How To Learn Salesforce Development In A Few Days

How To Learn Salesforce Development In A Few Days

Salesforce alone dominates the CRM development market at 23.8%. The platform’s revenue recently crossed about $31.35 billion in 2023. And on top of this, the current Salesforce employee count is 79,390. Such value-adding stats give a boost to learn Salesforce development, isn’t it?

However, you may have a lot of questions like How long does it take to learn Salesforce Development? Or What is the easiest way to learn Salesforce? Well, depending on the level of experience or understanding you have in Salesforce, the duration to learn Salesforce development may vary. 

This guide acts as a roadmap for beginners who want to start their journey in Salesforce development services in just a few days. 

Why Should I Learn Salesforce Development?

The demand for Salesforce development is rapidly increasing. Due to this, the future seems promising in the Salesforce ecosystem. People looking for a secure career should apply for Salesforce development as it provides better salary, career prospects, aligned with trends, future-proof with skills, vast geographical job opportunities, and work in Salesforce or any other big fat companies. 

Apart from this, Salesforce is one of the powerful CRM development platforms that is extremely influential for businesses of all sizes (So, that means it’s a need-of-an-hour phenomenon). However, how should I start the learning process in Salesforce development? 

Understanding Salesforce and becoming a Salesforce developer can be challenging as it has a wide list of Salesforce certification verifications that might confuse you. 

But don’t worry, continue reading this guide to accomplish all your doubts. 

#1. Understand The Roles & Responsibilities

Before anything, you must understand how working with Salesforce involves roles and responsibilities to ensure you know where you are headed. 

What does a Salesforce developer do? A developer’s roles and responsibilities include understanding the platform’s built-in capability and using code or configurations to modify the program in accordance with customer specifications. To create apps, these developers employ technologies like Apex, Visualforce, Aura, and Lightning Component.

Understand the role of apex, visualforce, and lighting in salesforce development with us! 

Role of Salesforce Developers

The following is a list of roles for the job description of a developer working in a Salesforce development company like DianApps.

  • Business Requirement: The developer must provide out-of-the-box functionality to fulfill business requirements.

  • Solution: By utilizing the Salesforce platform, it should be possible to offer personalized solutions.

  • Analytical abilities: Capable of doing functional analysis and gathering requirements.

  • Communicate: To guarantee effective involvement in the software development life cycle, the developer should have good communication skills with clients, project managers, and architects.

  • Troubleshooting: Any issues in the system should be easy for you to resolve.

  • Time management: Capable of comprehending Salesforce Agile implementation and adhering to different development objectives and schedules.

Salesforce Developer Responsibilities 

The following are some duties that come with working as a developer:

  • Development: The Salesforce Developer is in charge of creating applications and supporting the group.

  • Team Building: They are in charge of training junior developers in their capacity as a senior developer.

  • Updating and maintaining the currently installed programs is their responsibility for maintenance.

Building a relationship with the customer and learning about their expectations for Salesforce implementation services and use are critical tasks for a Salesforce developer. First and foremost, Salesforce developers must ascertain the essential core functionality by comprehending the client’s intended use of the platform.

This entails giving extra consideration to user needs that extend beyond the capabilities of the relevant program, such as concerns about system performance and security.

So, can you learn Salesforce development in 2 weeks? Maybe, maybe not! To find this answer, you will have to continue reading this guide. 

#2. How does one become a developer for Salesforce?

How much does it take to become a Salesforce Developer? We are happy to have completed one FREE ApexHours developer training course. The good news is that every session was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube. You will become an expert in Apex and have an understanding of Trigger, Batch job, SOQL, the fundamentals of Aura, and LWC upon finishing this free course. Let’s get you started with the best CRM software development available worldwide!

  • Take up Salesforce Administration.
  • Study coding.
  • Study the Salesforce development lifecycle.
  • Learn the Skills of Salesforce Consultants.
  • Become certified and pass the PD-1 test.
  • Obtain practical experience.
  • Establishing connections.
  • Locate a Counselor.
  • Prepare for the interview with the Salesforce Developer.
  • Locate a Job in a Salesforce Consulting Company.

We also have a list of Salesforce consulting companies in the USA that can assist in guiding you throughout your Salesforce development journey. 

Get a Salesforce Admin Position

Becoming a successful Salesforce Administrator is the first step towards becoming a Salesforce Developer. Once you have a thorough understanding of the platform and can fulfill the business requirements with features that are not found in the box, you may become a proficient developer.

Based on your evaluation of yourself, choose your Salesforce job path after becoming a proficient Salesforce administrator. If you have a strong passion for coding, consider pursuing a career as a consultant or business analyst.

Being a Salesforce #AwesomeAdmin, you could be apprehensive about the platform’s coding aspect. It’s likely that you are already rather knowledgeable about writing code and are just unaware of it! 

Create the Development Roadmap

After learning administration, you must begin learning coding if you wish to work at a Salesforce development company. You must study coding languages like LWC, JavaScript, Apex, and Aura as a developer.

In order to become a competent developer, learn everything below:-

  • Learn about the programming language notion of OOP.
  • Discover Apex Trigger and Apex Fundamentals.
  • To become a proficient lightning developer, understand Java Script. 
  • Next, learn about Salesforce UI elements like LWC and Aura.

How to Become a Developer Road Map

To become a developer, you must learn a great deal of information. It is preferable to create your roadmap:

  • Backend Developer: I would strongly advise getting started with Apex backend development. This is the place where Apex, Triggers, Batch Apex, and Test classes fundamentals are taught.

  • UI Developer: After mastering Apex fundamentals, it’s time to transition into the role of UI Developer. Where JavaScipt, Aura, and LWC need to be learned.

  • Become an Expert Using These Tools: Discover the various development tools that can make your life easier and boost your output. Learn about DevOps and GIT. Discover the workings of Salesforce deployment.

  • Senior Developer: After you have a foundational understanding of Apex and UI development.

  • Develop a leadership aspiration for yourself as the technical lead developer. You must be a skilled architect and comprehend solutions in order to do it.

The above may not be your exact roadmap. This is an example to help you select which subjects you should learn first.

How to Start in Salesforce 

  1. Trailhead account: All you have to do to get started with Salesforce is sign up for a free account on “Trailhead”! Create a new account, and that’s it! You can begin learning about any subject or job you choose to develop in a variety of methods; simply search for it.

  2. Salesforce Community: Additionally, remember to join your local Salesforce Community organization. You may do so by clicking the “Community” option on the website. To bring you up to date on technical and functional topics, as well as any newly popular topics, changes, new releases, platforms, etc., these communities organize a number of events and seminars.

  3. Portal for Partners: It features webinars for partner launch events, in-depth talks on supplementary subjects that are shared only with partners, and more. Partners are also introduced to specialized credentials, such as approved professional certifications.

  4. The trip to Salesforce J2S, or Journey to Salesforce, is formally accessible in the US, Canada, and India. The curriculum is made to get students and non-Salesforce professionals ready for a career in the ecosystem as Salesforce professionals. Go to Salesforce with Journey.

  5. Apex Hours: This portal serves as a one-stop shop for learning Salesforce development services and skills. It contains all the tutorials required to master and get started with it.

#3 Comprehend the life cycle of software development

Read More: 

Understanding the principles and operation of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is essential for anyone aspiring to work as a software app developer. Learning about the following subjects would be beneficial:

  • Overview of the SDLC.
  • The waterfall and agile ideas (and more..)
  • DevOps

#4. Acquire Salesforce Consultant Skills

These are the five fundamental soft skills every Salesforce consulting company should possess to excel as a developer.

  • Modify Your Mode of Communication
  • Paying Attention
  • Recognizing Business Processes 
  • Industry Expertise 
  • Relationship Development

#5. Obtain certification by passing the PD-1 exam.

Another significant step toward demonstrating your practical experience is earning a certification. To obtain your Salesforce fundamentals, earn your Salesforce Platform Developer 1 (PD1) certification.

#6. Gain practical experience

after learning about Salesforce development services through Trailhead or Training. Next, you need to gain some practical experience.

If an administrator already,

If you are currently employed as a Salesforce administrator, begin by taking on little tasks from your project to gain some practical experience.

Opportunities for Volunteering with Nonprofits

if you are new to Salesforce development services and do not currently have a job. Next, begin looking for volunteer opportunities with Nonprofits and Education cloud customers. This will not only help you obtain practical experience solving real-world problems, but most companies will also count it toward your professional experience.

However, finding and working with a salesforce nonprofit consultant can be tricky, therefore you need proper training and guidance. Read ahead to our blog for more information. 

Become a member of the Salesforce Developer Forum.

Another resource for information regarding Salesforce Developer’s difficulties is the developer forum.

#7. Networking

Everything revolves around networking. Look for another developer who is studying Salesforce as well. Locate them and form a study circle.

Sign Up for the Salesforce Community

Additionally, be sure to join your local Salesforce Community organization. You may do so by clicking the “Community” link on the website. To bring you up to date on technical and functional topics, as well as any newly popular topics, changes, new releases, platforms, etc., these communities organize a number of events and seminars.

Locate an employer

Locate a recruiter who can assist you in landing your first job or inform you of the most recent Salesforce Echo System trends.

#8. Locate a Counselor

Look for someone to mentor or advise you. If you’re already employed, speak with your senior developer or consider a mentoring program. These can be one-on-one or involve several programs where a newcomer is paired with a mentor who can help them with everything from mock interviews and resume preparation to helping them land a job.

#9. Prepare for the interview with the Salesforce Developer

once you have practical experience and a solid understanding of Salesforce. It is now necessary to prepare for the interview. Check out our series of Salesforce Interview Questions for Apex Hours.

#10. Locate Jobs for Salesforce Developers

as soon as you have developer knowledge ready. The next action is to look for work as a developer.

  • Make changes to your LinkedIn profile: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is current.

  • Hiring Me button on Trailhead: When you believe you have solid practical experience in your field of interest, have obtained certification to validate your experience, and are seeking employment, Trailhead has also added a “Hire Me” button to your profile. This button notifies potential employers that you are open to new opportunities.

  • Locate a recruiter: Look for a reputable recruiter who can assist you in updating your resume and promoting your profile.

  • Locate consultancy Partners: Look for Salesforce consultants in your nation and state. and use their career page to apply for jobs

  • Interview: Continue conducting the interview even if you are not chosen. Make a note of all the criticism and try your hardest the next time.

What’s the Future of Salesforce Development for You?

What does the future hold for you at Salesforce development, given that you know where the company is headed? Maybe you’d like to pursue a new job with exciting challenges and rewards. Alternatively, you may already be a developer and just want to learn more about Salesforce to advance your career.

No matter where you’re doing it, DianApps, a top Salesforce development company can help. All the necessary materials for obtaining Salesforce certification are included in the Salesforce Administrator & App Builder Certification Training course. Gaining recognized, practical experience in managing and creating apps for one of the most widely used CRM platforms worldwide is possible with this Salesforce certification. 

The Salesforce training from DianApps will enhance the fundamental administrative aspects of CRM and get you ready to pass the two Salesforce tests in a few days


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