Building Your Next Casual Game With Flutter

Building Your Next Casual Game With Flutter

What are casual games? And how can Flutter app development services build next-generation casual games for you?

In its November 3.16 release, Flutter revealed a major update in the Flutter Casual Games Toolkit! It comes with a variety of new features that are designed to create progressive gaming experiences, from initial game concepts to fully launched titles, Mobile app developers have access to the collection of new templates and high-standard gaming infrastructure. 


Popular casual games like, Google I/O Flip, PUBG Mobile, and Doodle Das, are some of the examples that used Flutter app development services in their projects, and look how extravaganza they have become in the marketplace today! 

If you are here to build a causal game idea with Flutter, this blog is the right resource for you! 

But first, know the journey of Flutter from zero to hero to circle back on why you need to build your gaming app with this app development framework. 

What are Casual Games? 

As per the internet, Casual Games are video games targeting a large section of the masses to play simple, short, and limited learning skilled games. 

An example of casual games would be, trivia, hidden objects, word games, puzzles, card games, etc. 

What are Casual Games Toolkit in Flutter?

Flutter app development is an open-source UI toolkit that creates simple and easy-to-play natively complied applications for mobile, web, and desktop games through a single code usage concept. 

As Casual Games involve straightforward mechanics, engross controls, and do not require a difficult set of skills to play a game, they are characterized as limited playing sessions and should be considered a source of quick entertainment. 

Flutter’s Casual Game Toolkit, in a nutshell, makes use of a widget system for the app’s UI components, handles user input, and manages game logic exponentially. 

Additionally, with the vast pool of Flutter packages and plugins available, your mobile app development company can help you incorporate amazing features such as:

  • Animations
  • Hot reload
  • AI audios 
  • Easy physics engines

Remember: Flutter Casual Games, as the name suggests, does not support intensive 3D games, if your idea matches a complex gaming infrastructure, find an alternative mobile app development framework. 

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Let’s find the steps to build a casual game with Flutter now! 

Steps To Implement While Building Casual Game With Flutter Framework

1. Conceptualization and Design:

What are your core concepts for building a casual game in the Flutter app development framework? Having a clear understanding and perspective towards designing your mobile app development interface. 

  • Outline the game concept with the key objectives, rules, and challenges. 
  • Identify what makes your game app engaging and interesting for players. 
  • Tailor the game’s complexity and content to match the preferences of your target audience.
  • Sketch out basic visual elements such as characters, scenes, and key game components.
  • Develop a rough storyboard or flowchart to visualize the user’s journey through the game.
  • Outline major screens, user interactions, and the overall flow of the game.

2. Set Up Flutter Project

So you are all set to proceed with your Flutter project layout which includes downloading Flutter and Dart (the programming language) further to which you will be able to create a new casual gaming app experience and organize the app development process. 

Install Flutter and Dart:

  • Follow the official Flutter installation guide for your operating system: Flutter Installation
  • Ensure that Dart, the programming language used with Flutter, is also installed.

Check Flutter Installation:

  • Open a terminal and run flutter doctor to check for any missing dependencies or issues.
  • Resolve any reported problems by following the suggested instructions.

Create a New Flutter Project:

  • Use the Flutter create command to generate a new Flutter project.

flutter create your_game_project

Navigate to the Project Directory:

  • Move into the newly created project directory.

cd your_game_project

Open the Project in an IDE:

  • Use your preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to open the Flutter project.
  • Your project IDE includes some famous options such as Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, and IntelliJ IDEA.

Here’s something to keep in mind:

During the development process, remember to organize your development environment in the correct format that runs proper Flutter commands error-free. This will lay the foundation of casual game app development with the Flutter app framework. 

3. UI Design

Is your Flutter project created? Great! Time to proceed with the designing of the app UI (User Interface).

Leveraging Flutter’s versatile widget library, a top Flutter app development company can create various UI components such as buttons, images, and text fields. 

Screens for different game sections, like the main menu and gameplay, are implemented along with user interaction handling using Flutter’s gesture detection features. Applying the visual style outlined during conceptualization, developers utilize colors, fonts, and styling options to enhance the game’s aesthetics. 

It is essential to ensure the responsiveness of the UI across different screen sizes and orientations through testing on emulators or devices. 

Example Code:

This step marks the foundation for the visual aspects of the casual game, providing a structured and visually appealing user interface that sets the stage for subsequent development.

4. Game Logic Implementation:

In the fourth step, developers embark on implementing the game logic using Dart, the programming language associated with Flutter development services. This involves creating the core functionality that dictates how the game behaves. 

For instance, defining the game loop, managing the game state, and handling user input are key components of this step. Developers can structure their code to encapsulate different aspects of the game logic, ensuring a modular and maintainable design. 

The example code snippet below demonstrates the initiation of a basic game loop within a Flutter project.

This code initializes a Flutter application, providing a structure for incorporating game-specific logic within the GameScreen widget. Developers will further extend this foundation to include features like scoring, level progression, and interaction between game elements.

5. Integration of Game Assets:

The integration of game assets, which involves developers adding images, sounds, and other media components to the Flutter project, takes center stage in the fifth step. Game assets, such sounds and pictures, are added to the project’s pubspec.yaml file by placing them in the specified assets directory. This allows for effective asset management within the Flutter framework. 

6. Testing & Debugging:

Moving on to the sixth step, testing and debugging becomes paramount to ensure the game functions seamlessly on various devices and screen sizes. Using the command flutter run, Flutter app developers may test the game on emulators or connected devices to find and fix any problems with the gameplay, UI responsiveness, or overall performance. Thorough testing aids with game optimization, giving gamers a refined and entertaining experience.


These were the amazing six steps, which cover everything from concept and design to testing and debugging, and offer an organized method for creating a casual game using Flutter app development services. Developers may design strong game logic, construct aesthetically pleasing user interfaces, and seamlessly incorporate multimedia elements by utilizing Flutter’s adaptability.

Iterative development ensures that the final result fulfills the expectations of both the player and the developer by allowing for continual refinement. Developers may use the Flutter framework to effectively implement their ideas for casual games by following these steps.

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