Things to Keep in Mind before Outsourcing a Mobile App Project

Things-to-keep-in-mind-before-outsourcing-a-mobile -app-project

Things to Keep in Mind before Outsourcing a Mobile App Project

Mobile App Development has become the top preference for almost every business to heighten its profits and expand its brand worldwide. With new mobile phones releasing now and then, it is clear that the ever-increasing demand for mobile app development won’t go flat anytime soon.

Outsourcing your mobile app project can help decrease the time to market your brand, reduce the project’s expense, and enhance your brand market’s quality. This is the sole reason why most of businesses and individuals outsource their mobile app projects to a mobile app development company based offshore.

However, for a successful outsourced mobile app project, there are certain things one must keep in mind. The following guide of six steps will walk you through the exact process so that finding the ideal mobile app development company or mobile app developer isn’t a mind-numbing hassle anymore:

Plan out in detail what you need

It is essential to have a precise vision of your app idea on paper.

  1. What do you plan to achieve?
  2. When are you scheduling to outsource your application?
  3. What features are you planning to include in the mobile app?
  4. What sets you apart from your opponents?

It would be best if you find out answers to all these questions to avert any confusion in the further stages of the project.

Finding an App Development Team

From more than thousands of app development teams based globally, you need to choose the one that matches your bunch requirements, has expertise with the type of platform you are developing, and has knowledge of the latest equipment and technology. But before you go down that road, it is important to know mobile app stats in 2022 to keep yourself informed about the latest trends and efficiency. 

Communication with developers plays another crucial role in the steady functioning of your plan and project. Hence it is essential to choose between offshore, onshore, and nearshore to clear out hurdles before things go south. Being one of the most trusted mobile app development companies in the US and Australia, we all at DianApps understand how important is a clear communication channel for project success.

Check portfolio.

After shortlisting development companies, you need to survey their profiles to clarify their knowledge of technology and apps, their experience, and their certification. You can also check reviews and comments on their websites and other portals.

Communicate with previous clients.

To get a comprehensive analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, you can communicate with their prior clients and make sure their performance is credible.

This can help you make the best decision for the perfect team to create a top-notch mobile application.

Selecting a Service model.

Before outsourcing your project to a team-based offshore, you need to select among the following service models-

  • Project-Based- In this model, the main focus is on the outcome and not on the tools and technology used. As a client, you have pre-defined motives that need to be completed or achieved within the deadline. You have a fixed budget and a limited team to work on the project. This model is prominent among small companies and start-ups.

Service -model

  • Dedicated team- Under this model, the outsourcing company is in complete charge of team building, personal management, and process quality. This enables you to get a fully equipped development team to work on the project full time and deliver the desired outcomes. This type of unit has a team leader to distribute work, but in the end, you can control the project roadmap individually.
  • Extended team- A perfect model that is desirable for middle-sized and large-scale companies that need professionals to work on their projects without going above the budgets. Works with a Technical officer who controls or performs an audit on the development team by giving them work to do and managing them till the end.

Make sure you choose the right model to fulfill your requirements and stay on the budget line. Also, book a meeting with an app development company for any consultation to help you scale up your development process. 

Choosing a payment model.

Again there are two types of payments model to choose from-

  • Fixed price– This model guarantees a fixed amount on the project irrespective of time and expense. It is best for projects that have strictly defined requirements with no further changes.
  • Time and material– This model works best when there is no vision of the final product and its implementation. The payment is made on an hourly basis, including the expenses spent on the project.


Outsourcing mobile app development is not an easy task, but with an excellent team, advanced technology, and the best strategy, you can promote your company globally in a brief time. This type of collaboration suits all kinds of businesses – start-ups, mid, and large-sized companies and can give you the best results. If in case your entire business model requires solid features that run smoothly on iOS & Android devices, a flutter app development company can be your best bet. 

DianApps is the top leading mobile and website development company here to take the burden off your shoulder and serve as you nothing but the ultimate that builds trust and grows together in scaling up your business.


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