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Salesforce Service Cloud And Implementation Services

Increase your service efficiency and enhance customer experiences with the world’s #1 service platform Salesforce Service Cloud.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features
1. Social Customer Service

Salesforce Service Cloud enables you to manage, monitor, and reply to your customer's social media posts across many platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and others. This is one of the most important features for most industries. It recognizes the nature of social media and customers’ expectations regarding immediate service delivery. You would be able to monitor these requirements faster and more efficiently.

2. Custom Reports & Dashboards

A 360-degree perspective of the service cloud enables you to develop more trustworthy and intelligent reports based on accurate and vast client information and monitor cases. These real-time reports enable you to make better-educated decisions that benefit your company. Overall, the salesforce service cloud lets you settle tasks in the most relevant manner.

3. Omni Channel Routing

Salesforce Service Cloud allows you to provide customer assistance across numerous channels. Deliver the most competent services to your end-users by automatically forwarding their cases to relevant agents with the finest skill sets, whether by email, online, mobile, social media platforms, video conferencing, or others. It could even include various services from third parties.

4. Lighting Service Console

The Salesforce Lightning Service Console will help your agents become smarter. It increases your agents' efficiency because everything is at their fingertips. They can see all of the information in one location, whether it's customer profiles, case histories, or dashboards. They tend to automate common repetitive tasks within a single click. This can successfully save service time delivery and customers. With a 360-degree view of customers, it brings all the necessary data for the agents on the fingerprints.

5. Account & Contact Management

Always keep your representatives up to date on their consumers' previous conversations. It will improve engagement when your consumers contact you and your staff is prepared with crucial information about their needs.

6. Automation

By introducing automation and freeing your agents, you can eliminate all of the laborious and repetitive activities. The automation will allow them to focus more on customer service while also increasing productivity and efficiency. With the ability to automate common repetitive tasks and repetitive multi-tasks in order to resolve customer issues even better, it ought to be absolutely effective for case management.

Salesforce Service Cloud Benefits
Better Lead Conversion
Improved Sales Revenue
Enhanced Customer Retention
Increased Productivity
Faster Case Resolution
Our Salesforce Service Cloud Services
We can assist you if you want to provide a more tailored customer experience to your end consumers using bots or agents. Our professionals will assist you with Salesforce service cloud integration in your business system and will set you up to provide excellent customer care to your customers.

Migrate your present service platform to Salesforce Support Cloud in order to provide individualized customer service and increase the productivity of your service staff. We are here to assist you with a smooth transfer of your present platform to the service cloud while maintaining total data protection.

  • Integrate your entire knowledge base into the Service Console and website for the faster answering of agents’ queries or customer self-service.
  • Deliver seamless customer experience across all possible channels.
Our professionals will provide you with the most acceptable maintenance and support services to maintain your service cloud updated and operating with the newest features and speed. You may count on us if any hidden faults or mistakes occur in the cloud platform. We are available to serve you 24*7.

  • Resolve cases faster by agents with no requirement for escalation.
  • Build your branded community quickly and easily. Connect sales and service by importing data from any system, anywhere.
  • Resolve issues across a range of channels such as email, live chat, community portal, video chat, social channels, etc with omnichannel routing.
Salesforce Products We Implement
DianApps Salesforce experts are ready to guide and assist you in implementing:
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Community Cloud
Financial Service Cloud
Nonprofit Cloud
Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce Chatter
What Makes DianApps
The Best Salesforce Service Cloud Partner?
We can help you hire Salesforce Service Cloud developers to improve your customer experience by simplifying and sharing customer data across departments. We can help you automate your business operations with intelligent workflows and the best Salesforce Service Cloud services with the aid of salesforce service cloud 360.
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Finest services with On-time deliveries
  • Scalable business solutions
  • Efficiency and automation
  • Agile methodologies
  • Perfection in integrating Offshore models
  • Expertise in various Salesforce products and industry verticals
  • A dedicated team of certified Salesforce consultants and developers
Our Top-Notch Custom Solutions & Services
Third-party Integrations
Hybrid/Native Mobile Apps
Fully Branded Communities
Data Transformation
Custom Apps
Workflows & Approvals
Secured Web Services
Custom Heroku Apps
Lighting Components
IoT Implementation
Visualforce Development
CPQ Implementation

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FAQ' s

  • What are Salesforce Service Cloud services?

    Salesforce service cloud is a major CRM platform that enables businesses to give more professional and individualized customer care and assistance. It automates service procedures, optimizes workflows, and assists customer service representatives in developing end-to-end contact with their consumers.

  • Who can use the Salesforce Service Cloud?

    All sizes of businesses can use the Salesforce service cloud. Often, it is used by organizations with 10-50 employees and $1M-10M in revenue.

  • How can Salesforce Service Cloud help my business?

    The customer care team is expected to respond quickly to all client inquiries, but missing even one can have a huge impact on your organization. The service cloud includes a variety of technologies to assist your agents in providing seamless client services that improve productivity and customer experience.

  • What is the cost of implementing Salesforce Service Cloud?

    The cost of adopting Salesforce Service Cloud is not fixed and fluctuates depending on the demands and requirements of the association. For more information on the price plan for deploying Salesforce Service Cloud for your business, contact our Salesforce Certified specialists now and receive a custom-tailored quotation for the Salesforce Service Cloud features that you wish to implement.

  • Will my customer service data be secure on the Salesforce Service Cloud?

    Salesforce uses a multi-layered method to secure your data. While implementing Salesforce Service Cloud, we at DianApps take great care to adopt best practices and solutions to ensure data integrity.