Proven Reasons Why AngularJS is the Most Popular Framework


Proven Reasons Why AngularJS is the Most Popular Framework

App development has become popular and almost all businesses are going to release their apps to make their services easily accessible. The demand for developing mobile applications has increased and this means that developers should also increase their pace and get started and finish the app as soon as possible while maintaining efficiency.

There are various applications and programming languages that developers can use to develop apps and among all of them, Angular is one of the most used and popular JavaScript frameworks.

What made Angular so Popular?

AngularJs is one of the most popular programming languages and the functionality and the features that make it so popular. Angular has many advanced features that other frameworks lack and the availability of these features makes coding and developing applications so much easier.

Angular allows a high level of abstraction and processes the code faster than many other frameworks. The created data is automatically synchronized with views and models and this eases the developers’ job. The availability of these makes Angular best for developing web-based applications or single-page applications.

Reasons Why Angular is Popular in Modern Application Development

Backed by Google

Google is one of the most trusted and widely used search engines and there is no better way to create web-based applications than by using the source code that is accepted and backed by Google itself. It becomes easier to implement the code and upload the app because sometimes, you would have to make certain changes and weaken the app to make sure it runs perfectly on a particular browser.

Most of the Google Applications are also developing using AngularJs and this sheds light on how Google plans to stick with it and further scale up the Angular ecosystem.

Built on TypeScript

Typescript is the superscript for javascript and the availability of type scrip solves a lot of problems for the developers. Typescript is a high-level language that helps in detecting errors in an early stage. These errors are highlighted and developers can eliminate or solve these errors before moving on to later stages of the project.

Typescript supports ES2015 and ES2016/ES2017 features and this is made possible because typescript is not a standalone language like coffee-script. Configuring, modifying, and compiling the code would be complicated with other frameworks but typescript makes it a cakewalk. There are several inbuilt features that help to build navigation and maps related apps.

Declarative UI

The user interface is a key factor for working with a framework and this is so important because for beginners if the interface is complicated and if all the features are mapped out widely it becomes hard to navigate around and get started with coding.

Luckily Angular uses HTML to define the UI of the application and with the help of HTML, developers can modify and navigate around the UI easily because it is a declarative and intuitive language. Developers can now start developing features without thinking about what loads first. The program flows are automatically taken care of.

Directives and Filters

When you are using AngularJs you can easily create reusable custom components and duplicate them wherever you want. You can also teach HTML new syntax with the directive API. The possibilities are endless when you start using these directives and you can use all your creativity and make the best out of it.

There is a lot of data that you have to go through and checking the whole code might not be the best option. Angular Js has many different filters to filter out the Lowercase, Uppercase, Number, and other characteristics.

Easy Testing

Testing is one of the hardest parts of developing applications and developers cannot skip testing. The efficiency of the app can only be determined after testing is done so paying attention to testing is essential. The problem here is that Testing takes a lot of time and going through everything can be really confusing. The whole testing process becomes easy with Angular Js because the code can be separated according and testing is done automatically.

The one-file one-module principle is generally used but while using angular Js developers need not follow this procedure and start with any module they like.

Simplified MVC Pattern

Developers have to follow an MVC procedure where they would have to split the application into different MVC components and then work on developing a code to unite them. AngularJs doesn’t demand developers to adopt any such producers because it runs on the original MVC pattern.

There are three components that are the View, Controller, and Model. The view has all the UI components and the Model has the database and the logic. The controller connects View and Model. This simple MVC pattern helps the application to process inputs faster and the functioning of the app is also effective.

Modular Structure

Modules are the chunks of code that help in processing the code and another name for these modules is buckets. These modules make the functionality of the application simple and all the features that load in the background and every process involved with one module or the other.

These modules can be segregated and tasks are assigned for each module. Creating different features becomes easy because you can copy parts of a module, modify them, and develop a completely different feature. Finding errors and resolving glitches also becomes easy because you can now look into a particular module respective to the feature.

Easy to maintain Code Consistency

Developers have to deal with thousands of lines of code and make sure that all the components and modules are generated perfectly but this code should be consistent. Consistency is essential because the efficiency of the app depends on the code itself.

Developers might create all the features perfectly but a simple glitch whole opening the app can cause the whole app to crash. To ensure that this doesn’t happen code consistency should be maintained.

It is easy to maintain and look after code consistency while working with AngularJS. All the components are listed perfectly and it is easier to understand the functionality of different parts of the code.

Templates and Themes

Making the app look elegant and appropriate has become easier than ever with the release of Angular Js. There are thousands of themes and templates that developers can choose from and they can simply select the theme and the code will be applied automatically.

These themes can be modified and customized accordingly to please the clients and to create attractive applications. Developers can also download a theme from websites and paste the code to apply the theme for the application. This saves developers time and effort to develop themes all by themselves.

Data Security

Security is also an important factor while working on creating an application. Angular Js allows developers to use a data-centric approach and store data in the most secure place that cannot be accessed without proper authorization.

There are various features that work towards ensuring data protection. Hacking into the application can become impossible if all these features are used possibly and privacy can also be maintained.

Updates and availability of new features

AngularJs is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks and the first option that developers think about using AngularJs. Since Angular is used so extensively it becomes easy for developers to find fixes for their problems.

The team of developers working on Angular Js also releases a new update and releases new features so that the developers working with AngularJs experience no complexity. AngularJs aims at releasing new features on a regular basis to offer an unparalleled advantage over other frameworks


AngularJs offers various options for the developers and working on creating a complex web application also becomes so much easier with the help of Angular. Beginners who are just getting started with developing applications can also work on Angular and the interface is so well developed that beginners can get a grip on coding and developing without having to struggle. Developing any kind of application is easy with Angular.


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