7 Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile App for Your Business

7 Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Do you know? Every year, 20% of the businesses fail to meet up their user’s expectations. The reason behind such downfall can be due to poor planning, ineffective marketing, lack of expertise, and restraining their product or service only to local consumers. 

Digital transformation has pivoted to the use of online presence, making mobile and web apps a priority. As of 2024, 77% of enterprises have taken the initiative to add digital transformation to their journey. And 35% out of 77% obtained success. 

Speaking on behalf of customers, ever since the use of smartphones which is almost 90% of the population, it has been accounted that an average user spends 3 hours 10 minutes on mobile apps. This includes applications like communication, entertainment, shopping, and social media. 

The aforementioned information became the cause of businesses drawing their attention to app development more significantly to not just improve their company’s efficiency but also streamline their business workflows. 

Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, hovering over mobile app development services will act as an encouraging prompt for your business development. 

Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Websites: Which is better? 

Depending on the key metrics, your choice between a mobile app vs mobile site varies. Here are a few statistics to observe while comparing these two aspects:

  1. A viewer visits 4.2x more products per session on their smartphone application than mobile websites.

  2. A mobile website’s conversion rate is 3x slower than mobile applications.

  3. Website apps involve many errors while downloading or watching an entertainment show online, mobile entertainment apps convert 333% higher in the same industry.

  4. Travel apps convert 220% higher than website apps.

  5. Mobile apps convert 94% higher in the retail sector.

  6. On-demand app development accounts for 307% higher than website apps.

  7. If we compare the overall conversion rates between mobile apps vs website apps, mobile application accumulates 157% of the total conversion rate. 

But why do people prefer mobile app development services over web apps? Well, it is because the amount of features, speed, user experience, convenience, and brand presence it offers is unbeatable. 

Now it is evident that the use of mobile apps in business projects has a clear advantage. Why not skip to covering its amazing benefits? 

7 Benefits of Mobile Apps in Business Development

#1. Get Better Personalization With Mobile Apps

Giving your users an exhilarating personalized experience is an important factor in driving growth effortlessly. Mobile app personalization enables you to co-create or edit your mobile application’s content, design, and user experience for better fulfillment of what users desire or prefer in an application. 

Custom mobile app development adds value to your interfaces and makes your users feel acknowledged, which ultimately boosts customer retention and revenue. 

The word personalization may seem like a small word but involves a lot of criteria that cannot be accessible if you fail to address the right user data. Therefore, you must have the right set of information related to your audience’s demographics, location, and area of interest. 

Our advice is to integrate Artificial intelligence into mobile applications that will understand the demand and deliver a highly personalized in-app experience in the form of app content, recommendations, special deals, push notifications ideas, and so much more. 

#2. Mobile Apps Can Provide An Array of Features 

From push notifications, offline functionality, and AR/VR development services to social media integration, security, data privacy, and loyalty apps, a mobile app development company can add a variety of features to an app project. 

These feature inducements can further make the user experience more interactive and curious. While also reducing user efforts to find the services otherwise. 

But how can additional features help in growing the revenue rate of an application? The answer is quite simple. You can ask your dedicated mobile app development company to introduce you to in-app purchase functionality. 

However, this process must only be initiated when your current app version is performing well in the market. 

#3. Mobile Apps Offer Effective Way To Converse With Audience

During the time of the nationwide pandemic, the audience’s only source to connect with the world was smartphones and mobile apps. Whether it was about video calling their mates or doing an online transaction, mobile applications played a huge role in connecting and collaborating with people across countries. 

Businesses saw this period as an opportunity to grow in digital transformation and launch their products and services in the form of mobile apps to break barriers and remain progressive in the marketplace. 

#4. Mobile Apps Welcome Customer Loyalty Program

A high client retention rate is an essential component of nearly every successful business. Offering great value to your clients and making sure they’re satisfied at all times is a regular and doable strategy to keep your retention rate high. 

It’s critical to realize that your chances of success rise as you give your clients’ requirements and convenience more consideration. Maintaining client accessibility requires making sure that different touchpoints are able to satisfy their needs. 

Building stronger ties with consumers can be achieved through loyalty programs. It contributes to the growth of customer acquisition. It’s good at making direct sales, but it also serves as a route for marketing. 

#5. Mobile Apps Can Be Your Efficacious Promotion Platform

You may draw in a lot of potential customers by creating a mobile application that has enticing deals and promotions. Make sure to provide a compelling alert and offer for your app. and enjoy the benefits of business mobile apps. 

Businesses can provide customers with information about their business in multiple ways by utilizing mobile app development. Users can receive push notifications when there are new changes or relevant deals. It’s a terrific approach to stay in the loop if customers are using your app or even if you are visible on their smartphones. 

However, maintaining a regular communication channel with customers might be challenging. When compared to other platforms, the mobile app is by far the most direct. 

Push notifications: On mobile devices, push notifications are indisputable. The opt-in percentage for these messages is frequently as high as 70%. When contrasted with email marketing, which has a mere 5% conversion rate, the difference is evident. 

Want to integrate push notifications in React Native using Firebase? We have a blog just for you! 

#6. Mobile Apps Give Cutting-Edge Business Solutions

For startups, determining the cost of app development is essential. Digital marketing replaces traditional offline marketing and helps businesses save money. The marketing effort that is now easily achievable at a very low cost was done with the former large expense. 

Apps can now boost worker productivity by improving engagement, simplifying data, decreasing busy work, and improving communication. 

The state of technology is always evolving. Requests and expectations from customers are similarly comparable. It is more important than ever for your company to be competitive. The greatest method to meet customer expectations, expand your business, and attract new customers is to develop a mobile app. 

#7. Mobile Apps Enable Great Return on Investment

It costs money to work with a mobile app development company to create a business application. Even though mobile apps typically yield a positive return on investment (ROI), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should consider the following factors before investing in one:

  • A target audience and well-defined expectations and goals are essential.
  • Client retention and satisfaction should take precedence over client growth.
  • Make an MVP version of your mobile application first.
  • Develop and improve your app’s functionality gradually.
  • Employ a reputable business with a track record to create your mobile application.

That’s our top 7 picks for businesses to understand why mobile apps are beneficial irrespective of whenever they plan on giving the app development idea a shot! 

Want to get a quick summary of the process of how mobile app development works? Read below! 

The Process of Mobile App Development

  • Any mobile app development starts with the ideation process, following the research initiated by the app development company, and giving the best UI/UX design ideas along with development, testing, deployment, and post-launch optimization.

  • You can use this guidance on the mobile app development process to generate a rough estimate of the time and resources you need to start your project and construct an application.

  • Each step is equally crucial for creating a dependable, high-performing application within delivery dates and budget.

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