7 Best Flutter App Development Service Providers for Startups in the USA

7 Best Flutter App Development Service Providers for Startups in the USA

From a Startup point of view– Setting up a business but not knowing which is the fastest growing aka modern technology ruling the landscape? It can be challenging and we understand! 

In the search of finding the most sought-after app development framework, big brands have found the ultimate solution provider– The Flutter App Development. 

But why should startups in the USA build their product app with Flutter? Estimates suggest as of May 2023, around 1 million applications are built and deployed using Flutter to many hundreds of millions of devices. 

Want to read all of the success stories of Flutter app development projects? Head on to read our comprehensive guide to understand the framework’s usefulness and popularity above all.

Flutter has truly showcased some exceptional work and is suitable for every domain no matter how easy or complicated your app idea is. 

Another statistical report shared by Google indicates that 78% of developers prefer Flutter. While the rest 22% use beta or either Dev or master tools and are still juggling in finding stable mobile app development solutions. 

On top of that, Flutter is a highly used cross-platform app development toolkit in India, China, the USA, the EU, and Brazil. This makes perfect sense, looking at the survey scale provided by experts from every corner of the world. 

All-in-all, Flutter is best! But the real question is can you build an app alone? As a startup, you do require some expert assistance. Hiring Flutter app development companies and developers is a go-go. 

In this blog, we’ll help you choose the best-in-class app development services in the USA for startups to achieve great results. 

Top 7 Flutter App Development Companies in the USA That Startups Can Leverage 

1. DianApps

The number one on the list is DianApps. Having a strong Flutter development team, the company is the most trusted service provider for Startups in the USA. They have worked with many potential clients such as Uber Eats, CaratLane, MyShift, Firefly, etc. And have delivered some beyond-the-shadow-of-doubt results across every platform. 

Here’s what makes DianApps rank the #1 app development company in the USA:

  • Use of modern algorithms and AI captivation 
  • Highly skilled Flutter consultants 
  • Startup IT services 
  • Excellent UI/UX tool exploration and services
  • The complete trust in app development test, support, and maintenance
  • Customization and unique user experience strategies 
  • Hands-on skills in front-end, back-end, and full-stack development. 

At the core of DianApps, they are committed to working end-to-end with the latest trends and technologies. Their services range from mobile to website, Blockchain, IoT, Salesforce, and others. 

Additionally, the team has in-depth knowledge and experience in a number of industries, including healthcare, retail and e-commerce, food, travel and transportation, healthcare, and finance.

Now, if the company has all-around solutions, it will definitely cost you an arm and a leg. But to your surprise, they are dedicated to creating robust apps at competitive prices so that their customers can savor their full potential of themselves and leverage cost-effective solutions. 

To get clear-cut pricing details, talk to the experts and get on-board to hiring Flutter app developers from DianApps immediately! 

2. WillowTree, Inc.

A well-known business that excels in creating Flutter apps is WillowTree, Inc. They are respected by small businesses and established corporations and have created several award-winning apps.

WillowTree places a high priority on the aesthetic appeal and usability of its apps. Additionally, they have excellent design abilities and understand how to properly utilize Flutter, so entrepreneurs can rely on them to create fantastic and effective mobile apps.

3. OpenXcell

The fantastic business OpenXcell specializes in creating Flutter apps for entrepreneurs. The OpenXcell team is made up of skilled Flutter developers who know how to make attractive apps with loads of functionality.

The reputation of OpenXcell as an innovative company that prioritizes customer pleasure. They employ a strategic approach and frequently provide entrepreneurs with updates, testing, and progress reports. Additionally, they continuously update and support the software. 

4. Intent

Intent, formerly known as inFullMobile, is a renowned firm for mobile app development company in the USA. Professional designers and developers employed here have training in a variety of technologies, including Flutter. After a brief talk on the app concept, they put their abilities to work to design, create, and launch UI/UX-rich apps.

The group at this place offers assistance with deep research and development, quality auditing, code review, prototyping, consumer testing, and MVP development.

5. Dedicated Developers

A well-known Flutter app development business that supports entrepreneurs in several sectors is Dedicated Developers. They employ a group of professional Flutter developers to build dependable and user-friendly mobile apps.

Since Dedicated Developers place a high value on customer happiness, they work closely with startups to comprehend their requirements. They employ adaptable techniques and maintain open lines of communication while developing.

6. Simpalm

Simpalm is a trustworthy business that uses Flutter to create unique mobile apps. Their primary clientele is startups, and they have a talented group of developers who are fluent in Flutter. They produce enjoyable and inventive programs that users like using.

Simpalm collaborates with startups on all aspects of creating the app. They are concerned with how the app will interact with users, how it will reflect the startup’s aesthetic, and how it will appeal to the target market.


WEZOM is a further renowned business for Flutter app development. Professionals in charge of this place meticulously manage all phases of app development, prototyping, designing, and implementation. They also have expertise in developing mobile apps for numerous industries and deploying them on both the iOS and Android platforms.

This is a well-known company that also provides other development services. WEZOM experts also work on task planning, CRM, data management, taxi app development, transport & logistic applications, and Flutter app development.

How to Choose Which One is The Best App Development for Your Start Business in the USA? 

Follow the steps given below and cross-check if it matches your aligned business purpose. Pick the ideal one as per your derived goals. 

1. Unparalleled Knowledge

The top Flutter app developers deliver a degree of knowledge and experience that is unmatched. They make use of this expertise to produce very effective and reliable apps that are tailored to specific company needs.

2. Flexibility

The top development firms keep up with the most recent upgrades and improvements since the Flutter framework is continually evolving. They use these fresh features to create apps that are fit for the future.

3. A Reliable Codebase

Applications that are simple to upgrade and troubleshoot are produced by high-quality businesses that guarantee clean and maintainable code. This causes your app to last longer and experience fewer technical difficulties.

4. Process Effectiveness 

Leading Flutter development companies have optimized their workflows for optimal effectiveness. They make use of cutting-edge equipment and best practices to complete projects on schedule without sacrificing quality.

5. Reliable and qualified

The top Flutter development firms uphold a high standard of professionalism by regularly delivering project updates and responding to inquiries in a timely manner. Long-lasting partnerships are built via their dependability in delivering on schedule and in accordance with requirements.

6. Support following deployment

Top-tier companies are aware of the value of ongoing assistance after implementation. To keep the app current and to continue providing the best user experience, they provide extensive maintenance and support services.

7. Assurance of security

To protect user data and offer secure transactions, top Flutter development firms construct apps with robust security mechanisms.

8. Cost-Cutting Solutions

Long-term cost-effectiveness is frequently increased by making an investment in a top-notch Flutter development company. They are a sensible investment because of their effectiveness, dedication to quality, and less need for ongoing maintenance. However, if you want to know the exact cost to develop a flutter app in 2023, you can read our blog to get your answers in one space. 

That’s it! You have unlocked the best flutter app development company in the USA. Now go and contact their executive. 

Wrapping Up

Startups must pick the best Flutter app development company in order to deliver mobile applications that attract users and support the expansion of their businesses. 

The best Flutter app development firms in the USA that we’ve listed have a track record of creating outstanding Flutter apps for not just startups but also Fortune 500s. 

Contact us to get started!

Hire expert flutter Developers today!

Although each organization has unique qualities and talents, we advise taking into account DianApps. 

Our team is dedicated to creating high-quality apps, has a dedicated team of Flutter app developers, has a wealth of expertise working with startups, and can create an app in 5 days using Flutter. 

Select a Flutter developer for your app development project based on their expertise, communication abilities, and comprehension of the objectives of your firm. Working with the best Flutter app developer can help your firm flourish in the digital sphere by bringing your app concept to life!


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