Is AI Replacing Jobs of Professionals?

Is AI Replacing Jobs of Professionals?

AI Replacing Jobs of Professionals is one of the most heated online discussions these days. After all, the recent rise of powerful AI programs, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, proved they could write exams, draw portraits, code programs, and even write a thesis for students far surpassing human capabilities in efficiency and knowledge. 

While AI and its advancements have contributed to various industries and sectors, they also raised doubts about the professional workforce. According to a report by Investment Bank Goldman Sachs, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can replace around 300 million full-time jobs in the near future. And in May 2023 alone, around 4,000 workers have been replaced by AI.

In this article, we will address all the thought-provoking elements and explore the various aspects covering the actual truth of AI replacing Jobs in the global workforce. So, be sure you read and follow the article to the end.

What is the Truth Behind AI Replacing the Jobs of Professionals?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly bringing new changes and advancements in the global market aiming for a greater digital future. And the recent AI-integrated applications such as Midjourney and ChatGPT are minimizing the workloads of human professionals in generating arts, writing content and promoting advanced technology. 

But even though AI is basically made to minimize human workload and increase efficiency, these advancements raised various concerns accelerating the idea of AI Replacing Jobs of professionals in various aspects. AI powered machines have already took-over the works of data entry, routine customer service, basic technical problem solving works that previously required man power.  These changes brought by AI are transforming the world and reshaping the job landscape.

As a result, a fear among various professionals such as coders, graphic designers and labors who work in factories has been born believing their Jobs will be replaced by AI machines, chat bots, and robots. But is it really the truth? Of course not.

While it is true that AI is impacting on job market but it is only an entry level. Jobs that does not require creativity, skills and directly affect businesses are likely of being replaced by AI. Thes jobs includes, factory workers, works that consumes more time and requires more manpower. 

On the other hand, AI is also opening up new opportunities in fields like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and robotics that require specialized skills. Moreover, the skills for developing & discovering new AIs are also needed in the global job market.

What Jobs Will AI Replace in the Future?

Entry Level jobs is getting more threat of being replaced by Artificial Intelligence. The white collar professions where there is always lower-skilled workers to do tasks like data entry, background research, and basic writing mostly likely be impacted too. 

Unlike this, there are also some high level jobs AI will replace in the future are:

Programming Professionals

You may already be aware about the popular open AI program ‘ChatGPT’ which has a remarkable ability to write codes for any website, application or program. It has been trained feeding massive repositories of code making it more flexible and easier for anyone to get source code. Professional programmers take hours of time writing code for a program, but ChatGPT does it within a few seconds without any chances of error.


Every type of Writers, no matter if you are a Content Writer, a worker in advertising journalists, script writer or other working profession most likely be affected because of AI. The writing work has become easier by the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Wordtune, and many more. However, it does not mean, Writing jobs are completely replaced by AI as it still needs humans to review it’s explanation and weave them into a compelling narrative.

Finance Professionals

Accounting field or Financial professionals are also not excluded from the threat of AI replacing jobs. Many works of financial professionals such as bookkeeping, and data entry can easily be replaced or automated by AI technologies. AI Powered systems minimizes the work load of management and helps in analyzing financial data, interpreting results, and providing more consistent data.  But while AI can be used for benefits, the need of human finance professionals is still required for creating financial plans and providing personalized advice to clients.

Customer Service 

One of the most vulnerable jobs that will be replaced by AI is Customer Service. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are rapidly increasing and being approved by many more of the higher companies. After all, AI can handle customer inquiries, provide support, and offer basic information way better than humans without getting tired, anxious. 

Jobs That Won’t Be Replaced By AI

Always remember that AI is never going to replace humans from it’s existence. The fear and misconceptions regarding AI taking over humanity is nothing more than a myth. So, rather than succumbing to fear or skepticism, encourage yourself to accept change and develop skills according to the change of time. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn what are the jobs that won’t be replaced by AI in future:

1. Creative Jobs

AI cannot ever replace the creative, complex decision-making, and social intelligence skills that require human brain and emotions. Professions such as artists and graphic designers that require the creativity to create new and original are impossible to replace by AI. However, many attempts have been made to enable AI for creativity such as Midjourney, it still lacks the originality and human creativity.

2. Teachers and Educational professionals

According to the experts from CDR Report Writer, professions like teaching, performed by dedicated educational professionals, are among the most challenging roles that AI has yet to replace. There are several learning applications, AI automated platforms, but it just can’t replace the emotional connection to teach students correctly. A machine could never teach a first-grader to read.

3. Public Relation and Human Resource Managers

Both Public Relation Manager and Human Resource Manager are required in any businesses or market to meet organization goals. While PR managers are required for brand building, marketing and advertising, HR are required for managing employees to meet organizational goals and overall increasing the market value of the company to the public. AI cannot replace these two professions, at least not at present or in the coming five years. 

4. Entrepreneurship

Developing new business ideas, ideas to bring economic change, and change to benefit society is the most required and irreplaceable job in today and tomorrow’s job market. 

Preparation for the Future

To put it all into a conclusion, AI is a greatest achievement of human civilization that opens-up endless possibilities for further advancements in digitization. However, despite being a potential to bring revolution in the innovation-technology sector, it will also somewhat contribute in replacing jobs of professionals. 

To avoid that, it is always necessary to think, implement and upskill those capabilities that help you grow with the growth of technology. Developing skills that require creative minds, complex decision making, and interpersonal skills, are the jobs that won’t be replaced by AI ever.


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