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Planning to build a dynamic website for your brand? Our PHP developers can help. DianApps has a team of 20+ dedicated PHP developers with the skillsets to make innovative digital platforms.

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Hire DianApps PHP Developers for Elevated Experience

Our PHP developers specialise in end-to-end development services which includes consultancy, PHP web app development, continuous maintenance, and the upgradation of software. We are skilled to take your project to the next level with the right mix of strategy, toolset, and development approach.
Hire PHP developers from DianApps to experience unmatched quality offering which is built for success, with the future in mind.

Custom PHP app development

We hold the specialisation in building custom PHP app development. We ensure that your software looks and works different from the plethora of platforms operating online.

PHP migration and upgradations

We help you migrate your software to PHP, ensuring that it gets the benefits that the language offers. We also hold an experience in upgrading your current software into PHP.

Full-stack PHP development

Our team of PHP developers specialises in both frontend and backend development. When you hire us, you won’t have to hire developers for frontend. We will handle it for you.

Software maintenance

Our team of PHP developers in India keep your web apps maintained, ensuring that it aligns with the business objective and the changing market needs.

PHP CMS development

Our offshore PHP developers are experts in building CMS and eCommerce websites aimed to serve a global set of customers.

PHP Frameworks
We Work With

Hire PHP developers who carry an experience across multiple frameworks that are known for creating custom applications which meets the business objectives. Our team of developers understand the different frameworks inside out, ensuring that you get superior grade software.

cakephp cakephp
codeigniter codeigniter
framework framework
laravel laravel
symfony symfony
zend zend

Our Engagment Models

Fix cost and time


We estimate the scope of the after gathering a complete understanding of the clear requirements and the hours it would take for development and deployment. Once we have gathered the data, we share a fixed cost and time estimate with you of when we will deliver the project.

On site


We send our resources to your place of operation to work alongside your team on the project. This model suits businesses that have a skilled team but require an expert to take care of certain aspects of the project. It’s cost-effective, risk-free, fast, and 100% transparent.

Time and model


We use the Time & Material Model when the software is in the range of medium to high complexity. Here, we charge you for the number and time of resources that we have employed to develop your software, on an hourly level. This model best suits businesses that require constant updates.

Why Hire PHP
Developers From

The validation of our service excellence lies in the ability of our PHP developers’ skills in developing a range of different web applications designed to meet different business objectives.

  • Skilled programmers

  • Cost-effective project scope

  • Protection of idea and IP rights

  • Zero contract lock-ins

  • High scalability

  • Complete control

  • On time delivery

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly updates

  • Flexible engagement models

Confused If PHP Is Right For You?

PHP is one of the most popular web development languages. Right from a simple script to complex web apps, the language has a variety of use cases across the software spectrum.

  • Simple Cloud Integration
  • Wide Scalability Options
  • Easy Customization
  • Database Integration
  • Speedy Loading
  • Simple and Clean API
  • Security Guarantee
  • Huge Community Support
  • Multilingual Support
  • Strong Library Support

Hire PHP Developers In 4 Steps

Hiring a PHP developer from DianApps is simple. Follow 4 easy steps to employ a team for your innovative web application.

Tell us your requirements
We shortlist the best talents
Take interview of the PHP team
Hire the PHP developers

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Hey There contact

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FAQ' s

  • Why hire PHP programmers from an agency, not freelancers?

    It is always beneficial to hire PHP developers from an agency because they come with a wider range of skills and they dedicatedly work on your project. In case of freelancers, they work on multiple projects at any given point in time and also have a more limited skill set pertaining to what is needed in the future-forward development process.

  • How do you account for the different time zones?

    When you hire a PHP developer from DianApps, they become a part of your extended team. This implies that they work in your time zone.

  • How experienced are the remote PHP developers at DianApps?

    Our PHP developers are divided in three categories - Beginners, Advanced, and Experts. As you move from one level to another, you will find the developers becoming full-stack developers with extensive multiple industry experience. As for the beginner level developers, they have 1-2 years of dedicated experience in building PHP apps.

  • What type of software applications can be created with PHP?

    The extensive nature of PHP makes it the right choice for every software type. Websites like Yahoo, Wikipedia, Etsy, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Vimeo, Flickr, etc. are a few of the ones written in the language.

  • What is the experience criteria I should set before hiring a remote PHP web developer?

    It will depend entirely on the project requirement. If you have a basic application need, go with developers with 0-3 years of experience. If you want a more complex, high concurrency platform, go with developers having 4-6 years of experience.

  • How good is the PHP programming language from a security point of view?

    The language is very secure. Infact, new PHP frameworks and tools get introduced every once in a while ensuring that the security remains the top focus of the language, irrespective of what the scale of the software is.

  • What's the future of PHP?

    Approximately over 75 percent of all the webpages are built on PHP. The fact that developers can both build a PHP website from scratch and migrate an existing web app to it, brings the language in high demand. A demand that is going to remain intact in the time to come.