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Time for Update: iOS 15 Update has finally arrived!

Apple iOS 15 New update

The new power-packed iOS 15 Update is finally out in the market and we cannot wait to share what it has to offer. Though the update seemingly is not the biggest update, yet it has a few worthy additions.


According to Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering said:
“For many customers, iPhone has become indispensable, and this year we’ve created even more ways it can enhance our daily lives,”
He also added that the new update will help people to stay connected on a real-time basis. The update uses intelligence to enhance user experience and new ways to explore the world.

We can’t wait for customers to experience it.”


After the iOS 14 update, Apple has changed its UI design after a long time and the new features show it how!

Let’s have a look at the top noteworthy features that the iOS 15 update has to offer:


Facetime now available to Windows and Android users with iOS 15 Update:

Good News for Non-Apple users is finally here. They can use Facetime to take calls from Friends and Family. The Facetime application will not be available to download for non-iPhone users, one would be able to access it via links shared only. P.S. the versatile Facetime application in the iOS 15 update looks like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
With it, you can
  • Schedule calls,
  • Enjoy calls in Portrait mode which focuses on you and not your surrounding,
  • Share screens with Share play that allow you to enjoy together,
  • Have a grid view with everyone having same-sized tiles and,
  • Enjoy Video Calls with end-to-end encryption with Friends outside the Apple Bubble.
Shareplay Feature in iOS 15 update

The picture shows how a user can share their screen using Share Play.


iOS 15 Update brings New Voice Features:


Spatial Audio:

Apple added new voice features like Spatial Audio indeed piques user interest. It takes signals from 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos to arrange sound virtually in a 3D space. Apple wanted to recreate a cinematic sound experience and make sounds more natural.


Voice Isolation:

This feature Detects backdrop sounds and suppresses them for a better experience. Making Facetime Calls without worrying about the background noise is now possible. This feature picks up only your voice and cancels out the rest.

Wide Spectrum:

This mic mode allows users to do exactly the opposite of what Voice isolation does. It picks up the surrounding voices along with your voice and amps up the perceived sound volumes. Thus no sound gets filtered out during your Video conversations.

Upgrading with new Memoji:


Memoji launch got a lot of attention over the years. Apple iOS 15 update brings exciting new styles which users can pick to upgrade their Avatars.
This year’s launch allows much more than picking up new Memoji clothing. Users can customize using
  • Accessibility options (cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet),
  • 9 new Vibrant Stickers that include a hand wave, lightbulb moment, etc.
  • 2 New eye colors for your left and right eye, – Heart, Retro, and Star Shaped Eyeglasses,
  • 3 Headwear colors,
  • And of course, 40 new clothing styles that you can use according to your mood.The picture shows how a user can upgrade their Emoji using various options available in the new iOS 15 update

Reduce Distractions with FOCUS in iOS 15 Update:

Refine Activities and notifications that specify “Do Not Disturb” for you with Focus. Focus lets you decide which calls to take and what application notifications to view. Set Focus mode for working, exercising, getting ready for bed, etc.
Either customize your own or choose what the update offers and carry on your work without hassle.

Moreover, your Focus Status gets updated automatically and your contacts can view it.


Focus modes available in iOS 15 update.

Various Focus modes available in iOS 15 update.

Moreover, your Focus Status is updated automatically and your contacts can view it. 

Time Sensitive Notifications:

A user receives important and sensitive information notifications during a Focus Mode.
However, Certain information can bypass any Focus mode that a user chooses. These notifications include information about a delivery update, a pick-up scheduled, etc.

Newly Designed Notification styles in iOS 15 Update:

Now update a contact with a picture and view larger icons for easy identification. Moreover, Schedule notification timing according to your preferences. Urgent notifications and messages get delivered timely. Extra features include muting app notifications or a message thread.

Notification window with the new iOS 15 update

Notification window with the new iOS 15 update

Secure on-device intelligence Features:


iOS 15 Update has Live Text:


Now gain important information from a photo via your phone camera. In other words, Cut, copy and paste contact information from a signboard and take action with Live Text. This works both ways, i.e., with a present photo or when clicking one.


Live text feature

Live text with iOS 15

Spotlight search in iOS 15 Update:

With the new rich search feature, users can search for information about various artists and contacts. In addition, One can also search for Photos with certain text. Spotlight search indexes text on photos and help users search them.


Search text within photos from Spotlight Search on iPhone

Search text within photos from Spotlight Search on iPhone


iOs 15 offers memories with a unique design, Apple Music integration, a fresh memory look, and an interactive interface. Apple Music recommends songs that go well with your video/photos and offer a personalized experience.


A Robust Map Experience:

iOS 15 offers a 3D view on Maps. It offers users a 3D driving experience that details everything. From Landmarks, Roads, Elevations, to Crosswalks has a Google Earth Vibe with intricate detailing.


New Privacy Features:

The new update offers extensive privacy controls to protect important user information.
  • Mail privacy protection blocks senders hides the receiver’s IP Address. In addition, it prevents identifying user location as well.
  • In addition, App Privacy Reports tell a lot about how applications access user data in the last 7 days.

Let us know in the comments section below which feature looks more attractive to you and why!