Top 10 Fintech Software Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Fintech Software Development Companies in the USA

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the FinTech industry saw significant growth, with people quickly shifting from traditional banking to digital options. This change continued even after the pandemic, as digital finance became a part of daily life globally.

With an expectation to reach USD 355.57 billion by 2028, this shift has opened up opportunities for businesses. And particularly for the FinTech companies that looking to meet the growing demand for advanced virtual financial services. These organizations must partner with experienced fintech software development companies.

Below is a list of the firms that bring valuable experience and insights, skilled at creating and implementing state-of-the-art technology solutions tailored to address various aspects of financial operations.

Fintech – Worldwide Statistics

  • As of May 2023, there were 11,651 fintech startups in the United States, making it the region with the most fintech startups globally.
  • In 2023, the United States led in the number of fintech unicorns globally, with about five times more than the United Kingdom, which ranked second.
  • The majority of fintech companies are located in the United States and China, with these countries hosting seven out of the 10 largest fintech companies globally.
  • According to Deloitte’s report, the global revenue of the FinTech industry is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.7%.
  • Global FinTech revenues, which were approximately €92 billion in 2018, are expected to surge to around €188 billion in the year 2024.

Apart from the USA, the fintech app solutions have changed the future of traditional banking across the globe. Innumerable companies have contributed to the revolution. Some of the top companies offering fintech app development solutions are listed below. Let’s have a look!

List of Top Fintech Software Development Companies in the USA

1. DianApps

DianApps, a prominent Fintech software development company, excels in providing customized solutions with a commitment to swift, reliable, and technical debt-free practices—facilitating seamless technology for scalable business growth. Their passion lies in aiding organizations across diverse sectors, demonstrated through their award-winning software solutions. 

Renowned for delivering scalable, robust, and agile applications, DianApps empowers project managers in efficiently transforming business processes. 

If you seek a tailored and secure finTech app development solution, DianApps stands as a trusted partner, offering expertise to elevate your business operations.

DianApps’ Financial Software Development Services: 

  • Financial Software Development
  • Custom FinTech Software
  • Wealth Management Software Development
  • P2P Lending Software
  • Crowdfunding Portal Development
  • Alternative Financing Solutions
  • Loan management software 
  • mPOS (mobile payments)

Area of Expertise: 

  • Multi-Solution Strategy
  • Ownership Cost Reduction
  • Integrity
  • Smooth Value Flow

Why Choose DianApps for Your Financial Software Development Services?

  • Quality Solutions
  • Digital Advanced Solutions
  • Variety of Engagement Models
  • Sustainability & Scalability
  • Agile Methodology
  • End-to-End Security

2. KindGeek 

KindGeek stands out as a comprehensive fintech software development company, driven by a robust business mindset and core values of transparency and trust. They offer end-to-end financial software development services, encompassing everything from ideation to deployment. 

With a significant focus on the finance sector, they emphasize a product-oriented approach, advocating for a discovery phase to save up to 20% of development time. KindGeek’s commitment to design thinking ensures the creation of customer-centric digital banking software with an exceptional user experience.

Services Offered:

  • Digital Banking Solutions
  • E-Banking Systems
  • Mobile Banking
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Blockchain Platform Development
  • Fintech Mobile Apps, Fintech Web Apps
  • Insurance Software Development 
  • Payment Solutions

3. Altamira

 Altamira specializes in delivering custom digital solutions tailored to companies’ unique needs worldwide. With a track record of providing over 700 solutions globally, the firm prioritizes cultivating enduring commercial relationships. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Altamira excels in diverse services such as web and software development, user experience design, and innovative mobile app development, particularly in FinTech. Key sectors of focus include healthcare, finance, and real estate, showcasing the company’s commitment to excellence in the IT sector.

Services offered:

  • Cyber security
  • IoT Development
  • Banking insurance software

4. Fireart Studio

Fireart Studio has made its place in financial technology services, boasting a team of over fifty skilled JS professionals and design experts. These individuals, well-versed in the intricacies of developing reliable tech products, contribute to the company’s success. 

Fireart Studio stands out for its exceptional capability in crafting digital products from inception, showcasing its prowess in delivering comprehensive software solutions for the financial industry.

Services offered:

  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Banking app
  • Software development
  • Cryptocurrency

5. IT Craft

IT Craft stands as the prime destination for those seeking robust online trading software. Specializing in Financial Software Development services, they ensure adherence to necessary compliance and regulatory benchmarks. 

Renowned for delivering top-notch user experience and advanced analytical capabilities, their expertise extends to crafting platforms for both currency and cryptocurrency exchange. With an impressive track record, IT Craft remains a trusted partner for those aiming to navigate the intricacies of online trading seamlessly.

Services offered:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • IT Staff Augmentation


Miquido stands out as a comprehensive fintech software development company, offering end-to-end services encompassing strategy, market research, design, development, and ongoing support. This holistic approach enables them to understand business needs and deliver user-centric products. 

Leveraging Machine Learning and Data Science, Miquido integrates advanced features into financial and banking solutions, including chatbots and voice assistants in insurance products. The company has expertise in creating diverse financial products such as trading platforms, investment apps, banking applications, and digital wallets. 

Services offered: 

  • Banking App Development
  • Digital Wallets
  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Insurance App Development
  • Financial App Development
  • Financial Mobile Platform Development

7. DMI Finance

DMI Finance is a key player in wealth-building, blending technology with diversified portfolios and personalized investment strategies. Catering to both individuals and businesses, the company offers tailored lending solutions. Their customer-centric approach extends to specially crafted portfolios and a range of investment options. 

The added perk of customized digital advice enhances the investment experience. With a wealth of expertise in banking, DMI Finance emerges as a pioneering force in the global finance market, consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Services offered:

  • Corporate governance
  • Data science solutions
  • Mobile banking apps
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Bank project development

8. S-Pro

S-Pro excels in offering software engineering and consulting services tailored for banks, financial firms, and startups. Specializing in fintech, they provide dedicated teams with robust domain expertise to fuel their clients’ growth. 

Recognized among the top fintech software development companies, S-Pro’s proficiency spans digital banking, lending software, best crypto wallets, exchange platforms, insurtech, and stock trading solutions. Their prowess extends to blockchain technology, delivering both white-label and custom solutions, coupled with expertise in software architecture, banking APIs, and payment solutions integration.

Services offered: 

  • Digital Banking Software Development
  • Loan Management Tools Development
  • E-Commerce Payment Systems Development
  • Crypto-Exchange Platform Development
  • Nft Marketplaces
  • Crypto Wallets And Extensions
  • Insurtech
  • Blockchain Development
  • Stock Trading Platforms Development 

9. Geniusee

Geniusee stands out as a custom software development company, catering to businesses of all sizes, from startups to major market players. Their commitment lies in crafting sharp, seamless software customized to meet the unique needs of each client. With expertise cutting across sectors such as FinTech, EdTech, and Retail, Geniusee provides tech solutions that align precisely with the diverse requirements of businesses across different industries.

Services offered:

  • Website development
  • Custom software development
  • AI development
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Mobile app development

10. Codemech Solutions

Codemech Solutions excels in seamlessly integrating into ongoing projects through agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban, ensuring swift contributions to project acceleration. Beyond their proficiency in JavaScript and agile practices, the team values transparency throughout the entire process. 

Codemech Solutions firmly believes in skill enhancement within a clean and secure work environment, fostering an atmosphere conducive to professional growth and collaborative success.

Services offered: 

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Application testing
  • Online payments
  • Trading platform

How do you choose a Fintech software development company?

Define Your Project Requirements:

Lay out your project’s goals, features, and target audience, taking into account factors such as scalability, security, and system integration. Create a project scope detailing your needs for precise proposals.

Research and Shortlist:

Search for fintech software developers with relevant experience, positive client feedback, and a diverse portfolio. Select companies that match your project requirements, exploring their websites, case studies, and fintech expertise.

Assess Their Expertise:

Evaluate the experience, technical skills, knowledge of industry regulations, and familiarity with related technologies of shortlisted firms. Consider their adaptability to market changes and success with similar projects.

Assess Communication and Collaboration:

Ensure effective communication and collaboration by evaluating firms’ initial responsiveness, transparency, and ability to comprehend and contribute to your project vision. Review their communication channels and project management methods.

Request Proposals and Cost Estimates:

Contact shortlisted companies for detailed project proposals and cost estimates. Evaluate their understanding of your project, and commitment to deadlines and budgets, and seek transparent cost breakdowns to avoid hidden fees.

Request Client References:

Gather feedback from former clients regarding their experience with the custom software development company. Inquire about product satisfaction, timeliness, communication, and post-development support to reveal the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Interviews and Cultural Fit:

Conduct interviews with top candidates to assess their corporate culture, values, and compatibility with your team. A strong cultural fit enhances teamwork, communication, and overall project success.


Evaluate each company based on knowledge, communication, cultural fit, and pricing. Choose the one that aligns with your project needs, fostering collaboration, and prioritizes long-term success. Make a well-informed decision for project success. 

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Over to You-

Get in touch with experts for your Fintech Software Development project.

Selecting the right fintech software development company goes beyond technical capabilities—it’s about finding a collaborator who shares your vision and values effective communication. Follow the steps outlined, gather diverse perspectives, and make decisions with confidence. A successful partnership extends beyond development, focusing on trust, accountability, and shared long-term goals. 

Hire dedicated FinTech software developers who view your project as an opportunity for mutual success. The key to a fruitful project lies in the company’s dedication to understanding your business goals, aligning with your company culture, and fostering a productive partnership.


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