Top 10 Free Resources for Learning Android Development

Top 10 Free Resources for Learning Android Development

Are you curious to jump into the world of Android app development

With Android being an open-source platform, the possibilities are endless. However, the challenge of bridging the learning gap of Android can be overwhelming. But worry not! Our handpicked resources will guide you through the intricacies, allowing you to develop high-quality apps and navigate this diverse landscape with ease.

Whether you’re a student venturing into the exciting realm of mobile app development or an experienced developer seeking to expand your expertise, these resources will provide you with a solid foundation. From mastering the basics to exploring advanced concepts, you’ll find everything you need to excel in Android development.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free resources that will empower you to learn Android development from scratch or enhance your existing skills.

Join us on this knowledge-packed journey as we unveil the best free resources for learning Android development.

Let’s get started!

Most Common Resources for Learning Android Development

1. Android Developers Site

Consider visiting the official website of the Android developers before searching for any third-party resources. There are several beneficial training courses available on the topic. You’re likely to gain something from these courses because they are appropriate for students with a range of proficiency levels, from absolute beginners to experts. 

You’ll find it simple to navigate the website and locate what you’re searching for. If you are unable to, there is a quick search option at the top. The courses come in the form of videos, and they conclude with exercises like quizzes that let you evaluate your understanding. 

On this official website, you’re likely to learn about the most recent procedures. The best thing is that every Android development course is free.

2. Vogella

Given that the majority of its courses are text and image-based, Vogella can catch your attention if you’re not a huge fan of video lessons. Continuous follow-up can sometimes make these classes simpler. 

You’ll start from scratch, learning the fundamentals of Kotlin and Android Studio, then progress to higher skill levels from there. 

3. Udacity

Technology-related courses and nano-degrees are widely available at Udacity. 

These courses could span anywhere from a single day to several months. This means that if you take one, you must be ready to give it a consistent amount of time every day.

4. Envato Tuts+

This website includes a ton of excellent tutorials, most of them are about designing. Nevertheless, we discovered a list of free Android development classes there that are primarily text and image-based, similar to Vogella’s. 

If you want to learn tidbits of information in random order, these how-to guides are for you. To discover the one that is most appropriate for your ability level, you will need to sort through the list. 

To locate courses and instructions on the topic, you can switch tabs. The information on this website will help you become an Android app developer, all things considered. 

5. Udemy

Udemy is a very well-known online site for learning about different subjects, but most of its courses charge money. Nevertheless, there are still a ton of outstanding. cost-free Udemy courses available, some of which focus on Android development.

You’ll see that the majority of the courses are primarily designed for beginners, with a few advanced ones. In addition, enrolling in these courses on Udemy requires you to create a free account.

There are a specific number of lectures included in each course. You’ll need some spare time available to get through them since some of them have over a hundred lectures.

6. Tutorials Point

Some courses on Android development are available through Tutorial Point at a nominal cost. There is, however, a free text-based training available if you’re a beginner. 

You should just take this course to understand the fundamentals because it isn’t entirely up-to-date. If you are familiar with some aspects of Android development services, you can check the list of topics on the left and begin learning the section straight away. 

7. Great Learning

This course on Android development on Great Learning may be helpful if the possibilities provided by the sites mentioned above leave you feeling overloaded. Since there is only one course here, it is not necessary for you to make a choice. 

Check out the course outline before starting by visiting the website’s home page. Additionally, it also provides a certificate at the end to keep you motivated.

8. W3Schools

One of the most well-known websites for web programming, W3Schools also provides a section specifically for Android development. With code examples in the middle, it will take you from the very beginning to a level that is only moderately advanced.

There are certain lectures in this course that are less in-depth than the ones we’ve included above. Though the instruction is concise, but if you follow along you will undoubtedly learn how to offer Android app development services from this course.

9. Java T Point

With a step-by-step content list on the left of your screen, Java T Point also provides a text-based training. You will learn a lot from this course if you finish it because it is comprehensive.

This course covers the majority of Android development topics that people new to the platform should be aware of. You’ll do best to focus on one header at a time because there are several headings and subheadings to pick from.

10. Geeks for Geeks

The Android development course by Geeks for Geeks tops off this list. You can progress from the fundamental level to the advanced level with this additional text and image-based course.

You have the option of listening to the lectures in order or skipping forward to the content list portions that interest you most. The website is among the greatest selections because of its user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation.

Key Elements to Learning Android Development

It’s not enough to know where to find the materials. Another thing is to truly learn something and develop a competence. Therefore, make sure to adhere to the following advice to get the most out of your learning:

1. Practice

Android development is a talent, and repetition is basically the only way to fully hone a skill. Make sure you pay attention during every lesson and lecture so that you can learn and internalize the information.

2. Perseverance

During your journey, there will be times when you won’t feel like pushing yourself any farther. You’ll need to persevere and push forward every day in that area. For instance, keeping abreast with what is going on with the Android app development industry and be up-to-date with the latest development trends.

3. Routine and Goals

If you want to include practice and perseverance into your learning, you’ll need a schedule and a firm grasp of your objectives. Divide your final goal into smaller objectives an try accomplishing them. Well, you might have heard that eating in chunks is far better than bitting off a larger portion that you can’t chew. 

Prerequisites of Learning Android App Development

1. Services 

Services are this component of your application that users can’t view directly but is still extremely important and one of its key elements. Even when the users are not online and the application is deleted, the service continues to run in the background to complete lengthy tasks. In spite of interacting with a content provider, a service also runs multiplayer task in the background.

2. Activities

Looking at its name can help you grasp it a little bit. Your app is represented by the activity. Your app communicates with the user through the action. Activity enables the user to use and interact with the application, thus every screen, button, switch, and view is a component of the activity that aids in conveying your message to the user. With the support of an activity, users will see the application. It can be pronounced “user interface” in short.

3. Content Providers

A key element of Android is the Content Provider. Your app’s data is handled by it. The primary data that you wish to display in your app should be sent to the app’s main content. Not only can you access the data from your own apps, but you can also, depending on your needs and app permissions, access the data from other apps.

4. Broadcast Receivers

Your app’s ability to communicate with Android systems is facilitated via broadcast receivers. It can interact with system events and those of other apps using a broadcasting receiver. While using this device, one must be extremely cautious. By interacting with the system, it may be possible to create an app that is quick and simple to use.

Closing words

In conclusion, learning Android development can be difficult, but anyone can become a successful Android app developer with the correct tools. Anyone interested in Android development should start with the 10 free resources mentioned in this blog post. These resources offer a plethora of information and support, ranging from online courses and video lessons to documentation and community forums.

At DianApps, we recognize the value of keeping alongside the most recent development trends and industry best practices in Android development. In order to assist our developers in creating better, more creative apps, as a top Android app development company, we incorporate these free resources into our training programs. Our team of skilled Android developers has access to the most recent tools and technologies, allowing us to produce top-notch applications that satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Whether you are looking to build an Android app for your business or personal use, Hire Android developer from DianApps to help you bring your vision to life.


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