How to Prepare a Kickass UI/UX Strategy for E-Commerce

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How to Prepare a Kickass UI/UX Strategy for E-Commerce

If you think E-Commerce is huge now, wait till 2040. It is estimated that 95% of the total purchases made by consumers will be via e-commerce portals. Millennials have been known to get things done on impulse and this trend is only going to flourish in the e-commerce world. They act in response to reading something on a blog or hearing from a friend and often they are ready to make a quick purchase online as leaving home for them is a gruesome punishment. Here mobile app development services have played a huge role in making eCommerce platforms diversify their reach across the geographical region. 

While we are on the mobile app development topic, it is important for users to know a few interrelated aspects as well. For instance, UI/UX designs, Digital Marketing, etc. as they also are an integral part of eCommerce business projects. But how to kick start your eCommerce? Well, have everything covered. This blog is going to prepare you with an extensive UI/UX strategy for eCommerce that will not only entice audiences but also enhance your business outcomes. Also, if your entire focus is on creating exuberant eCommerce mobile apps, consulting a UI/UX design company is the perfect option for you. Let’s have a closer look at the concept below.

Why does UI/UX matter in E-Commerce?

What does UI/UX have to do with e-commerce? Frankly speaking, pretty much everything. It is quite hard for some people to trust new e-commerce portals but through UX you can boost customer experience and hence gain a loyal customer base. Whereas UI will take care of the overall look and feel of the website. Remember first impressions are everything. Most people will judge your brand or website and within the first three seconds they spend on your website and these three seconds can either make a deal or break a deal.

No matter how much potential your business carries, if you cannot make it presentable enough, the task remains unaccomplished. Therefore, ensure that your web development service provider has every possible trending solution that appears appealing to the people and makes them stick with it. Following are some solid reasons to cite the importance of certain aspects of UI/UX in enhancing customer satisfaction:

  1. The typography, shape of buttons, amount of white space, colour and style of texts, and ease of navigation play a massive role in stimulating interest in people to continue using the site as they can powerfully manipulate people’s senses. A great user interface can escalate traffic as customer satisfaction starts the domino effect of recommendation.
  2. Sites offering easy navigation are obvious to attract more people. One of the basic expectations of users from applications is to find the right options in the right place. Difficult to decipher and uncomfortable to use can be major factors of traffic getting driven away from a site.
  3. A decent user interface makes sure to communicate well with the audience. What more can customers expect other than having their queries answered and their needs fulfilled?
  4. The functionality and speed are integral to a site’s success. They are often one of the first things which people take note of since no one would prefer to spend hours on a site waiting for it to load.

To witness an influx of traffic and make applications stand out in the crowd, companies are investing massively in designing innovative interfaces. To assure you that the expenditure is worth it, let us throw light on the fact that every $1 invested in UX results in a return of $100 (ROI = 9,900%).

Since we are done with the influence and importance of UI/UX design services, let’s wade through some ways by which groundbreaking UI/UX can be designed for an e-commerce site:

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UI/UX for an E-Commerce store

Implementing the Perfect UI/UX for an E-Commerce store

Make your brand jump out

One of the top effective ways of improving your UI/UX is making sure your brand stands out from the rest. It is an absolute must to design UX in such a way that it keeps promoting your brand by exposing it from time to time. You can even use this to improve your user experience by incorporating the attributes and key features of the brand into it. This way you will have control over your viewers’ perception and can manipulate it positively to enhance your brand capabilities.

Make your design consistent

The design of your website should be consistent and welcoming. It can also help a lot if you hire professionals to do this job for you rather than outsourcing it to a newbie for cutting down on expenses. Their expertise will surely bring a lot to the table. The design of your online store must be seamless and not distorted at any point.

Make visuals and images your best friend

According to various studies, it is shown that visuals are the most effective tools for the retention of information. This is because the images retained in the memory last longer, so why not use them for your marketing benefits? You must use visuals in such a coherent manner that it speaks for the consistency of your brand. It should be subtle but remember this will be the most effective so tread carefully but don’t go too easy. Visuals play a key role in making sure that the users remember your brand significantly.

Some of the ways that you can improve your visual experiences are-

  • A simple visual can speak volumes for your brand. Use your visuals and images to communicate the tone and temperament of your brand content.
  • Even though the visuals can provide a deeper understanding of what you are trying to communicate, do not forget that the content is your priority. The visuals should not overshadow the content.
  • You simply cannot use whacky visuals to bring users to your website. There must be coherence throughout the entirety of it, something that brings it all together.
  • You must use the white space properly so that a balance is maintained. Don’t let your users be overwhelmed by a load of information on one corner while the other remains empty. Disperse the information and use the white space effectively.

However, if you are willing to make your visuals attractive choose or hire a flutter app developer as they have the skillset in making your eCommerce website stand out.

Make sure the products are presented effectively

The goal is to sell your products and to do that you have to present them effectively. So, you must brainstorm and figure out ways that will show your products in the most effective and productive way. You must arrange the content and produce the best layout for your product. Take the best pictures of the product and include that visual along with significant information. This should include the product benefits and everything that seduces the customer into ultimately taking that product off the virtual shelves. Find the optimal way to let out just enough information. No more no less, that will satisfy your viewers the most.

Make sure your landing page serves a specific purpose

It is an important job to make sure that your landing page adheres to one certain motive. It takes just a moment for a customer to judge your brand depending on the homepage. You must have your company logo on the landing page so that people know where they are shopping and whom to contact in case of a query. Also provide footers where you can make links directing to important pages readily available and at last, make it easier for the users to connect by adding CTA’s texts and buttons evenly throughout the page.

Serve what your customer needs on a silver platter

Another thing you must make sure of is that the users don’t find it tiresome to just go through your website. Make the navigation icons easily available and accessible. Everything on the menus should be labeled clearly. The harder it is to find the navigation menus, the more people it will deflect.

Make the home page very informative

Keep in mind that the home page is filled with substantial information. This will intrigue the viewers and keep them hooked for more. It should let out enough information for the users to judge the brand with just a simple look on the home page.

Make your audience engage with gamification

Engagement is the key process through which you can ensure your brand’s productivity. Help people engage with the brand by using game design elements or game principles. This will guarantee more traffic to your website.

Make the best use of promotional videos

Do make sure that you get the best out of the promotional videos on your website. It should be to the point and not deviate from the purpose it was supposed to achieve. It should be a creative blend of entertainment and information to keep them hooked and let them know about your brand.

Make an effective sales funnel

The sales funnel must be creatively planned and executed. It is through this way that the customer will go on to your product. An effective sales funnel will make them aware of the product and it will hold their interest. It will also make them analyze, engage with them, and impel them to buy the product. And lastly, it will compel them to repeat the entire process all over again.

Wrapping up

In order to redefine the significance of a good UI/UX, let us put out some numbers for you. Statistically, a well-designed UI could raise the conversion rate of your website to up to 200 % and an even better one can take it up to 400%. Not only that, with your amazing design if you can boost the retention of your customers to at least 5%, you can reap the profit benefits of at least 25%. We can’t stress enough that the success of an online store is all about how the store presents itself to the target audience and how quickly customers can find solutions to their queries.

With the information that has been provided in the article, you will be able to achieve the goals you are aiming for, with your e-commerce website. Make sure you go through all the information and get yourself a better-than-before-user interface. Build a thrilling design that makes your customer base grow and come back for some more because they couldn’t get enough of it the first time. Talk to the mobile app development company for detailed and proven ideas to skyrocket your eCommerce business. 

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