Top Android Development Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Android Development Trends

Top Android Development Trends to Look Out for in 2023

The demand for mobile app development is increasing day by day. Technological advancements are growing at a massive rate and tech-savvy are dedicatedly working to enhance it day by day. 

According to Business of Apps stats, Android is the most popular operating system in the world with above 2.5 billion active users. No wonder these numbers will be going to emerge in the near future as the demand for Android app development is on a rise. So it is very important to check out the trends that are happening in the industry to be up to date with the latest technologies. 

So let’s dive in to know more about the latest trends in Android app development!

Android Development Trends

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence has now become very popular, especially in the mobile app development market. Integration of AI and machine learning techniques with a mobile application provides a number of features likewise:

  • Mobile app developers design AI algorithms in such a way that monitors users’ choice and continuously engage them.
  • For tech giants such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Netflix, these algorithms and recommendation systems are one of the major sources of revenue generation.  
  • AI and machine learning are evolved in a way to understand user behavior to provide them with a seamless experience.
  • Developers can now release newer versions of the apps more frequently because of the flexibility offered by Artificial Intelligence.

2. Chatbots

These are software programs that are designed to conduct human-like interactions by using text or audio responses and we have all interacted with these at some or the other time. 

Generally, there are two different types of chatbots:

  • AI-based chatbots- These chatbots work according to different situations and user conversations.  
  • Fixed bots- They respond according to pre-defined commands and the data that is already fed into the system. 

The popularity of these chatbots can be seen as tech giants like Amazon have integrated “Alexa” into its app to improve user engagement. And not only Amazon but there are other companies as well who are incorporating chatbots into their mobile applications. 

So it is apparent that chatbots in Android app development will do wonders for mobile app development companies. 

3. On-demand Apps

On-demand apps have changed the way and made things easier for users in many ways. These apps simply connect users with different service providers that they can avail at their convenience. 

The popularity of on-demand app development solutions is expected to increase further in the coming years. Here is an example of the most popular and emerging on-demand app. 

  • Food and grocery delivery service apps

During and after the covid pandemic, the demand for online food delivery apps has increased massively.

4. Cloud Computing

Mobile applications have numerous limitations in terms of storage, battery capacity, and so on. With mobile cloud computing, you can overcome all these challenges by building a mobile app stored in the cloud that does not take up any extra space in your mobile device. 

In short cloud computing is a technology that allows using of applications that have not been downloaded yet but are stored in a cloud and can be accessed through the internet later. 

5. Argumented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR)

In today’s scenario, there are over 2 billion mobile devices that support AR and VR capabilities and the number is increasing day by day. After Covid-19 many organizations have started incorporating AR and VR into their applications as it is expected to make a mindblowing impact in the coming years. 

Argumented Reality has been used in many sectors, especially in the gaming industry. For instance, games such as Hary Potter, and Pokemon use AR to bring the virtual world into reality. IKEA is one of the top examples that has used AR to give their customers a better shopping experience. It has an option for virtual try-on, which customers can use to place virtual furniture in their homes to see how it will look before they purchase it. 

Lastly, along with the gaming industry, it can also be used in other as well like education, healthcare, and so on. 

6. IoT(Internet of Things)

It is one of the most popular trends in Android app development and has significantly impacted many industries worldwide. Its global market is rapidly growing and is projected to reach $1854.76 billion by 2028. IoT pushes the app development process to a whole new level by stepping onto the path of digital transformation.

IoT will definitely pave the way for many industries including healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, automotive, agriculture, and more. Additionally, more and more hybrid apps will develop in the near future by using this technology in Android app development company

7. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web apps are built with technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These apps do not take that much memory space and require less loading time as well. Even though they are not a new trend in the world of mobile app development, but are expected to grow more because these are accessible and easy to design than regular apps. 

These are very versatile and interactive as these are developed by using a number of specific technologies to leverage the advantage of both native and web app features. Furthermore, these are more accessible and discoverable than native apps because it is faster to visit a website rather than to install an application. 

8. Cross-Platform App Development

Do you know what is cross-platform app development?

Basically, cross-platform mobile app development is building of the software applications that are compatible with multiple operating systems. The creation of cross-platform apps is rapidly evolving with time because it has made the development process very easier for mobile app developers as they can target two different platforms by creating a single app. 

9. 5G Technology

The arrival of 5G technology marked the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. The biggest impact of 5G on mobile apps is its 10 times faster speeds and 50% lower latencies. Its impeccable connectivity experience is one of the major reasons why mobile app development companies are ready to embrace this high-end technology in the apps. From enhanced accuracy to increased connectivity density, 5G has everything to offer a personalized user experience to worldwide users.

10. Big Data & Analytics

The role of big data in mobile app development is immense as it has allowed developers to have more control over significant external factors. It optimizes the data collected from voice recordings, video recordings, social media, and so on. 

Due to its advanced features and specifications, Big Data will play a vital role in the future of Android development. It enhanced the overall app development process by running the data more effectively and intensely. 

11. Beacon Technology

Before we move further to know more about Beacon technology do you know what is a Beacon?

It is a small wireless device that works on Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE). Whenever a device comes into the range of a beacon, it will trigger an action. Beacons do not transmit random signals. 

 According to Statista’s report, the beacon market is predicted to reach $56.6 billion by 2026. These can be used to send push notifications and for making in-app advertisements about special offers. For example, Redbull uses beacon stickers to track the movements of audience members at music festivals. Some industries that are using beacon technology are the Hospitality industry, sports industry, logistics, and many more. 

The future of beacon technology in Android app development is way brighter than you can imagine as many businesses will start using beacons in the development process to interact with their customers.

12. Blockchain Technology

A mobile application helps to bring customers in direct contact with the company. Customers share a lot of confidential information via the mobile app. So it becomes very important to save that information from malicious activities. Here comes the role of blockchain technology to look after the security of users’ data. 

Blockchain technology’s future scope in the Android app development market will be very astonishing and so the demand for a blockchain development company will also increase. Industries such as finance, cybersecurity, and digital advertising are greatly influenced by blockchain technology. 


In the coming years, trends in Android app development will rapidly change and evolve. So if you are looking for a leading app development company that will incorporate all the latest trends and technologies to create a mobile app for your business success, then we are here to help you with the utmost priority. 

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