Why Should You Choose React Native For Your App Project?


Why Should You Choose React Native For Your App Project?

March 26th, 2015 was the date when React Native was launched in the digital space. Before 2015, app entrepreneurs only had 2 choices when it came to expanding their business on mobile – First, spend huge amounts and build a native application. Second, build a low-performance, low-quality hybrid application. Both choices were extremely restrictive for new-age startups looking to enter the domain. 

While for enterprises with money, the option of building a native application was always there, the up-and-coming brands were at a loss. The solution that the mobile app industry had to offer to this dilemma was the creation of a cross-platform framework, and that is how React Native app development services came into existence.

What is cross-platform app development?

Cross-platform application development is a process where a single codebase is built for an application that is then deployed on multiple platforms. Meaning, that developers have to write 1 codebase for an application that would run on Apple, Android, and Microsoft. 

What is React Native app development?

React Native is a cross-platform framework built by Facebook using which developers can build solutions that run seamlessly on multiple platforms, seamlessly. What makes it extremely popular is that it enables the developers to use React framework along with native platform capabilities in a way that the users get a native-like experience whenever they use the application. 

So here were the basics to get you acquainted with the framework. But what is important for you, an entrepreneur, is to know why you should invest in react native app development company in 2022. We will explore the answer to this in this article today.

Why should you choose React Native development services?

There is a massive range of cross-platform frameworks available to a mobile app development company to choose from. However, React Native has been leading the charts on a year-to-year basis. 

Here are the reasons why brands like Facebook, Tableau, Coinbase, Shopify, etc. have been using React Native for their digital needs. 

  1. Multiple-platform presence

The one reason why entrepreneurs choose a react native app development company as their digital solution partner is because the usage of the framework enables them to get their brand on multiple platforms. 

The framework uses Facebook’s UI library to build applications that can be deployed on the Apple app store, Android play store, Microsoft, and devices ranging from phones, desktops to watches and TV. It has everything the developers need to build a scalable application – native-like UI elements, JavaScript scalability, and ease of integrating APIs.

  1. Live and hot reloading 

Imagine you are building software and you are able to see the outcome of your code on the application in real-time, simultaneously. React Native makes this possible. 

Using the live reloading and hot reloading process, developers are able to view the changes that their line of code is bringing in the application. Meaning, the developers can make changes in how the app looks or functions in real-time without waiting for the QA team to come back to them with their analysis. 

The outcome? Faster development. There are a number of factors that bring the development time down. Let us look at them in the next section. 

  1. Lowered development time 

React Native development services are known for their ease of development. The framework is very easy for a developer to learn and set their hand on plus the massive community of the framework comes in very handy whenever a developer gets stuck. 

Next, the nature of React Native as a single codebase framework in itself does a great job in lowering the development time. The developers only have to work on a single codebase, on all design, development, and testing fronts. And this codebase is then deployed on multiple platforms with minimal efforts. Moreover, the live and hot reloading feature that we covered above plays its own share in bringing the development time down. 


  1. Lowered cost of development

The cost of mobile app development is majorly dependent on these factors – resources (human and technology) working on an application, the time it takes to build the application, and the maintenance efforts. 

Now when you bring react native in the mix, you see that the resources employed to build the application get cut down by exactly half compared to native app development. You only need to hire 1 designer, 1 react native developer, and 1 QA expert to build your entire application. The same is with the set of technology used. Now since the app is an outcome of a single codebase, the development and maintenance efforts are automatically lower. 

All of these factors together, bring the app development cost down. 

  1. Easy third-party plugin integrations 

Let’s be honest, no matter how native-like a cross-platform framework is, it will never operate as a truly native app built around the specificity of an operating system. However, React Native development company crosses those odds. The framework enables developers to integrate the third-party plugins that connect the native features with the application. 

Because of these plugins, developers are able to create apps that run smoothly with the devices’ native features. 

So here were the many reasons why react native development services remain the best choice for businesses in 2022. In fact, now more than ever before because the need to adopt digital transformation is on an all-time high. The framework is your best choice to address the digital needs of your customers and employees in a cost-effective and highly expedited manner. 

The next move? Reach out to a recognized, trusted that React Native App Development Company can help you convert your idea into an application and then deploy it on every platform your customers are on. We are that React Native development company. Having developed over 250+ react native apps, we know the framework inside out. Moreover, we know how to make apps that give a truly-native feel to your customers without hampering your pocket.

Contact us today to initiate your dream project or migrate your existing app on react native.


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