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Are you looking to make a multi-platform presence across your targeted locations? DianApps remote Java developers can help. We are the team brands trust for robust software development with the best technology stack and within budget. At DianApps, you can hire Java developers with years of experience in working for a range of different industries.

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Hire DianApps Java Developers for Multi-platform Applications

Our team of Java developers use the write once, run anywhere architecture that Java is based on, to its fullest extent. We use the language to create impeccable software that is designed with scalability and multi-platform presence in mind.
Our developers have been relying heavily on the language when it comes to helping startups and enterprises establish their digital footprint.

Java consulting

Our Java developers sit with your project development team to align the best Java technology with your business goal. We help you identify the best Java architecture and solution having the right abilities to meet your business objectives in record time and within the stipulated budget.

Custom Java application development

We understand how every company, even the ones operating in the same industry, is different. Our Java developers ensure that your application is the best portrayal of your business and is 100% aligned with the image and experience you want to showcase.

Cloud-based applications

Our Java developers use a microservice architecture to build containerized applications that are engineered to run on both private and public cloud. They also provide all the necessary staffing and consulting solutions which you would need to elevate your digitalization efforts and get your cloud project running.

Web and mobile applications

DianApps Java developers work on the flexibility, reliability, and security that the language comes with to make simple yet robust web and mobile applications. We ensure that the result of our efforts is always an engaging, interactive digital solution, which makes you the industry leaders.

Java migrations

Our migration and integration experts ensure that when you upgrade your old system to a modern one based on Java, all the different aspects like business logic, data, functionalities, UI, and the source code work seamlessly. The migration process we follow guarantees that your users don’t face any runtime issues while you upgrade.

Our Engagment Models

Fix cost and time


We estimate the scope of the after gathering a complete understanding of the clear requirements and the hours it would take for development and deployment. Once we have gathered the data, we share a fixed cost and time estimate with you of when we will deliver the project.

On site


We send our resources to your place of operation to work alongside your team on the project. This model suits businesses that have a skilled team but require an expert to take care of certain aspects of the project. It’s cost-effective, risk-free, fast, and 100% transparent.

Time and model


We use the Time & Material Model when the software is in the range of medium to high complexity. Here, we charge you for the number and time of resources that we have employed to develop your software, on an hourly level. This model best suits businesses that require constant updates.

Why Hire Java
Developers From

The validation of our Java services excellence lies in the ability of our developers’ skills in creating a range of applications that are built to meet different business objectives.

  • Skilled programmers

  • Cost-effective project scope

  • Protection of idea and IP rights

  • Zero contract lock-ins

  • High scalability

  • Complete control

  • On time delivery

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly updates

  • Flexible engagement models

Hire Your Next Java Developers in 4 Steps

Hiring a Java developer from DianApps is simple. Follow 4 easy steps to employ a team for your next digital project.

Tell us your requirements
We shortlist the best talents
Take interview of the Java team
Hire the best Java developers

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Hey There contact

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FAQ' s

  • What is Java good for?

    Java programming language is typically used for the creation of server-side backend projects. It is used for the development of both Android and big data applications. At DianApps, we have been using Java for the creation of a range of software products which includes multi-platform development.

  • How do I hire Java developers?

    Hiring a Java developer from DianApps is very easy. All you have to do is follow these three steps - Tell us your requirements, take the interview of the Java team, and hire the best Java developers.

  • How quickly can I hire Java developers through DianApps?

    Hiring a Java developer from DianApps can be as quick as under 48 hours. All you need to do is share your requirements with us and our team will get in touch with you with the next steps within 1 business day.

  • What are the skills required for Java Developer?

    There is a wide array of skillset that an experienced Java developer should own. It consists of -

    • Object-oriented programming
    • JVM internals
    • System architecture and design
    • Web technologies
    • Code version control
    • Java testing tools
    • Web framework
    • Java EE components, etc.

  • How much does it cost to hire Java Developer?

    It would depend entirely on your requirements. The more complex the more advanced-level engineers you would need. But even with a team of experts, the cost of hiring Java developers from DianApps will be a lot lower compared to other agencies.