frameworks. Every time we build a JavaScript-based software for a company we grow our understanding of the strengths and limitations it comes with, making us the right people to deliver apps with the right quality checks and on time./p>