Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Nowadays, opening a new business or enhancing its operations often involves developing mobile applications or websites. For this idea to be successful, it’s essential to build an app that not only exists but makes good profits in the long run. 

Add to that, the process of developing such an app demands advanced skills, good resources, and a thorough understanding of the business idea. To cater to all such requirements, one needs the expertise of a mobile app development company. 

However, different types of businesses have unique feature requirements for their apps. Therefore, before selecting a company for your project, it’s essential to know about important aspects through a professional investigation.

If you ask the right while hiring mobile app developers or companies, It can be a win-win for your mobile app project. 

To guide you through the process, we’ve compiled a list of 10 questions to help you evaluate the qualities of your software development company.

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an App Development Company

1. Do you specialize in Android or iOS app development services?

It’s crucial to ask this question upfront because it will help you ensure the company’s expertise with your project requirements. iOS and Android are different operating systems, each requiring specific skills and philosophies. For instance, an Android developer can’t help in iOS app development because it requires a different set of expertise. 

Experienced agencies understand the concepts beyond development, like the strict approval process of the Apple Store. 

An agency with multi-platform experience would be beneficial if you’re not sure yet which platform to develop on, as they can guide you based on your project’s goals.

2. What services are included in your offerings?

The next question to ask is about their service offerings. It is important because not every app development company provides full-stack development services from app planning to app maintenance. 

What’s necessary is whether the company’s services can fulfill your needs or not. 

For example, if you’ve already done market research for your app idea, you may not need product discovery services. In this case, you only require a company to design and implement your app idea. 

App development services generally fall into three categories.

Firstly, there’s product discovery, which optimizes your app idea through market research and understanding the target audience. 

Next is product design, ensuring a great user experience (UX), including UI design, prototyping, and user testing. 

Lastly, there are software development services that involve the actual creation of your app. 

Apart from these basic services, it’s essential to inquire about additional offerings such as database design or cybersecurity.

3. Can you share examples of your previous projects?

Checking the agency’s past projects provides noteworthy insights into their capabilities and problem-solving skills. Make sure to prioritize this question in your list.

It’s necessary because you would want a company with a successful track record on projects.

However, do not only settle for a list of past projects or clients. Request detailed information – What was the project about? What problem was it addressing, and how did the agency solve it?

See how the case study briefly discusses the challenge and solution, providing more context to appreciate the developer’s problem-solving skills.

Check for relevant details such as technologies, timeline, and industry context.

You might wonder, “How can I verify if this information is true?” The best way is to validate it with the client mentioned in the case study, leading us to the next question.

4. Could you provide references from your past clients?

Like any other business, positive client reviews can be the deciding factor when choosing an agency.

Good reviews from past clients indicate that if others had a great experience, you can also expect the same. Ask for testimonials that highlight the agency’s work ethic, skills, and professionalism. It’s preferable if the company shares a list of previous clients, allowing you the opportunity to reach out to them directly for authentic feedback on their firsthand experience.

Consider if the agency’s past clients had similar needs or projects to yours. For example, a company specializing in mobile gaming may struggle with the processes of a financial firm.

So, judge them from both perspectives – their ability to meet your needs and whether your app idea aligns with their expertise.

5. How do you determine the project’s cost and timeline?

Well, cost is a tricky matter, so it’s crucial to address it ASAP to avoid complications later.

Ask the company about their approach to estimating the project’s cost and timeline based on your requirements.

There are typically two methods – fixed cost as well as time & materials.

Fixed Cost: The project’s cost is predetermined based on the requirements and expected workload.

Time and Materials: The development company charges the clients based on the work done, typically at an hourly rate.

Neither method is naturally better; it depends on your project. However, a straightforward app development project may benefit from a fixed price.

The key is that the company should quote the project costing with a reasonable amount. If they do not negotiate in any case, it’s best to consider other options.

6. Who will handle and manage my project?

Managing a team from remotely is already challenging, given the physical distance and time zone variations. A project manager plays a crucial role in making this process much smoother.

Top app development companies typically assign a dedicated project manager who acts as a mediator between the client and the agency.

This manager helps in communication, provides updates, and ensures the project stays on track in terms of both time and budget.

Ask your prospective company whether they are going to assign a project manager to make sure that there is middleman support.

An agency without a project manager could be a red flag. It suggests potential communication challenges, especially in urgent situations.

In such cases, you might face issues while receiving regular updates, leaving you clueless about the actual progress of your project.

7. Can you outline your app development methodology?

Feel free to ask the mobile app development company about their plan for bringing your app idea to life. Remember, it’s your vision!

Understanding how your project will be executed and when you can anticipate updates is crucial. You need to ensure coordination between their workflow and yours.

One key aspect to investigate is the software methodology, as it impacts your involvement in the project.

For example, DianApps, a leading mobile app development company follows the Agile methodology. This approach divides app development into smaller cycles known as sprints, covering the entire lifecycle from planning to testing. It’s a repetitive process offering more chances for you to review progress and provide feedback.

However, we’re not advocating for a one-size-fits-all solution. There are traditional methods like Waterfall that may be better for smaller and simpler projects.

In short, hire a company whose methodology matches your preferences and project needs.

8. What level of attention will my project receive?

Many development agencies aim to handle numerous projects to boost their earnings, and that’s understandable.

However, potential issues may arise if the developers assigned to your project are simultaneously working on other tasks. Their attention split across various projects could impact the quality of work on your app.

Therefore, it’s crucial to inquire about the agency’s level of commitment once they take on your project. Anything less than full dedication is a significant concern.

Ideally, they should assign a dedicated team exclusively to your project. 

With developers solely focused on one project at a time, they can deliver exceptional work more efficiently. Essentially, a dedicated team provides an experience like having your in-house team.

That level of commitment is what you should expect in your chosen development partner.

9. What is your company’s USP?

Once you’ve identified the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the company you’re considering, you can assess how well its services align with your app’s needs.

Let’s understand this point with an example! Suppose, you’re in looking to outsource a project for an app that facilitates language learning through interactive games. The USP of the potential app development company – its expertise in incorporating cutting-edge gamification elements. Check whether this aligns with your project goals.

Study your target market and understand what they prioritize in your app. Are they more inclined towards a gamified experience for language learning, or do they value straightforward usability? 

In this way, the company’s USP becomes not just a feature but a strategic consideration for your app.

10. How much client involvement do you want during development?

The extent of involvement varies from client to client.

Some clients prefer a hands-off approach, entrusting the app idea to the agency and reviewing the final result. However, a minimal amount of input may still be requested by the team.

On the other hand, some clients desire more active involvement, checking progress or providing suggestions daily. In such cases, a collaborative team with a communication protocol for consistent updates is preferable.

Your choice should align with the agency’s workflow and approach. To determine this, it’s essential to ask about how much involvement does the company expect from you.

11. How do you assist in app launch?

For your app to become popular, it should be available on reliable platforms where users can easily download and use it.

Google Play Store is widely trusted for downloading Android apps, and the App Store  is specifically designed for downloading apps on Apple devices.

Your mobile app development partner should play a crucial role in guiding you through the process of making your app go live on these platforms.

Always ask about how they plan to assist you in launching your app on these widely used platforms to ensure it reaches a broader audience.

12. Who will own the code?

Some app development companies retain ownership of the source code, limiting your ability to make modifications or sell the code in the future. If you engage with such a company, you can launch the mobile app under your name, but you may face restrictions on code alterations and potential future sales of the code if the app becomes popular.

13. Do you promise to provide post-development services?

First, ensure the candidate offers maintenance and support services. Apple and Google frequently release new OS versions, and you’d want your app to stay updated with the latest features.

Allocate around ten percent of your overall app development budget annually for maintaining the app once it’s released.

To enhance your app’s visibility in the app store, invest time in optimizing its description, keywords, screens, etc. If the development company doesn’t provide these services, you can consider a firm specializing in digital marketing, including SEO and ASO.

While no one can guarantee the complete absence of bugs, check if the company places limitations on the number of bugs they fix for free during the grace period. There’s a chance of hidden bugs even after multiple quality checks and addressing them is crucial.

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Hire Dedicated Developers for Your Business Today

So, now you must be well aware of the importance of choosing the right partner for mobile app development services. Any mistake in making the decision can affect your project’s ultimate success. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the questions listed above to make an informed decision and be assured that the hired company can match your expectations, requirements, and goals. 

If you’re already in search of a professionally well-established mobile app development company, consider hiring DianApps as a worthwhile investment. Our development experts offer services along with versatility and a commitment to delivering top-notch mobile apps that cater to your business needs. 


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