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Collaborate with us in creating breakthrough and remarkable native app experiences for Web, Mobile, and Desktop using Flutter app development.

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Let's use Flutter flexibility to design fully functional cross-platform apps

Flutter Application Development Services

Flutter app development services are ideal for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge over the market and achieve maximum ROI. We at DianApps build native Flutter apps for iOS and Android, which can be built for cross-platform support. Our custom mobile application development services include feasibility study, quick prototyping, app designing, and more. Our developers produce bespoke agile apps with perfect codes meant to add value to your company.

DianApps is renowned as a professional Flutter app development company that delivers magnificent experiences across the globe and assists clients to effectively leverage the app to increase their brand recall worldwide. Our objective approach has helped clients find the most appropriate app solution without the hassle.

Our Process

Unlock your true potential, leverage the best of technology, and create applications based on a modern algorithm with our experts.


There goes a lot of research, ideation, and appropriate roadmap building to commence a project and turn it into a success story.


You communicate your goals, we define the scope and begin evolving your idea into reality.


Intuitive user design and efficient UI design, that’s what we aim for when you convert your app idea into wireframes and prototypes.

App Care

The process doesn’t end here. We’ll be there with you and fix all the problems and bugs you face to improve user retention.

Analyze & Deliver

We aim to develop stable and secure applications that simulate great end-user experiences and deliver them as per the deadlines.


We focus on enhanced user experience and commence development with a milestone-based plan of action.

Starting a new project or want to collaborate with us?

Let’s craft brilliance together!

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  • Swift
  • X-Code
  • Objective-c
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Android Studio
Design Tools
  • Illustrator
  • Figma
  • Zeplin

QuotesWhat Client Says


  • How long does it take to develop a flutter application?

    With Flutter app development, you can build a fully functional mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms in a record time of about three to four weeks. Flutter is used by the developers from Google and it uses the same code for both iOS & Android. It's easier to code apps for both platforms through Flutter.
    With Flutter, it takes around 3-4 weeks to develop an average app for any Flutter development company. However, the development time of an application also depends upon the features you want in your application. Complex apps usually take a little more time overall.

  • Does Flutter Reduce app development costs?

    Flutter is a new cross-platform mobile app development framework by Google. It uses one codebase for both Android and iOS apps, which ultimately reduces the cost of app development by 50% or more. It effectively reduces the cost of development and testing. Contrary to the common practice of developing apps separately for Android and iOS using two separate codes, Flutter has enabled the idea of “Write once and use anywhere”. Since they are native apps, they offer the same performance and experience as an app developed from the ground up for a specific platform.
    Watch your custom apps come to life for Android and iOS at the cost of developing one with DianApps, A renowned flutter app development company.

  • Why outsource Flutter mobile app development?

    Outsourcing your application development needs can be due to various reasons. One can gain maximum advantages and the below key benefits while outsourcing one’s development needs. Have a look at what does DianApps offer:

    • - Less operational costs
    • - Exceptionally fast performance
    • - Attractive and Interactive user interface
    • - Expert developers on-demand
    • - Use of Current technology
    • - Quality Services
    • - Flexible to work according to one’s time zones.
    • - Accelerated Business Revenue

  • Who should consider using Flutter mobile app development services?

    To create efficient apps that can run smoothly and provide a premium user experience, the industry needs an app development framework that incorporates various features to meet the business goals within a given time frame.
    This is where Flutter comes. It provides rapid app development that requires minimal coding and offers a streamlined development process.
    Companies looking for high-performance seamless applications for excellent user experiences should look out for flutter application development services. One can save time, money, and effort with Flutter while developing native apps with a cross-platform codebase in less time.

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