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Looking to hire the best Angular developers? The team of Angular developers at DianApps excel in building secure, scalable, robust, and dynamic web apps that save you up to 50% of the development cost.

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Hire DianApps Angular Developers for the Unmatched Services

The team of developers at DianApps excel in creating end-to-end AngularJS web development services. With extensive experience around multiple AngularJS frameworks, we help you with creating state of the art experience for your digital customers. When you outsource your web project to DianApps Angular developers, you get the most up to date web apps that are embedded with advanced features and functionalities.

Custom Angular Development

We help you build custom Angular web apps that are filled with all the right set of features and are a true replica of what brand image you want to portray. The expertise we have gets translated into the creation of custom-made web and mobile apps for multiple industries.

Angular migration and upgrades

Web projects tend to become outdated. Moreover, you have to keep working on them to maintain the competitive edge in the digitalization era. We help you migrate your outdated web apps into Angular-based projects. Our team of developers know what it takes to make a business future-forward and we get you there.

Full-stack Angular development

Our team of Angular developers specialises in both application frontend and backend development. When you hire us, you won’t have to hire separate developers for frontend. We will handle it for you. This way, you will get the complete package with one resource at a competitive price point.

CMS and web portal development

We are a team who are known in the industry for creating intuitive, state-of-the-art web portal and CMS applications. We build the software to be responsive even in high concurrency and varied data networks. Our team of remote Angular developers understand the trick and trades of creating scalable, future-friendly apps.


Software maintenance

Our team of Angular developers in India keep your web apps maintained, ensuring that it aligns with the business objective and the changing market needs. Everytime there’s a new update, a new trend, or a new technology, we add it in your application to keep it at par with what the market needs.

Our Engagment Models

Fix cost and time


We estimate the scope of the after gathering a complete understanding of the clear requirements and the hours it would take for development and deployment. Once we have gathered the data, we share a fixed cost and time estimate with you of when we will deliver the project.

On site


We send our resources to your place of operation to work alongside your team on the project. This model suits businesses that have a skilled team but require an expert to take care of certain aspects of the project. It’s cost-effective, risk-free, fast, and 100% transparent.

Time and model


We use the Time & Material Model when the software is in the range of medium to high complexity. Here, we charge you for the number and time of resources that we have employed to develop your software, on an hourly level. This model best suits businesses that require constant updates.

Why Hire Angular
Developers From

The validation of our AngularJS development services excellence lies in the ability of our developers’ skills in developing a range of web applications that are built to meet different business objectives.

  • Skilled programmers

  • Cost-effective project scope

  • Protection of idea and IP rights

  • Zero contract lock-ins

  • High scalability

  • Complete control

  • On time delivery

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly updates

  • Flexible engagement models

Hire Angular Developers in 4 Steps

Hiring an Angular developer from DianApps is simple. Follow 4 easy steps to employ a team for your innovative web application.

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Take interview of the Angular team
Hire the best Angular developers

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Hey There contact

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FAQ' s

  • How do I hire Angular developers or a team?

    Hiring Angular developers from DianApps is very easy. All you have to do is share your requirements with us and we will handpick a team of best developers for your needs. Next, we will set up a call to introduce you and initiate the partnership.

  • What do our AngularJS developers do for you?

    DianApps AngularJS developers can build a range of different applications’ stellar front ends using the framework. In the past, we have used it for the creation of eCommerce apps, travel applications, weather apps, job portals, and video streaming applications, etc.

  • Can I hire an Angular developer for hourly or project based tasks?

    Yes. We offer multiple engagement models for you to choose from. The decision of whether to hire developers as your extended team or as hourly employees depend entirely on your requirement.

  • How much does it cost to hire an AngularJS developer?

    It would vary from project to project. The more complex and time-intensive the web app is, the more there would be the need to hire skilled developers - something that will come at a higher price tag compared to simple web applications.

  • Why hire dedicated developers?

    Hiring a dedicated developer is the best choice when taking the offshoring route. When you hire a remote specialist, you get access to their experience set around working solely on Angular across multiple industry-sets.

  • Is AngularJS a Cost-Efficient Choice?

    Yes. The fact that AngularJS is an open-source programming tool, it doesn’t require any third-party plugins, making it very easy and cost-effective to be developed and tested.

  • Is building a web app in Angular a good choice?

    Yes. The framework comes with a lot of benefits for businesses. Advantages like: Efficient cross-platform development, great performance and speed, speedy development process, and lightweight applications.

  • What should I do if I have any idea or MVP for the Angular project?

    Share your idea with us and we will handpick a team of best Angular developers to convert it into a web reality. Next, we will set up a call to introduce you where we will brainstorm the development process together and kick off the partnership.