Hire Fintech Software Developers!

Hire Fintech Software Developers!

Ever thought of launching a fintech company? If yes, now is the time to stop thinking and start acting upon it. According to EY, global fintech adoption had climbed to 64% by 2019. This isn’t surprising –  statistics show that many sectors are transitioning away from traditional financial services and toward software alternatives. Talking about the digital banking business, it is valued at $4.3 billion in the United States alone.

Whether you are considering starting a business or currently have one, you will require competent fintech developers. Considering the figures mentioned above, these developers will be in great demand for the foreseeable future.

Finding the best fintech app development company for your company may seem tricky at first, especially if you’re relatively new to the hiring scene. However, with reliable data and expert advice, the entire process can be made seamless. To assist you in hiring fintech developers, we created a comprehensive recruitment process guide. Continue reading to learn more about these highly skilled professionals, their services, and more.

What Type of Products Should You Hire Fintech Developers For?

If you’re unsure whether you even require fintech developers, have a look at the list below. These are the business-critical solutions that fintech talent can help you adopt and manage for ultimate success.

1. Banking Apps

Fintech talent can assist you in developing secure and dependable digital banking solutions that make your customers’ lives easier. These are some examples:

  • Customers can manage their bank accounts on the go using online banking apps.
  • Security systems protect your customers’ personal information from fake third parties.

2. Insurance Apps

You also need experts to manage the insurance sector of fintech. Fintech app developers may provide your business the edge it needs to distinguish itself from rivals, particularly given that many life insurance firms still rely on antiquated technology stacks.

Fintech developers may assist you in implementing the following using their expertise in AI:

  • Automated underwriting, which allows clients to choose from a wider choice of products and may individualize price and risk selection
  • You may combine third-party data, reporting tools, and more with the use of custom software and programming interfaces that will ultimately benefit your business.
  • End-to-end insurance solutions that streamline operations

3. Lending Apps

If you have an idea for a new lending app, fintech programmers can help you make it a reality. They will use their extensive knowledge of Python, PHP, and other coding languages to create a lending app that streamlines the loan request process. These apps typically include characteristics such as credit scores, loan application forms, billing, and more.

4. Payment Apps

You could also consider hiring a fintech app development company to create payment apps. These apps, also referred to as digital wallets, let users transfer and receive money via an app by connecting it to their bank account and credit cards.

5. Trading and Investing Apps

Fintech developers may also assist you in developing trading and investment apps that allow quick access to investing platforms. These apps allow clients to invest in options, ETFs, and equities while on the road. They can also purchase and trade digital currencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin.

6. Cryptocurrency Apps and Platforms

Finally, fintech app developers can assist the cryptocurrency company in developing e-wallets, websites, apps, and other necessities. They can also collaborate with your IT team to detect and mitigate technical issues, as well as troubleshoot cryptocurrency transaction-related issues as they come up.

Requirements and Qualities to Look for in a Fintech Developer

The Fintech organization’s portfolio must include instances of the technologies that its employees use, as well as the most recent architecture that ensures easy maintenance and integration with Fintech services. It is critical to understand and analyze the current situation in order to make future predictions and draw concrete conclusions. We have mentioned the following skills that are needed to be a fintech developer. 

  • Domain knowledge

As we all know, developing software is the task of gathering knowledge and making it executable. Domain knowledge is necessary for problem formulation, data collection, data pre-processing, and feature engineering, so if you want to hire a Fintech developer, they must possess it. This is also important in modeling. Model selection and evaluation are normally regarded as technical issues. 

  • Soft skills 

This will simplify the interaction of all parties and automate the majority of the processes. It is time to focus on soft skills. The developer must have excellent communication skills in order to express his point of view. 

  • Web app and Software Security

For Fintech software, secure identification and authentication can be critical. The Fintech industry requires accuracy and safety in all data and operations. Companies use fintech app development solution software to increase employee and customer productivity.  

  • Capacity

When hiring Fintech developers, ensure that the size of the Fintech app development company meets your business requirements. For your project tasks, the Fintech organization must provide engineers and other IT specialists. At various stages of the development process, you must feel confident that you will have access to all the experts you require.

Having a team of developers for the entire Fintech development process can be beneficial because it will be less time-consuming and maintainable.    

  • Expert development knowledge

Fintech developers should be experienced and have the necessary credentials, as well as knowledge of the Fintech domain and technical knowledge. To provide you with high-quality Custom finance software development services, the team must be skilled and have experience creating reliable, secure, and advanced Fintech solutions. 

  • Risk management

Fintech projects necessitate risk management. It is a decision-making tool that is required for the evaluation, identification, and determination of risks with the goal of reducing the possibility of project negotiation caused by its implementation. Due to the presence of risks, you may participate in the market. These are the allies of the person who understands how to deal with them. 

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Where to look for Fintech developers? 

Once you’ve determined which hiring option is best for your project, another issue arises – where to find a trustworthy fintech app developer to build your app. In fact, there are numerous options available, depending on the type of specialist/development company required. 

1. Personal connections

Think of your existing contacts and partnerships – perhaps some of them could be a good fit for you or can recommend some talented fintech developers or a trustworthy outsourcing vendor. 

2. Events

Industry-specific events provide outstanding networking opportunities that may lead to beneficial collaboration. 

3. LinkedIn 

A social media platform where you can look for financial software development services and independent contractors for a fintech project. You can go through the company’s work history, research what their previous clients say about them, and get in touch with them. 

4. B2B platforms

Keep an eye out for B2B platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and Appfutura. Business owners provide feedback on their experiences working with various companies, and all recommendations and reviews are thoroughly checked and verified. 

5. Freelance platforms

Freelancer, Codementor, Guru, Hired, Upwork, Toptal, and PeoplePerHour are freelance platforms where you can look at fintech developers‘ portfolios and ratings from previous customers. However, be cautious of fake accounts.

6. Forums

Stack Overflow, The Verge, Code Project, and XDA Developers are developer forums where you can meet the best in the business. If you’re looking for language experts, you can look for them in thematic forum threads.

7. Rankings and lists of development companies

Leading business publications regularly publish lists of the top development firms where, if you opt for this type of partnership, you can outsource fintech development for your project.

Fintech job boards

Actually, searching job boards is the easiest and most common way to find a fintech developer if you decide to work with a freelance professional. Soon after that, you will have the choice to choose from an ample number of CVs and approach any applicants that you believe would be a good fit. 

Wrapping up the Discussion

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Hire Fintech Developers now

Now, that’s enough information to put together a team of professional fintech app developers. But we also know that developing a fintech app is not as simple as it appears. You must deal with several issues, such as regulations and increased data security, along with standard development concerns such as retention and user experience. 

As we discussed how to hire a fintech developer, it should be clear from the information what you should consider and check when hiring a developer. This is the right time to roll up your sleeves and grab the opportunity to hire as best as you can for your business. 

DianApps is a leading website development company that can provide you with a team of developers to manage your project in the same way that your in-house employees would. Not just this, but you can also expect top-notch Fintech app development services as well as access to a substantial talent pool for developing Fintech in the US, Australia, and India. 


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