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We help businesses visualize their creative ideas and then materialize them in end designs that tackle the usability and user experience issues. We also help design interfaces which render a visually stimulating time to the end users.

Our App User Interface & Experience Design Practices Helps in Delivering Beyond What's Expected

We blend our team’s design experience with our client's intimate industry knowledge. And together, we serve insights that can be uncovered through the discoveries that we make. Our UXD practices are devised to keep you users the center of the design process.

Our user experience practices are divided into three prime sub-sections - Discover, Define, and Design.

Here's what they individually entail -


  • User research
  • User survey
  • User persona
  • User stories


  • Information architecture
  • User journey mapping
  • Empathy mapping
  • Site maps


  • Paper prototyping
  • High Fidelity Mockups
  • Invision Prototype

Helping Startups and Fortune 500 Agencies Design Interfaces That Creates a Visually Stimulating Experience

Our team of skilled, innovative Design Strategists first visualize your creative ideas and then help with materializing them into end designs for your end users. They are the masters of digging deeper and drafting a visual language that your users are acquainted with.

Our User Interface design methodology is made up of four key components: Discovery, Strategizing, Designing, and Iterating.

At DianApps, we never restrict ourselves at the Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design Principles. We go above and beyond and design memories that last with you users, till much after they have stopped using your application.

We help startups and businesses track usability challenges and help them craft better design solutions

We hold UX Review sessions with the intent to grow the overall value of the business. The holistic approach helps us with the identification of a new set of opportunities for the users along the way. Our approach is a culmination of interpretation of user data, gathering insights, and recommending solutions that makes UX highly efficient.

Over time, we have also devised frameworks which make the end product measurable. The frameworks have some things in common - Setting of objectives, studying the behaviour flaws, usability reviews, and ample feedback. These commonalities together help us deliver a well-researched design that your users would love.

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