How to Use App Clips to Engage with New Customers?


How to Use App Clips to Engage with New Customers?

The widely popular iPhone was first launched in 2007 and the first model of iPhone paved the way for other revolutionary additions in the smartphone industry. With the passage of time, technology improved and these smartphones got smarter and smarter and these handheld devices in the modern day can help us with almost anything.

Smartphones have applications and these applications can be downloaded to perform various tasks and sometimes we run out of storage space and can’t use some apps. Apple solved this problem by introducing AppClips. Along with app clips, the iOS 14 updates are filled with new changes and enhancements bound to improve the overall customer experience.

What are App Clips?

Apple launched its app store in 2007 and since then there have been millions of applications added to the app store. There are thousands of apps added every day and sometimes it becomes harder for customers to find a particular app. To solve this exact problem Apple launched App clips at WWDC 2020.

As the name suggests, app clips are shortened mini versions of the app and users can use this mini version of the app without installing the complete application. These app clips can be accessed via QR codes, message links, NFC tags, and even tough app clip codes.

Once you scan the code on pres on the link, you will see an app clip card with all the details about the functionality of the app. You can click on open and use the apo clip or click on the play store icon to go to the play store and download the complete application.

How to Use App Clips to Engage with New Customers

How Can App Clips Help Your Business Acquire More Customers

Help with increasing the engagement with customers
App Clips can help in increasing engagement massively. The problem with traditional methods that you’d have to physically travel and put in the effort to know something but with the help of app clips anybody can simply click on a link and procure the required information. Downloading applications is a problem for some because of security reasons and storage issues but app clips allow users to use any company’s services without any restrictions.

Help with payments
Imagine running a business and having a huge line of customers just waiting for their turn to get to the counter and make a payment. This huge line could scare away possible customers too. One solution to this problem is using app clips. Companies can create app clips according to their demands and facilitate online payments through the app clip.

Customers can simply link their online payment platform and pay the bill without having to waste any time standing in line. The app clip can generate an e-bill that customers can show while checking out. This saves a lot of time for customers and can boost sales massively.

Help with advertising
One of the most important aspects of advertising is to find the right audience and to convey the right message. App clips can help in advertising because customers who are interested in the company will only access the app clip and once they open the app clip a business can provide only the required details and features which will help in converting the audience into customers.

This spot advertising is bound to get bigger and businesses will have to resort to creative ideas and solutions to attract new customers. Once customers try out certain features, they will go forward and download the app to access the other features and many opt for other services too.

Offline Support
Imagine walking into a restaurant and having to scan a QR code for the menu. You can access the menu only if you have an internet connection and even if you want to download the app to view the menu, you would require an internet connection.

App clips help in providing offline support wherever possible. If the restraint replaces the QR codes with app clip codes, customers can simply scan the code, get access to the offline app clip, and look at the menu and other information without having any problems.

Offline support is essential for some businesses and app clips help in bridging this gap.

Helps with Branding
App clips also assist with branding and help to instill a brand image in the subconscious mind of the customers. Whenever a customer opens the app clip the brand image and the logo are displayed in the center and everything about the brand is mentioned in the description.

Businesses can also get creative and use the app codes to advertise themselves. They can create doodles or print a story around the QR code so that whenever customers reach out to scan the app clip code they either look at the advertisement or the advertisement attracts their eye and they scan the app clip code.

Are App Clips Reliable?

App clips are completely safe and reliable. These app clips are powerful and can process, store data efficiently. The data is cleared once the app clip is closed and this helps to maintain privacy. The app clips are safe and hacking into these or trying to steal the data is nearly impossible.

Developing app clips is different from android app development and there are entirely different coding structures and methods involved. These app clips are specially designed to work on iPhones and if you want to develop these app clips for android devices you would have to go to an android app development company and get instant apps developed by them.


App Clips are the future and even though these are still in the developing stage, we can see them everywhere in the future. The advantage of using app clips is that they can be used anywhere and almost all kinds of businesses can use these. They can be used in retail and wholesale stores, they can be used in schools and hospitals and they can even be used to book tickets for movies or tickets to travel.

The possibilities are endless and it depends on you on how you want to use this feature to your advantage.


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