Develop a Women’s health-tracking Mobile App: A Startup Guide

women's healthcare tracking app

Develop a Women’s health-tracking Mobile App: A Startup Guide

In a world where women are constantly juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, finding the time to prioritize their own well-being can be a challenge. From managing their families to excelling in the workplace, women truly do it all. However, amidst these countless demands, their own health often takes a backseat. It’s time to change that narrative.

Recognizing the immense potential and value of women’s healthcare, the field of Femtech is gaining momentum. This rapidly growing sector, aimed at leveraging technology to provide tailored care and attention to women, is projected to reach a staggering valuation of USD 60.01 billion by 2027.

The Femtech market empowers women to take control of their health and balance their lives using technology. From nutrition and fitness apps to period-tracking software and more, the opportunities within this niche are abundant. In fact, experts predict that by 2030, the market value will soar to $13.2 billion.

If you have the vision to bring meaningful change and benefit into women’s lives, building a women’s health-tracking mobile app can be your gateway to success. While the use and monetization aspects are up to you, we are here to guide you through the mobile app development stage.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with a go-to-market roadmap, helping you navigate the intricacies of building a women’s health-tracking mobile app. So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a healthcare professional, or an entrepreneur with a passion for women’s well-being, get ready to embark on a transformative journey. Together, we will explore the steps to create a user-centric app and unlock the potential of the women’s health market.

Are you ready to make a difference? Let’s dive into the world of Femtech and discover how to build a women’s health-tracking mobile app that will empower and enrich the lives of women worldwide.

Wondering what Femtech is & why is it gaining popularity? Let’s begin!

The concept of FemTech 

Femtech, an abbreviation for Female Technology, refers to all items, services, and software aimed at enhancing women’s health through the use of modern technology.  The rise in the number of women’s health issues has paved the way for technologically inventive healthcare solutions such as a period tracker app or a pregnancy tracker app. 

Femtech has a market worth more than a billion dollars and is more widely acknowledged than ever. This popularity clearly demonstrates the financial strength and growing trust of women in women’s health applications, which predicts a brighter future for firms offering tech solutions for women. 

Before we get into the intricacies, let’s look at some market statistics!

Market Popularity of FemTech in Numbers

  • With a CAGR of 15.8%, North America is likely to maintain its market dominance.
  • The Asia Pacific femtech market is expected to grow at the fastest rate, with a CAGR of 16.1%. Primary causes include the sizable patient pools in populous nations like China and India who are susceptible to a variety of infectious and chronic diseases. 
  • The Pregnancy & Nursing Care application segment is likely to continue to contribute the most revenue to the Femtech market. In 2019, it had a considerable proportion of 40.2%.

Clearly, there is a growing demand for female-driven solutions. Some of the elements likely to drive femtech business development include: 

  • Women are becoming more prone to chronic disorders and gynecological infections.
  • The popularity and usage of mhealth monitoring and tracking systems are growing.
  • Increasing women’s understanding of disease detection and treatment, emphasizing on feminine hygiene, and improving their general well-being, safety, and quality of life.
  • Female reproductive health and sexual empowerment are becoming more important in developing economies.

All of the factors listed above are attracting bigger investments in Femtech from both the government and public/private enterprises, which is expected to provide profitable growth prospects in the years that follow. 

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Benefits of Women’s Health App

There is practically no limit to the convenience that a female health tracker can provide. They empower women while preventing any lapses in their healthcare regimen. 

Allows women to better control their health and keep track of their records

The Femtech app development aims to give women more control over their health, happiness, and well-being. Female health-tracking apps provide useful insights into body problems and assist women in making informed decisions when necessary.

 It additionally fosters scientific awareness of our physical conditions. Femtech lets us learn more about female bodies, hormones, and so on.

Timely diagnosis and treatment of health issues 

Femtech records real-time data, allowing women to diagnose and manage health issues as they arise. Furthermore, there are women’s health monitoring apps on the market that focus on specific key diseases to which women are vulnerable. As an example, consider breast cancer. According to a market survey, 1 in 8 women (13%) in the US have a lifetime risk of acquiring invasive breast cancer. As a result, apps like Breast Cancer Healthline assist patients in receiving counsel, gaining access to current news and research, and connecting with individuals who actually understand, reminding them that they are not alone.

Improving access to care in remote areas

It is critical that women have access to healthcare. Women’s healthcare difficulties are frequently considered taboo matters, making it even more difficult for them to seek healthcare guidance and medical care, specifically for infertility, birth control, menstrual health, and sexual well-being. 

Digital healthcare chains are making healthcare digitally available to women in the comfort of their own homes by delivering robust healthcare mobility solutions.

Full confidentiality of your personal information

Unless you share it on social media, data concerning your health is absolutely invisible to others. Whether you have fewer cardiac analysis points on a fitness app or your digital fertility tracker indicates that it is time for you to ovulate, only you can maintain track and reap the rewards.

Women, in particular, value the freedom to use the app in complete privacy. This is why women’s health trackers are becoming so popular and adaptable, likely smashing all records every single day.

Types of Women’s Health Monitoring Applications

Today, a variety of apps for women’s health are available, and they are becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience they provide. Such apps assist you in getting your life back on track by monitoring health concerns based on your age, weight, flow, cycle time, fitness goal, lifestyle, and so on.

Health and fitness apps are quickly becoming mainstream in the average woman’s app list due to the proliferation of smartphones. The following are the most common types of women’s health-tracking apps: 

  • Fertility Tracking And Pregnancy Tracking App
  • Birth Control Reminder Apps
  • Period Tracking App
  • Sexual Wellness Of Women
  • Lactating Apps
  • A Networking And Safe Space For Discussion
  • Pills Reminder Apps
  • Postnatal Apps
  • Child Development Tracker Apps
  • Digital Health Clinics
  • Business Networking For Women
  • Dedicated Fitness Apps For Women
  • Personal Development Apps
  • Feminine Hygiene Apps
  • Wearable Tracking Devices For Women

Features To Include In Women’s Health-tracking Apps

Here are a set of characteristics that will make a women’s health app engaging, effective, and successful:


Easy registration is required to track progress, build up the profile based on preferences and the user’s personal data, and more. Social login is a suggested component of this feature because the easier the onboarding, the better.

Profile setup

DianApps recommends asking for as little information as possible throughout the registration process. Customers are easily driven off by a large number of forms and questions. Allow users to fill in areas with information such as age, height and weight, current cycle, exercise level, allergies, and so on afterward.

Period Trackers

An essential feature to be incorporated while in the process of women’s health app development. With this feature in the application, you can keep track of your fertility period, mood swings, PMS, and birth control. 

Integration with wearables

Smart wearables are gradually becoming a part of our daily life, either for personal use or to make a style statement. This feature enables the app to incorporate useful data from wearables or health gadgets. It will provide trustworthy data that’s not just for research to develop the app, but also for user health and well-being.


Regular and personalized messages will let women know when their ovulation and period are predicted to begin, as well as keep them up to date on symptom tracking.

Referral system 

To bring in new users through existing ones, offer to invite a friend and receive a bonus such as a Premium subscription for a month or points they can use to buy goods from your eStore if you have one (we recommend that you do).

Information Sharing

Users can learn more about their bodies, fertility, ovulation, and menstrual cycles with regard to this function. They will receive daily health insights based on the data and will be able to input data from other devices such as the Health App or Fitbit.

Involving a wide community

An extensive community element can help any female health app retain its customers. The primary goal of these communities is to raise awareness of various female health issues. Many people may be unaware of these female health challenges, so they learn more from these communities.

AI-infused features 

AI in healthcare is traversing in huge numbers while changing the world around you. For example, guidelines depend on the symptoms entered by the user. Allow AI to choose the suggestions, but stress the fact that it is always better to consult a specialist.

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7 Steps Roadmap to FemTech App Development

Step 1. Observe the market

To build a compelling and one-of-a-kind product, you must first extensively research the market’s many rivals. This will help you to learn from their failures as well as their accomplishments. Some of the existing women’s health-tracking applications can assist you in judging the competition.

Step 2. Define features

After researching the market, you can define the application’s functionality. They are described in detail above; all that remains is for you to choose those that meet your requirements.

Step 3. Define how to get revenue from the app

The success of the women’s health-tracking app has increased the number of people who are interested in this industry. However, learning more about how to maximize this opportunity is essential. In order to get the most from the revenue potential of the women’s health-tracking app, you need also to learn about the different methods you may earn money with it:

  • In-app purchase – One of the most efficient methods to get the most out of women’s health-tracking software is to use it in conjunction with a calendar. It enables you to provide a premium version with additional features like a customized profile.
  • In-app advertisements – Implementing in-app advertisements is one of the most successful strategies to get the most out of the women’s health-tracking app. Although it is critical to prevent offending users, it is also feasible to make money from adverts by displaying them in the app.
  • Paid app – Another option for getting the most out of the women’s health-tracking app is to purchase a paid app. If you believe that it’s a niche product that has to be developed, this alternative may be advantageous. As iOS revenue is substantially higher than Android revenue, this type of choice can be very effective.

Step 4. Find the team

A decent women’s health-tracking app should also have a framework with specialists and professionals contributing to its development. This makes it possible for you to produce a successful and interesting product.

Specialists, that you need are:

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Android/IOS developers
  • Backend and Frontend developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • Copywriter
  • Tester

Step 5. Creation of MVP

Once you’ve selected a team that can assist you in developing a strong software product, you should begin planning on producing a minimum viable product (MVP). This will enable you to better understand market demand and save money on development costs.

To engage users, a successful women’s health-tracking app should also have a great visual appeal. According to several companies, the style and appearance of the app’s interface are the most essential criteria that women consider when picking a decent app.

Step 6. Documentation

Assuming you’ve approved the feature list, ask your business analyst and project manager to create documentation outlining the technical needs of the project. These needs will be helpful for the entire team to proceed in the right direction.

Step 7. Software Development

The final step to the ladder of the custom software development process is to produce a fantastic femtech application that will drop the jaw of the target audience. This procedure entails the following steps:

  • Planning & Research

The team sets up the app’s environment so that it may be used effectively. In addition, they will create API documentation as well as additional third-party services for the app.

  • Code building and testing

The project requirements are determined by the team. Subsequently, utilizing a range of tools and technologies, they will write the code. They will also test the code to confirm its functionality. All of the women’s health-tracking applications must be tested during the development phase to guarantee that they function properly. This allows the developers to quickly discover and fix errors.

  • Deployment

After testing and developing an app, it must be released across many platforms. Check that it complies with the most recent privacy regulations. This will assist to improve the app’s search rankings and overall experience.

That’s all? No. Don’t forget about maintenance!

Getting the application launched and built is not the end of your adventure; after it is released, you will notice significant growth. It’s extremely important that you take the time to maintain the app after it’s been deployed. This will enable you to give the best user experience possible. You should also release new features and improve the app’s performance on a regular basis.

How DianApps Can Be Helpful in Building Women’s Health Tracker App?

 If you’re seeking someone who knows from experience how to design a female health-tracking application, DianApps should be on the top of your list as the best on-demand app development company.

Depending on your scenario and needs, we can support your project with a dedicated developer as an addition to your current team or even an entire team. Our hiring procedure assures that you only receive the top expertise.

DianApps can also test your app and uncover issues that could jeopardize its future success. We already have professionals at all levels working with us, so onboarding will be quick and easy.

So, when you’re looking for a leading healthcare app development company that knows how to make a women’s health tracker app, consider us:

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Honest communication
  • Professional approach

DianApps develops based on experience and employs top-tier abilities for each client. We prioritize long-term relationships and the crafting of products that are ready to be marketed. To get detailed information about how can we help in developing health apps for women, contact us now.


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