How to Build a Chat App Like Discord

How to Build a Chat App Like Discord

How to Build a Chat App Like Discord

Have you ever come across a game that allows voice, video, and text communication? Well, Discord has all of it! The inception of this gaming platform was 8 years back when the owners of Discord software– Hammer and Chisel initiated a game development business however failed to capture public interest. 

Before the release of Discord, gamers had a lot of inconvenience in communicating with their fellow gamers in order to direct them to the right destination due to poor audio quality. This ignited the idea of Discord shifting its focus from the video game platform and starting voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and file-sharing services that today hold a total of 150+ million users including gamers, tech-savvy enthusiasts, and business owners across the globe. 

However, it was not easy to build a chat app like Discord as the market already had some outstanding chat app businesses such as Skype, Zoom, Teams, and Slack. But with reluctant efforts and through business strategy Discord stands at the 10th position of being the best communication platform next to WhatsApp. 

If you were looking for solutions on how to make a chat app like Discord, Congratulations! You have come to the right place, at the right time! 

This is a complete guide to building a Discord app connecting to all its statistics, features, and steps to build a fantastic communication app that nurtures the idea of creating space for everyone to find belonging

What is Discord?

Discord software is an instant messaging and VoIP social platform that enables people to have a seamless conversation in the form of voice, video, and text with their friends and communities in 30 different languages. 

Through this chat app, you can leverage private and public communication in a virtual community called “servers”. What’s a server? 

A server is a group of voice channels and live chat rooms that are accessible through invite links. Web browsers, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and macOS can all run Discord. 

By 2024, there will be 19 million weekly active servers and around 150 million monthly active users on the service.

Although the percentage of people interested in other topics is increasing, gamers still make up the majority of its members.


Discord is the thirty-ninth most popular website globally as of March 2024, with 22.98% of its traffic originating from the US.

What are the Discord Features That You Must Integrate in Your Chat App?

Creating a chat app like Discord software must involve some cutting-edge features that beat the market standards and entice audiences to try out your application. Your voice chat app like Discord should have the following features:


Channels, like small threads, form the foundation of a server. A single server may handle up to 500 channels concurrently. Channels help organize the servers, in general.

Roles Management

The admin of a group can designate duties to group members within the server or channel. The channel’s admin can manage who may join, view, and send messages. It is also possible for you to define permissions either globally or per channel.

On Discord software download, there are about thirty permission choices that you may join in various ways. The Discord app’s most alluring feature is its flexibility in channel administration.


The majority of messaging apps hold off on alerting users when they send a text. Discord’s notification settings are, however, quite adjustable. You can silence discussions or block unfamiliar users.

Video Conference

Holding simultaneous video calls with 10 to 40 additional people is easy for users.

Sharing a Screen

When using the screen-sharing functionality, Zoom, and Discord operate in the same way. Screen sharing is a useful tool that helps companies and organizations share papers and presentations with staff members more rapidly.


Various categories of servers provide both private and public chat rooms. The most important kind of server is focused on video games. Still, a plethora of other servers also service other niches.


Discord’s live-streaming feature is highly attractive to gamers. With the help of this function, participants may play concurrently with up to 50 other players and go live immediately.

Including Bots

Bots are computer programs that help automate tasks. With the Discord app, players may use the “Medal Bot” to record live games. To create a unique app, you may also use chatbot development services.

Combining Apps

Users may easily include more social media networks in Discord by using its app integration function. 

History of Messages

You must offer limitless storage and the option to search through previous conversations if you want to create chat software with capabilities like those found in the Discord app connecting.

Messages can be set to be automatically erased after a predetermined period in various messaging programs. Usually, it’s done to free up space. Although they don’t weigh much, texts can accumulate over time. Nevertheless, the messages from months ago can be crucial if you’re using the program for work.


Notifications or message alerts are a basic feature on all messaging platforms. Contemporary chat software should also enable users to fully or partially disable alerts so they may disable them while they’re at meetings, work, or school and don’t want to hear the beeping or ringing noises of incoming messages. Users may mute certain channels and servers as well as all alerts using apps like Discord software download.

Sharing of files

All contemporary messaging applications include this feature, so ignoring it would be foolish. You may have seen that Discord includes a file upload capability with an 8 MB restriction and that Nitro members have access to a 50 MB plan. More powerful servers are required for large file sharing. 

Now that all our features are in place, let’s skip to the steps to build a chat app like Discord in the below section. 

Steps To Make A Chat App Like Discord 

1. Analysis and Research on the Market

First and foremost, you need to fully understand your target audience through in-depth market research before you can design a chat app like Discord software.

Sort your findings into two main groups.

  • Demographics: The highlights of the target market are given in this section. It comprises the age, location, and geography of the customers as well as the electronic devices they use to browse.

  • Behavioral trends: It offers guidance on creating a voice chat application similar to Discord, including which steps are necessary and which can be skipped.

Following the completion of your study:

  1. Enumerate the rival VoIP services.
  2. Find out what your rivals are selling and who their clientele consists of.
  3. Find out what makes them special.

A SWOT analysis is an additional tool that you may use to find out more about each of these aspects. SWOT assessments assist you in identifying the benefits and drawbacks of your competitors. The next step is to translate each of those factors into your app so that it differentiates itself from the competition when you’ve completed your data analysis.

2. Select the Appropriate Mobile App Development Company

The following specialists must be on your team to create an app similar to Discord software download:

  • Specialists in quality assurance
  • Employ UI/UX design services
  • Supervisors of Projects
  • Support and Upkeep Professionals
  • Experts in creating apps for iOS and Android app development services

The process of developing the company is the next step after reducing the number of firms. Talk about your business objectives and mobile app ideas with the chosen company, as well as the features and functionalities you would want to see in a chat app similar to Discord.

DianApps is a top mobile app development company that allows free consultation on business projects with an approach to creating a fully functional MVP app in just 30 days so that you can compete faster and generate revenue effectively while creating a chat app similar to Discord software.

3. Describe Essential Elements

You have to decide what features are necessary to have in an app such as Discord. A few of them are listed below:

  • Texting: Real-time text, voice, and video communication should be made easier by the Discord-like applications.

  • User profiles Avatars, status updates, and customized settings are just a few of the ways users may personalize their accounts.

  • Server development gives users the ability to create and oversee servers.

  • Channel Organization: Server discussions are divided into channels.

  • User responsibilities and permissions are managed via the permissions system.

4. Select Technology Stack

Choosing the appropriate front-end and back-end development frameworks and programming languages is the next stage in developing an app similar to Discord app connecting. Selecting the right databases to hold user information and messages would also be beneficial. Lastly, request that the infrastructure and cloud service providers used to host the application be chosen by your mobile app development company.

5. Create an MVP (minimum viable product)

Making a minimal viable product (MVP) is the next step after selecting the technological stack. You may test the app’s functionality and technical performance using an MVP. The primary advantage of developing an MVP product is that it provides an early, feature-light version of the final product.

The MVP also solicits feedback and pinpoints areas that require improvement. By publishing an MVP version of your product, you may also solicit feedback from users. In this manner, you may add new features or change programs like Discord for Android to suit the needs of your consumers.

Services for MVP development are a fantastic approach to making chat app similar to Discord.

6. Create UI/UX

Users adore beautiful design, therefore this is a crucial stage. As a result, prioritize navigation while creating user interfaces (UIs) that are effective and intuitive. Request that the mobile application design business provide a responsive app that functions across a variety of displays and gadgets. It is important to give accessibility and inclusivity top priority when making design decisions.

7. Backend Development

Backend developers focus on many aspects including databases, backend logic, APIs, architecture, and servers to make sure your apps, like Discord, run properly. Server-side functionality for data storage, message routing, and user authentication will be developed by a Discord app developer.

Furthermore, real-time WebSocket connection communication is required. Your mobile app development solutions provider will create an app similar to Discord and then create a database structure that efficiently maintains user profiles, server setups, and messages.

8. Frontend Development

Frontend app development is important because it bridges two critical domains: backend development (which handles the workings, content, management areas, and statically driven data of an app like Discord) and application design (which defines the program’s vision, feel, style, and personality).

For both online and mobile apps, seasoned app development companies in the USA will design client-side user interfaces. They will also employ flexible design and interactive features to ensure easy navigation. Then, your service provider integrates APIs for communication in real time and data retrieval.

9. Quality assurance and testing

The most important stage in creating an app similar to Discord is this one. It ensures that a product will function as expected under various circumstances. Testing and quality assurance (QA) find and repair errors early in the app development cycle, saving time and money while improving user experience.

Every function, including messaging, audio and video conversations, server administration, and so on, needs to be properly tested. Request usability testing from your mobile app development company to guarantee smooth user interactions and easy navigation. Another well-known business will employ automated testing strategies to swiftly identify and fix errors.

10. Implementation and Launch

It’s the last phase of creating a Discord app. The software will be installed on production servers or cloud computing platforms by your app development company. It also handles increasing user loads and keeps an eye on speed and scalability. 

Challenges That Might Come Across While Building a Chat App Like Discord

1. Preserving Safety and Privacy

Recall that security is Discord’s main priority. All network traffic is filtered by Discord’s servers to prevent user IP addresses from being accessible. As a result, hackers are unable to determine the IP addresses of users and conduct denial-of-service attacks on them.

2. Quickness and Consistency

On Discord, three million people can communicate at once. WebRTC is used to serve this large user base while preserving Discord’s great reliability and performance. By using a low-level API, the native WebRTC library can send and receive streams, allowing users to join voice channels with minimal information.

3. Identifying the Early Adopters

Once your Discord-like software is in the minimum viable product stage, you should look for beta testers. For example, you could use the following tactics:

  • Launching your web application for Discord on beta systems.
  • Posting on Q&A websites and discussion forums.
  • Those you think might be interested in your application, extend an invitation.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Chat App Like Discord?

The price to develop software similar to Discord depends on several variables, including:

How many features an app like Discord has:

  • Project design, size, and structure 
  • Frameworks and platforms
  • The anticipated schedule, revenue stream, and financial planning
  • Location, the developer’s skill set
  • Years of experience, and technical competence

Discord is a chat tool that is notorious for its intricacy, so creating a state-of-the-art version would cost a lot of money. A basic app with a small feature set typically costs between $20,000 to $50,000 to design, whereas a sophisticated and comprehensive version may cost $50,000 or more.

Discord software and other social media applications are widely used around the world. Thus, developing iOS apps for Discord is a great method to expand your business and set yourself apart.

How to Generate Revenue from a Messaging App Like Discord?

In general, the three most popular ways are how Discord software generates revenue.

Subscription Model

Discord Nitro, its premium subscription option, is how the platform generates revenue. Normally, this bundle is $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year, but the first 30 days are free.

Similar to Netflix, Discord provides a paid service that is very beneficial in luring additional tech-savvy consumers and business influencers.


The financing policy model is a well-liked tactic that yields substantial cash. It was anticipated that by December 2020, Discord will have raised close to $7 billion through fundraising. 

Merchandise Store 

Discord software download has a clothing store where customers may purchase items like socks, t-shirts, and hoodies.

Why Partner With DianApps For Discord-like app development?

Making VoIP conversation applications is difficult. A lot of things need to be taken into account. For example, group video and audio conversations are supported by constantly developing technology. You also need to take care of urgent data security concerns, keep reliable, secure servers with strong backends, and so forth. By no means is it a simple process.

If you want to create a chat app like Discord but are unsure where to begin, DianApps may be your reliable partner. Our renowned mobile app development company in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and India has a team of mindful IT specialists with years of online and mobile development expertise.

Our applications are clever, entertaining, and responsive. We use the Agile technique to handle our projects successfully, and our quality assurance ensures that your output is error-free.

Contact us if you're hoping to build anything comparable as well. We will be happy to assist you!


With any luck, this post has taught you a little bit about creating Discord-like video chat software. You’ve undoubtedly understood by now how important a unique idea can be to the app development process. 

Additionally, the audience will welcome any creative app development concept because the VoIP application market is still young and growing. To begin developing your VoIP app, get in touch with a mobile app development company in the USA like DianApps.


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