How Much Does it Cost to Make An App Like Tinder?

Make An App Like Tinder

How Much Does it Cost to Make An App Like Tinder?

Dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble are more than just swiping right and left to find a love match. But is it profitable to make a dating app? 

As per the Global Online Dating App market, 7.94 billion USD was calculated in 2022 and will be observed to reach a CAGR of 7.6% from 2023 to 2030. 

Looking at the statistics above, it is pretty evident that the revenue growth of the entire dating market is going to reach a whopping scale. 

While customers get to experience vast profiles of daters and choose and interact with like-minded people. Investors unsure whether to invest in such applications are also drawing toward the amount of potential the app may respond to. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both parties. 

This article will walk you through the whole process of developing a dating mobile app and examine the answer to the frequently asked question, How much does Tinder-like dating app development cost? Additionally, we will discuss several revenue techniques for Tinder-like app businesses.

So without further ado, let’s get started with a ballpark figure for the price of developing a Tinder-like app.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Tinder-Style Dating App?

The cost to create a dating app similar to Tinder primarily relies on the intricacy of its feature set and the mobile app development company you select in 2023. Based on an average hourly rate of $15, the cost of a simple iOS and Android app development with the bare minimum features can range from $8000 to $20000. 

It will cost you around $25000 to construct an app for both the platforms of iOS and Android.

How to Build Your Own Tinder App Using Modern Technology

Although the operation of dating apps may appear to be quite straightforward and uncomplicated at first sight, there are many algorithms that users are unaware of.

  • Users can only view one person at a time, yet several are concurrently swiping right and left.

  • The mobile app developers will play a crucial part in organizing the profile into various groupings since the consumers perceive persons in a different order.

  • To determine who to display and when to do so in order to make a match, several algorithms must be modified.

  • On the server side of the application, the logic mentioned in the aforementioned points must be applied. 

On the server side of the application, the logic mentioned in the aforementioned points must be applied. React, Java, .NET, and other server-side technologies can be used by developers to build the back end of your dating app. 

The greatest dating applications for this generation may be chosen and developed with the aid of dating app development.

Useful Dating Apps Features & Technologies

Not simply the algorithms in a dating app matter; it’s also crucial to concentrate on what to think about and how to design a dating app for this generation. 

There are other additional features and capabilities. Implementation requires a certain amount of time and money.

1. User profiles and authorization

When deciding how to develop a dating app, one of the better solutions could be to use the Facebook permission engine. In order to prevent the app from remembering the login information and registration password, this was accomplished with the aid of OAP.

Another method of creating a log-in is by utilizing the phone number to create an app similar to Tinder using the current kind of user authorization. This is the authority to display the primary app feature upon authorization.  Always deal with devoted developers since they have the tools and expertise to work on your project.

The client-side and server-side of the application can both be used to implement the profile. Editing and inputting information like: 

  • Bio 
  • A person’s gender
  • Images 

Some well-known dating apps allow users to create a suitable online profile so that it may be seen outside of the app. If the user doesn’t already have the app loaded on their device, they will be sent immediately to the app when they select the “like me on Tinder” option.

The server then remembers that the user wants to see his photo when they click on the link after the client side has sent the request to the server. 

The server then assists in creating the link, which allows anybody to view the photo by clicking. This is one method that Tinder interacts with its users’ profiles. 

A similar method may be applied when you want to create a Tinder app.

2. Settings and Notifications

Users can change the settings that a dating app like Tinder allows based on their own preferences. For instance, you may choose to turn off the notice for new matches, and you can do the same for messages, super likes, and likes that the user receives.

You can select some more preferred units of measurement, such as whether to display a distance in kilometers or miles. Receiving notifications may be accomplished with Apple and Google servers through the integration of your app.

The server sends a push notice to the app. The development team can utilize Apple push notifications for iOS and Firebase cloud messaging for Android. 

In order to create a dating app similar to Tinder, always ensure that the user accounts are configured correctly.

3. Geolocation and communication

Without geolocation, the app would be useless because the whole point of a dating app is to discover people nearby. To construct dating software similar to Tinder, developers can leverage geolocation API or core location.

They can utilize CL Location Manager for iOS and Map View classes, as well as the Android location package and a map kit foundation, for Android.

Once matched, users may communicate with one another on the dating app. The conversation function is deactivated if there is no mutual interest. This rule may be put into practice with the importance of HTTP and the REATful API. The server is not being overloaded by any permanent socket connections. 

A polling interval is established based on how frequently messages are transmitted.

Users may even link their profile to Instagram in order to make the most current Instagram photo accessible. 

4. In-app monetization or purchases

With certain dating apps, users may purchase a premium subscription in order to access a variety of extra services. adjusting their location, viewing their most recent swipe, turning off the advertisements, and more. 

Even the store kit framework for iOS and the in-app payment API for Android allows for the integration of in-app purchases.


Continue reading if you are unfamiliar with the term API and how can it benefit your business. 

Why Should You Create a Dating App?

People are interested in this software because it makes a significant portion of daily life—including interpersonal relationships—digitally simpler. This dating service is dynamic, quick, and effective at finding a better mate. Here are a few advantages to be aware of when developing a dating app.

1. A higher rate of user retention

The retention rate is determined by examining the user’s interaction after the application has been loaded on the device. Building a devoted consumer base is crucial for a lasting relationship rather than just one or two uses. This type of mobile app development services is becoming more and more popular since it offers a fresh way to meet people. According to a study, there is a lot of information regarding dating apps available online.

2. App-based generally High Revenue Dating

One of the greatest strategies to make significant financial savings is to select a mobile app development company. Your app will generate more income as it receives more and more users.

3. Numerous Possibilities for Financial Gain

The app development company providing dating mobile app solutions has a wide range of revenue options as well. Some of the main methods used by developers to monetize their apps include in-app advertising and third-party services. 


This type of application’s nature encourages strong user motivation. It has even been observed that 20% of users interact with the features of the premium edition.

4. Popular

Customers have a great deal of confidence in popular dating apps, which helps to increase their income. The majority of users of this app are looking for and communicating with their ideal partner. They even comprehend their preferences in this way. Many users might be drawn to a dating app with a distinctive idea.

How to Develop a Dating App Like Tinder?

 1. Organizing

Planning is crucial to the entire process of developing an app. Understanding your audience and bringing fresh concepts that might draw a lot of interested consumers is crucial.

2. UI/UX Design Services

One of the things you absolutely must have for any product is intuitive design. As there are so many screens where consumers may spend a lot of time, the search tab and user profile should be the main focus. This aids users in determining whether the software is worth their time.

3. Back-end Development 

When working with a lot of sensitive information, it’s crucial to have strong, secure servers and databases. For example, the number and requirements for the database connection increase when social media integration is included.

4. Front-end Development

The management and organization of the data coming from the back end and serving it to the mobile app will be aided by the front-end development.

5. Evaluation and Launch

The QA team even collaborates in conjunction with the developers. Check for any flaws and malfunctioning modules within one or two weeks after the launch. Making a ready-made application is not simply the last step; it also has to adhere to Google Play and the App Store guidelines.

6. Post-launch Support 

It’s crucial to keep in mind the ongoing advancements. There are chances for monetization with this kind of application. There are several tasks that must be completed, like developing premium features, providing updates, enhancing performance, etc.

People are concentrating on connecting online since it allows them to engage instantly and saves a ton of time. Innovative concepts that will draw in all possible users to your app. People can even meet a better half and develop lasting friendships using dating apps.


All throughout the world, dating applications are well-known. This app is being hailed as the ideal way for people to meet people for friendship, dating, and even love. There is a significant increase in demand for this kind of app, which is rising quickly.

While there are a lot of mobile app development companies, it becomes crucial to choose the finest one for your business. After all, your dating app must simplify people’s lives and you do not want to jeopardize anything.

DianApps is a well-established mobile app development company  featuring various solutions for industries including dating applications. 

Hire app developers from us, as we intend to play a significant position in comprehending your idea and presenting the ideal answer to you.


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