Understanding Frontend Frameworks for Full-Stack Development: Angular vs. React vs. Vue

Understanding Frontend Frameworks for Full-Stack Development: Angular vs. React vs. Vue

While talking about Frontend development, only one language comes to our mind and wins over others– JavaScript. However, this is not the case with JavaScript frameworks. What makes the decision of selecting a framework is that JavaScript has 24 frameworks and 83+ libraries, having unique and varied functionalities.  

React, Angular, and Vue, the top three Java script frameworks, have surpassed all others. (to be more precise, React is not a framework, but just a library.)

The primary distinction between these three is that React is a UI library, whereas Vue is a progressive framework. However, Angular is a full-fledged front-end framework. According to the StackOverflow Survey 2022, React is the favorite framework of 40.14% of developers, followed by Angular with 22.96%, and Vue with 18.97% of developers. 

This guide will help you understand these frameworks catering to front-end development services before you get your next full-stack development project on the road.

So, let’s dive in!

A brief history of React, Angular, and Vue


React, the unquestionable leader among the most popular JavaScript frameworks, was created by Facebook to meet the needs of its products and was successfully presented and open-sourced to the tech audience in 2013. React evolved from an early prototype created by Jordan Walke called “Fax.js,” which was first deployed in Facebook’s News Feed in 2011. The most recent stable version is 17.x, which was released in October 2020 and has been updated progressively since then. 


Misko Hevery, a Google employee, was working on a side project to simplify the process of website development. The solution he discovered was released as an open-source project in 2010 under the name AngularJS and is now being used by some major brands.

After several years, new JavaScript advancements forced the team to rewrite AngularJS from the ground up using TypeScript. To avoid confusion, the framework’s name was changed to eliminate the word “JS.” Angular app development has evolved and reinvented itself over time, with each new version being better than the last, as evidenced by Angular 13, the most recent version released in November 2021.


After years of working with Angular, former Google employee Evan You decided to create a lightweight framework that would include the best features of both. Vue.js, an open-source framework, was released in February 2014 and has gained tremendous popularity since then. The most recent stable version is Vue 3, which was released in September 2020 with a new default version update in February 2022.

Three popular Frontend frameworks for full-stack development 

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What is React?

React is a free front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces with components. It is the most widely used JS library due to the ease with which it allows you to create web applications. Furthermore, in addition to creating UI, it has several versions such as React Native and Flux which facilitate cross-platform app development.

Every element in a React JS framework serves as a building block, resulting in a highly usable application. JavaScript reusable components reduce development time and complexity.

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Configuration setup of React 

Let’s begin by installing a few libraries with a single command to run tests on our React application. 

Open the terminal inside your application’s project directory and run the following command to install all libraries.

After that, for each component to be tested, create a test file. Browserstack.test.js, for example, is the test file used to test the browserstack.js component file. Now, let’s write a quick test for our component.

To run the test, type the command below.

npm test 

The terminal will display the test results after the test has been completed. In the terminal, it shows that two tests have passed because one test file –  app.test.js was already created after we installed the necessary testing libraries.

Image Source: https://bit.ly/3qzYwmo


Reusable Components

Because of React’s reusable components, the amount of complexity and coding required while developing React applications is reduced. It added more functionality and created a clean, simple codebase that is also simple to maintain. 


React does not rely on the traditional DOM and instead employs a JavaScript structure known as virtual DOM. The use of virtual DOM improves performance and speeds up programs. 

Learning Curve

Due to its low learning curve, React is way ahead of its competitors. Furthermore, web developers who have just finished their HTML and JavaScript concepts will find it simple to learn React. 


Development Pace

Knowing that React is the most widely used JavaScript library, it is constantly updated, requiring developers to relearn newer concepts and keep up with React’s pace.

Introduction to JSX

There is no prerequisite for learning React. However, many developers do not find JSX useful when learning React JS app development. Apart from JSX, developers also complain about React’s inline scripting feature, which is also time-consuming.

What is Vue.js?

Vue is a popular open-source progressive frontend framework for creating Single Page Applications (SPAs). SPAs are web applications that use a single HTML file to render all of the code. It was released in 2014 and quickly gained popularity among developers due to its straightforward user interface and simple learning curve. 

Learning Vue appeared to be simpler than most of the technologies available at the time. Angular inspired the creators of Vue to create another well-known mobile app development framework – Vue. It is based on bringing all of the best parts of Angular under one roof while ignoring all of Angular’s limitations to create a highly efficient tool. Vue focuses on beginner developers, assisting them in creating dynamic web applications without the need for prior cumbersome learning. 

Configuration setup of Vue.js

To use Jest framework to run tests on the components of your Vue application, first install the two necessary testing dependencies with a single command.

The next step is to generate a test file, naming it browserstack.test.js. Jest can catch any file named *.test.js or *.spec.js.

To run the test, follow the below command: 

npm test


Short Learning Curve

TypeScript and JavaScript are required skills in React and Angular, respectively. Vue, on the other hand, is user-friendly and does not require any prior knowledge. 

Project Size

The size of your Vue project has several advantages, including a direct impact on the SEO of your webpage, because Google search console rejects displaying heavy websites in the front, which take longer to load.

Forums and Community

When deciding on a technology, the forums and other community support are extremely important. It aids in the maintenance and learning of any technology at a faster rate.



The ecosystem is critical for applications to adapt to different browsers and operating systems. Vue has a very limited ecosystem and thus does not render in older operating systems and web browsers. 


Other frameworks, such as Angular and React, are supported by Google and Facebook, which automatically builds trust among users; however, Vue is generally not trusted by audiences. 

What is Angular?

Angular is a free and open-source full-stack web app development framework built on TypeScript. Generally, it is used in the single-page applications development. Google first introduced it in 2016 as a follow-up to AngularJS.

Due to its outstanding features and support from a tech giant like Google, Angular initially attracted a lot of developers’ attention when it first entered the market. Many people confuse Angular with AngularJS, which was later released by Google as the first version of Angular. 

Angular develops with TypeScript, whereas AngularJS develops with JavaScript. Many people were disappointed by the abrupt shift from JavaScript to TypeScript because JavaScript is a more well-known language than TypeScript.

Configuration setup of Angular

To run tests on your Angular application, let’s look at an example of a simple Angular application. When you create an Angular file, a test file is generated along with the application. Write the tests on the file that has the extension.spec.ts using the test code provided below:

After successfully writing the tests, let’s run the above Unit Tests for Angular App with the following command in the CLI: 

ng test


Trustworth for Future

Since Google supports Angular, developers can build large-scale applications with confidence knowing that they will be supported in the long run. 


Angular documentation is extensive and thoroughly explains the functionality and operation of Angular. Furthermore, each concept has been clarified with an example and simple language, making it suitable for beginners. 

Supported by Google

Given that Google has backed Angular, it is a dependable and trustworthy program that will most likely keep up with Google’s periodic updates and announcements. Combine this with a wealth of detailed documentation, and you’ve got a dependable framework backed up by a wealth of useful information and answers to frequently asked questions.


Working on an Angular project as a team is highly scalable because minor changes made by any member of the team do not necessitate updating the entire structure of the project. Furthermore, the code base is highly consistent and readable, which increases the project’s efficiency.  


Learning curve 

To use Angular, you must be proficient in TypeScript, which 30% of developers prefer as per a StackOverflow survey. As a result, learning Angular takes more time than learning other frameworks. 

Limited SEO options

The platform’s limited SEO options and difficult accessibility for search engine crawlers are two significant drawbacks of using Angular. The fact that Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, we don’t think this issue will last much longer before a solution appears in another update.

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How to select the right framework for business?

We have found some criteria that might be helpful for you to leverage the best from comparison of Angular Vs. Vue Vs. React. Let’s have a look:

Go with Angular when:

  • Your project is complex & large. 
  • You need easy-going and trustworthy sustainability.
  • You have highly experienced Angular developers.
  • You can spare time to learn Typescript.

Go with React When:

  • Your project is open to embracing reusable components.
  • Your project’s frontend is simple.
  • You require top-notch performance and scalability.
  • You have tight deadlines.

Go with Vue.js when:

  • Your project is not so huge and sophisticated.
  • You prioritize high performance.
  • You don’t have dedicated Vue.js developers but have JavaScript professionals.
  • You cannot take out time to learn new technology.

Final Words

When comparing the frameworks, it is clear that all of them are very useful and powerful, and it is up to the developer to decide which one to use based on the project’s goals and business requirements. 

However, regardless of which framework developers use for their projects, thorough testing under real-world conditions is required to ensure a seamless end-user experience. Whether built with React, Angular, or Vue, websites should be tested for cross-browser compatibility and mobile compatibility on a variety of mobile and desktop devices and browsers. 

The best way to go with this is to hire a frontend development company and explain in detail what you want from the app.

This is where DianApps comes in! Our developers are happy to assist you round-the-clock because they have been the mastermind in rendering full-stack app development services. For any queries arising in your mind, do not hesitate in reaching out to us for a quick one-to-one session with our experts. They will serve you to the best of their abilities and guide on the above frameworks.


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