Google’s Bard Chatbot Opens to the Public

Google's Bard Chatbot Opens to the Public

Google’s Bard Chatbot Opens to the Public

Are you looking for information about Google’s new AI chatbot? Are you searching if Google’s Bard is available to the public yet? Look no further; this article has all the information about Google’s Bard release, availability, and performance in the market, especially when its rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become the future of writing and the most popular tool in the present days.

In the last two decades since the early 2000s, Google has spread to every single corner of the world with its products such as Gmail, maps, photos, cloud, chrome, google classroom, calendar, phones, and many more. Every other year it comes up with something new to advance the technology sector and also to make our lives easier. So it was not a surprise when Google launched Google’s own personal AI chatbot Bard to rival ChatGPT in 2023. 

Is Google Bard Open To All

As of May 10th, 2023, Google gave access to its AI chatbot Bard to most countries though they have restricted many features of the chatbot. Anyone can log in through their Google account to access Bard and try its features. In this article, we have tried giving you a detailed article about Google’s Bard chatbot; keep reading more to know about these details.

Google’s Bard

When Google announced its release of Bard, a competitor to ChatGPt and Bing, everyone was excited to give the AI chatbot a try to see if it met the performance level of its competitors.

Google Bard is an artificial intelligence chatbot based on a large language model with whom you can have conversations and also ask for solutions to your queries. Google launched its chatbot on March 21st of 2023 through a waitlist for its users, but on May 10th, it removed its waitlist and made Google Bard available in 180 countries.

Google Bard is available in three languages: English, Japanese, and Korean for now. Google’s Bard was made available to the public by limiting its access to test its performance. The model used for Bard is Google’s own Language Model for Dialogue Application.

In a conference conducted in Paris, Google said that the application would work well when asking “NORA” or no one right answer-based queries. Also, the question of accuracy and its source of information is also to be seen while using the application in the coming days. In Google’s blog post, a few screenshots were also shared of its chatbot. Users are presented with a black chatbox with the disclaimer that it may display inaccurate information or offensive information that is against Google’s views showing that it is in the early trial and learning phase, which might get better, or not only time can tell. But its popularity among Google fans is seeing tremendous excitement.

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Researcher Eli Collins wrote in his blog post that with Bard, one could boost their productivity, fuel their curiosity and accelerate their ideas. Google Bard can help explain difficult physics concepts to give tips on what books to read. It can help spark one’s creativity by pinpointing a blog post on a particular area.

One just has to type the question in the text box and wait for Bard to load the answer. If you like the answer given to you by Google Bard, just click on the thumbs-up button, and if you do not like the answer, just press the thumbs-down button situated at the bottom of the answer box. To restart the conversation in Bard, click on “Google it.” Unlike Microsoft’s Bing, Bard does not have footnotes with its web sources to help check the accuracy of the answer. But instead, Bard provides you with multiple answers to the same query; you just have to click “View other drafts” to view other answers.

But Bard works quite similarly to as it gives instant answers to questions from different sites. Hence it’s going to be a long process for Google Bard to fully show its potential as only limited access to its features is granted to the public, and as Google makes it more accessible, the product is going to be widely available to the masses.

Which Is Better: ChatGpt Or Google’s Bard?

Since so few features have been released to the public on Google Bard, it’s hard to judge fully on its features, especially both the chatbots Google’s Bard and ChatGPT are in initial training days, so the full potential of these chatbots are still yet to be unveiled. At this point, ChatGPT is efficiently generating texts along with summarizing the text requests. In contrast, Google Bard provides more useful information while answering questions. Both chatbots are open to criticism through feedback to better their systems in the future. So a specific answer cannot be given about who wins the AI game yet.


Many more AI applications are available in the market, which you can give a try, such as ChatSonic, Jasper, Open Assistant, Word Tune, and Baidu, created in China, and also uses an AI application named Ernie Bot.

Hope this article was able to satisfy your curiosity about Google’s Bard and what other products from Google are your favorite or you use often. 

Do share with us your thoughts on the new world applications and how it’s helping you to learn new things. Which application among ChatGpt or Bard, is becoming your favorite as time goes by? If you haven’t given any of these AI applications a try, you are missing out on something significantly game-changing for the future world.


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