A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make a Game App

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Make a Game App

The mobile gaming industry is booming with more than 490 thousand mobile games present on the Google Play Store, making the market competitive and ideal for businesses intending to transform their ideas into a game application. 

Before you begin to bring your video game to life, there are a few things you should ask yourself. 

  • Will it be a single-player or cooperative game? 
  • Use 2D or 3D graphics, or both? 
  • Which game engine ought to you choose? 
  • How will the levels be created?

No matter how straightforward or intricate their game design strategy is, the majority of prosperous game developers use the same tested technique to create video games. 

Three steps make up this life cycle: 

  • Pre-development, 
  • Iterative development
  • Post-development activities that guarantee you reach your intended audience. 

Pre-development activities center on overall game design. The post-development stage is crucial, whether you’re developing for iOS or Android customers, as it’s how your video game will connect with its intended audience in the App Store. 

Pro tip: Start by mastering the fundamentals of easy games. You’ll feel equipped to construct video games of more complexity in the future once you create your own video game for the first time and master the fundamentals from this blog.

Mobile Game App Statistics:

The necessity of game app development services is highlighted by a variety of data related to gaming apps. 

  • Games make up 21% of Android applications and 25% of iOS apps that have been downloaded to smartphones.
  • Almost half (43%) of smartphone usage is for gaming apps.
  • In the first week after buying a phone, 62% of individuals install a game on it.
  • Users of Android app development make up 78% of gamers.
  • More than 2.2 billion mobile gamers are engaged worldwide.
  • Puzzle games make up 57.9% of all games played across all platforms.
  • Spending on in-game material is higher among women than males.

These figures, together with the general consumer preference for mobile games, show that the number of Android game apps is clearly on the rise. 

We are confident that as an entrepreneur, you have taken notice of the increase in app development services. This event, meanwhile, also heralds a new era of space competitiveness. 

Game applications categories:

Whether measured in terms of the number of active applications, download counts, profits, or consumer time spent, the gaming industry is seeing unheard-of expansion. The varieties of gaming applications are a contributing reason to this growth rate.

1. Gambling apps 

The global popularity of sports betting is on the rise. When a match is in progress, these applications become extremely popular, with cricket and soccer taking the lead. Card-based video games are another popular subgenre in this group. While prohibited in certain places, sports betting is now allowed in the US, which has increased the need for game creators there. These mobile app development solutions include several instances in Las Atlantis and BetUS. 

2. Adventure apps

These are perfect for those seeking difficult gaming. Adventure games, in addition to including violence and quick action, often test players’ reflexes and require them to solve puzzles while following or taking on the role of various characters. Pokemon GO, The Room: Old Sins and other applications are some instances of them. 

3. Arcade gaming apps

These game genres mostly emphasize gameplay rather than narrative or substance. Most of them offer players brief stages to complete, which get harder as they go. In games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Subway Surfers, you may see some examples of these applications.

4. Role-playing games apps

Players who enjoy lengthy gaming will enjoy these games the most. These are complex tales, the bulk of which have varied adventures, protracted plotlines, numerous characters, and extended gameplay. In games like Ragnarok and Dungeons and Dragons, you may see some examples of these programs. 

5. Online multiplayer combat arena applications

Two teams compete in these games, and each participant retains a different persona. When playing a MOBA game, the objective is to use computer-controlled units to obliterate the opposing team’s base. PUBG, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends are a few games that use these applications. 

When choosing to a mobile app development company for building your gaming app entrepreneurs typically pick one of these five categories. Though the market is rapidly expanding, we may expect to see additional applications emerge in a few years. 

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Technology Infusion In Your Mobile Game Apps 

You have only so far enjoyed playing various video games on your smartphone. However, have you ever considered the technical framework that was inserted to provide you with a flawless gaming experience? A mobile gaming app incorporates a lot of technology for the various game functions. Let’s discuss the many technologies that go into creating a mobile game. 

1. Game Engines

As a software development environment, a game engine is often referred to as a “game architecture” or “game framework.” The production of mobile games using different programming languages is streamlined using game engines. 

A gaming engine is made up of different parts that provide the game with varied powers. It features a visual rendering engine for 2D or 3D graphics that is adaptable to various import formats. A physics engine that replicates actual actions is also a part of it. Opting for professional unity game development services ensures the seamless integration of complex game mechanics, physics, and high-quality graphics, offering a robust foundation for creating immersive gaming experiences.

A sound engine to manage the sound effects, an animation engine to host numerous other elements, and artificial intelligence to automatically react to players’ activities are other components. 

2. Programming languages 

Whether creating a game app or not, coding starts with programming languages. The appropriate codes are written by developers for the corresponding platforms (iOS or Android), which results in a variety of instructions and actions in the mobile game. The most often used programming languages for creating mobile gaming apps are Objective-C, Swift, Objective-C, and Java. 

3. Tools for Cross-Platform Development 

The technique known as cross-platform programming makes it unnecessary to create distinct programs for the iOS and Android platforms. Cross-platform app development tools enable the usage of programming codes across numerous platforms at once. The cross-platform development tools Xamarin, Flutter app development, and React Native are common examples. 

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4. 2D and 3D visuals 

In recent years, game popularity has increasingly been determined by its visual appeal. Users favor mobile games with great visuals since they improve gameplay overall. The clarity of the view will increase with improved visuals. Many programs, including Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Blender, are utilized to produce 2D and 3D graphics since mobile games require high-quality 2D and 3D graphics. 

5. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

Users anticipate having a physical presence in their digital lives as a result of constant technological advancements. Whether it be social networking or mobile gaming, the leader in the field is the one that offers a real-time experience. Users who like feeling the virtual or augmented reality character in their surroundings have made integration of AR/VR services more of a need recently. Recently, consumers have been more interested in wearing eyewear and using virtual reality to enter games. 

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

By creating intelligent, adaptable, and responsive behavior in non-player characters that resemble that of people, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have significantly improved the mobile app development services experience. In addition, machine learning is used in mobile gaming to plan game events and forecast the impact of a player’s activities. 

Features Needed in a Mobile Game App:

As we deduced before, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store already have hundreds, if not millions, of mobile games listed. Therefore, it becomes essential that you create a game capable of competing with the industry giants. The following features should be included in your project when creating a mobile gaming app: 

Engaging and Challenging Gameplay-

Make sure the storyline of the mobile game app services provides the player with fun and obstacles they want to overcome. Create the complexity level considering your intended audience. Players will discard too basic games after completing them once, while challenging games may cause players to lose interest. 

Superior Graphics and Audio-

The images and sounds will greatly influence the level of user engagement. To improve user experience, make sure the game has high-quality sound and visuals. Games with detailed visuals and effective sound design keep players interested for much longer. 

Online Community-

Social sharing is popular right now, regardless of whether it’s for everyday life updates or game achievements. Therefore, including a social sharing option in a mobile gaming app where players can tell their friends about their accomplishments has become a must. 

Hey, do you also want to create a social media app from scratch? This guide will help you get started! 

Multiple-Player Features-

It’s time for games where players compete against or alongside friends to be played on an equal playing field. No matter the game’s genre, multiplayer features are now considered to be essential for mobile gaming. 

App Store Purchases- 

Users spend a lot of money on additional tools and weapons in the game to improve their abilities and performance. It aids in their victory against rivals. Recently, this function has also gained popularity. 

Reward Program-

The use of the app is increased and the gamer’s engagement is maintained by incentive mechanisms. In addition, the game’s new powers and levels are unlocked via the reward system. Today, one of the most prevalent features in mobile gaming applications is this one. 

Progress Monitoring-

The function known as progress monitoring enables players to keep track of their overall game progress. It might be a way to monitor how many levels, accomplishments, what kind of badges were earned, and much more. 

Tutorial and Help Section-

In mobile games, there is also a tutorial and help area that explains all the features, guidelines for playing, and fundamental information. For new players, this part familiarizes them with the game. 

Push Notifications-

One of the most fundamental and often used elements, it alerts the player to future levels, gameplay sessions, or newly unlocked features. Make sure to incorporate the push notification option while creating a mobile gaming app. 

Choices for Customization- 

People like to do things their way in the twenty-first century. Your mobile gaming app can benefit greatly from having customization options where users can change their avatars, game settings, themes, daylight, terrain, and other elements. 


The element that shows the standing and performance of the many game participants is the leaderboard/scoreboard. The feature increases engagement by fostering a feeling of rivalry among the users. 

Steps to Create a Gaming App-

1. Recognize your capabilities and restrictions:

A lot of work goes into creating a game. Research, programming, graphic design, sound design, music composition, and much more are among the available skills. Coming up with ideas based on your strengths will be made easier if you are aware of the skills that you (or your business) possess.

You could be a terrific coder but not a great artist. For that, you may rely on a minimalist graphical design while concentrating on the game fundamentals. You could excel in visual design but struggle with programming. You may locate a game engine that handles most of the coding so you can focus on the art design.

2. Research and validate the game idea with potential users:

It’s time to validate the idea now that you’ve decided what sort of game you want to create and have your main idea and gameplay mechanism in mind. Several methods exist for doing this:

See what comparable games are available in the market by doing some research on the gaming business. This may include everything from enormous, well-known titles with established names to independent games.

  • Play some of the genre’s current games.
  • Look for games that share comparable mechanics and see what you enjoy and find objectionable. What core elements make a good game? What aspects, on the other hand, make a video game into a terrible experience?
  • Examine the opposition and discover the size of the market that may support your initial game.

Getting early input on your concept from interested parties and gaming pals is another strategy. Determine their degree of interest by giving them your game development concept’s elevator pitch. Inquire about their interest in the concept or what would motivate them to play your video game. This will provide you with crucial input for improving your concept. 

3. Make a design document for the game:

There is no replacement for writing down your design, despite the temptation to skip this stage. It challenges you to consider all of the crucial components necessary to create a game exactly how you imagine it.

The game design document also includes a summary of the research and validation you carried out to arrive at this course of action, providing useful context for future fine-tuning. Your design document should contain essential game design information as well as a brief project overview. 

Don’t forget to describe who your target market is: 

  • How old are they (and do you need to take into account any content or rating limitations while designing)? 
  • They play what other video games? 
  • What type of device(s) do they use to play them? 
  • Do they want to play alone or do they want a method to communicate with other players?

4. Have a monetization strategy:

Gaming applications remain one of the most grossing subcategories of mobile apps year over year. Novice game app entrepreneurs must understand how to include themselves in these data, though. 

When asked how to create a gaming app for iPhone or Android, the following are a few options for app monetization tactics. 

  • Advertisements 

The tactic, which is primarily used in the case of free gaming applications, aids businesses in making money from the mobile adverts that appear in a game. These adverts come in a variety of formats, including rewarded ads, playable ads, native banner ads, and interstitial ads. 

  • App store buy 

One of the most typical monetization methods is this one. Here, gamers must pay to advance through levels, acquire characters, add-on features to improve their games, etc. Giving them a selection of features for in-app purchases is helpful in this situation. It might be a collection of coins, a blend of coins and boosts, or a blend of characters and boosts.

5. Build an MVP first:

Creating an MVP is a wise strategy for testing your game app concept and luring investors. Not every resource, level, or power-up that you intend to add to your app needs to be in your MVP. It only has to be a condensed version of your game so you can tweak it while you’re on the move.  

Why MVP is Important for mobile app development? Get all the answers here in this blog of ours! 

So, those are the five elements that might make your game app succeed. While this is the players’ end of things while searching for information on how to make a gaming app, the latest technological concept implementation in mobile games is one thing that needs to be taken into account on the backend. 

Latest Technological Concept Implementation in Mobile Games:

When there was no internet or network, we used to play games on mobile devices. Mobile games have seen a big transformation as a result of the development of the internet where players can now connect, form teams, and play with their actual friends. New game technical trends are pushing the gaming business to new heights, yet change is continuing unabated. 

  • Blockchain-

Mobile gaming techniques are incorporating blockchain technology in many ways. For instance, it enables players to use cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to purchase, sell, or trade virtual goods in-game.

Blockchain development is a game-changer for supply chain management as well, read why here! 

  • Metaverse-

Every market sector is being affected by the metaverse, and the gaming sector cannot escape. One may now enter the gaming world after having used AR and VR in games. Using familiar vehicles, familiar weaponry, or familiar guns while entering a new verse may dramatically change the environment. 

Know Metaverse game development cost in the USA and Globally. 

  • IoT-

IoT technology’s contribution to the gaming industry is the ability to play games across several devices by syncing information and data. On a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, one may play games without having to go through a difficult process. 

  • Cloud gaming-

The goal of technological developments in the gaming sector is to reduce reliance on device compatibility. The majority of today’s top games need an equally cutting-edge mobile device to function. The idea behind cloud gaming is to extend the reach of popular games to a larger audience base by bringing them to less sophisticated devices. 

Simultaneously, the notion of cloud gaming makes it easier to run a single game on numerous platforms. Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and more services provide the greatest cloud gaming experiences. 

Why Choose DianApps for Mobile Game Development?

The premier app and game app development company in the IT industry, DianApps, expands consistently by regularly implementing the most cutting-edge technical advancements. We have extensive expertise working on several gaming projects and have been in the industry for more than ten years. Similar enables us to make the best choice while working on projects from our clients that are similar. Our key skills include, but are not limited to: 

  • Almost 5 years of vast expertise creating digital solutions for our clients. 
  • Expertise in producing games that are in line with our client’s vision while working on a variety of gaming projects.
  • Provide specialized services that allow the product owner to personalize the solution to their liking.
  • No compromising on quality in terms of design, development, functionality, or user experience.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with our clients to reduce the possibility of miscommunication. 
  • Awareness of places where costs might be cut without sacrificing the software’s quality or functionality. 


With a rise in smartphone users, the gaming app market is seeing a strong surge. The same has created a huge opportunity for everyone where one may create a top-notch mobile gaming game and quickly draw in a million users. The correct monetization strategy may increase the app owner’s income. However, the most important need for maximizing the potential is having a trustworthy software development partner. 

If we were, to sum up what makes a game app successful based on the information presented here and some personal experiences we have gained from developing game apps, we would say it is a combination of the following factors:

  • Incredible visuals
  • Excellent character backstories and plot
  • Interesting difficulties and developments
  • App reaction time
  • Simple-to-follow instructions
  • Strategically placed reward points 
  • Dependable monetization techniques

It might be challenging to do all of this with an internal Mobile app development company. DianApps provide what you envisage and what your players require, you would need individuals who possess the necessary competence and who think like gamers. 

It’s our team. Speak with our game app developers right now!


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