Useful Strategies to Increase App Downloads

Useful Strategies to Increase App Downloads

Congrats on creating your mobile application!

Now what?

Building the mobile app isn’t enough for its scalability. Even though, your app runs wonderfully on every device you tried it on. The market you identified is untapped and uncontested.

There is only one issue, and it’s a significant one:

Your application isn’t getting any downloads.

If so, you’ve encountered the same issue that many organizations do after publishing their product. But don’t give up; if you have an app that you want users to download and use, you can make it happen.

Once you start receiving downloads, you can start earning real money.

To get the public’s attention, all you need to do is put in a little work and have the correct knowledge. Let’s first examine how applications are downloaded in order to grasp the best strategies for increasing your mobile app downloads.

As we wish to see your app bloom and many users to download & use your app, we’ve put together the following 10 incredibly simple strategies to increase app downloads:

Strategies to Increase Your App Downloads

1. Use Popups

One effective way to increase app downloads is to use popups. Popups can be used to prompt users to download your app while they are using your website or mobile site. This can be a particularly fruitful strategy for businesses that already have a significant online presence, as it allows them to capitalize on their existing traffic.

Pop-ups typically shouldn’t appear until three app uses have been made, according to a common rule of thumb. Employing these will boost your download rate by 40%.

Why would you want to miss up on that chance? We understand that pop-ups might be bothersome. This only happens when the popup is badly designed  and placed .

2. Ask for Ratings and Reviews

Have you ever wished to download an app or purchase anything from an online store that you were unfamiliar with? You’d find yourself curious about what other people have to say about it. That is entirely natural. It also holds true for your app. Social proof is what we call this.

Asking users for ratings and reviews can be a great way to increase app downloads. Positive reviews and high ratings can help to boost your app’s visibility and credibility, making it more likely to be downloaded by new users.

Avoid, though, falling into the trap of creating fake reviews as a quick fix. In the event that malicious activity is detected, app stores will suspend your app. In fact, you won’t receive rational feedback on the performance of your app.

You can communicate with users through reviews as well. By responding to user comments and complaints, you may reassure prospective customers that you value their feedback and are willing to consider it.

Despite your best efforts, bear in mind that unfavorable reviews will certainly come. The least you can do is keep them, which is the best you can do.

Giving your users the finest experience possible is the best decision to make in this situation. This should involve being sufficiently responsive, taking their complaints seriously, and responding quickly.

With this, your users may even encourage their friends and family to download your app, which will bring in even more app downloads for you.

3. Use an Attractive App Icon


Having an attractive and memorable app icon is essential for making your app stand out in the app store. Users are more likely to notice and download an app that has a unique and visually appealing icon. 

Do you know the reason?

According to studies, the appearance of your app icon has a significant impact on how frequently users download your app. The identity of your app brand is communicated via your icon. It should therefore accurately reflect the work and principles of your app.

In order to stand out from the competition, make sure that your icon is instantly recognizable and attention-grabbing.

Your app symbol needs to find a balance between being straightforward and dazzling, much like any effective design. Moreover, it has to be as straightforward as it can be. You do not want to convey ambiguous ideas or a visually confusing design.

4. Localize in Multiple Languages

Hello in different languages word cloud

Why restrict your app to a single language if you intend that your app is downloaded by people across the world?

Making your app available in several languages is another approach to enhance app downloads. By doing this, you will be able to reach a larger audience and improve your app’s visibility across other marketplaces.

As evidence, this study demonstrates how localizing an app’s keywords can increase download rates by 7 times.

To translate the text, visual, and audio content of your app, use a translation service or application. To increase downloads for your Android or iOS app, consider translating your app into one of the popular world languages, such as French, Spanish, Russian, or Italian.

5. Drive App Downloads with Sponsor Ads

App store advertisements are displayed at the top of search results, giving you the opportunity to skip the queue and so increase the number of app downloads.

You can take advantage of this to find consumers who are looking for apps that are comparable to yours. But think about the fact that advertisements might be pricey. You need to know how to arrange your funds wisely with two big app store platforms in order to maximize your investment.

6. Use an App with a Security

Users will only trust apps that should not throw unknown publisher warnings during downloads. If an app has preinstalled Code Signing certificate during its development, there are likely chances of increasing downloads. A  Code Signing certificate is an essential security for an app that ensures users that they are downloading safe apps and it won’t harm their PC system. Code Signing certificate removes pesky warning a user faces during app downloads. The certificate with strong hashing and encryption instill trust in users’ mind.

7. Leverage Social Media

Do you know that there are currently about 4 billion users of social media?

Because of this, social media is the perfect platform for promoting your app and generating downloads. But take some time to plan before you immediately start posting on social media.

First, Select the social media sites where the majority of your potential customers are active. This shouldn’t restrict you to just one. It merely indicates where to focus your efforts.

For instance, if your app caters to the fashion or beauty market, you’ll find the majority of your audience on Pinterest or Instagram. LinkedIn should be your first choice if the app is tied to your work or your business. Any specialty is accessible on Facebook and Twitter.

Next, develop material that enables you to interact with your audience. Posting solely articles that discuss your app and its features may quickly get boring for your followers. Post interesting, educational, and useful content frequently.

Finally, provide a call-to-action button at the end of your content so that readers can download your app.

Thus, Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your app and increasing downloads. By creating social media accounts for your app and sharing updates, promotions, and other content, you can reach a larger audience and drive more traffic to your app store listing. However, if you have a business relevant to design or creatives and do not want it to get public in the form of promotion  or advertisement then read the below pointer. 

8.  NFS Mean on Instagram (What it Means & How to Use It!)

NFS on Instagram, NFS meaning stands for “Not For Sale” and it’s commonly used by artists, photographers, and creatives to indicate that their work is not available for purchase. Let’s discuss what does NFS mean on Instagram actually?

NFS can be used as a hashtag or caption on Instagram to clarify that a post is not a promotion or advertisement for selling goods or services. This is especially important for creatives who want to share their work with others, but not necessarily monetize it. NFS can also indicate that the artist is not interested in selling a particular piece or that it’s part of a personal collection. Overall, NFS is a useful tool for creatives to protect their work and clarify their intentions on Instagram.

9. App Store Optimization link

You may improve your app’s performance through app store optimization (ASO), which will help it rank higher in app stores.

Optimizing your app store listing is another crucial step in increasing app downloads. This includes using relevant keywords in your app title and description, providing screenshots and videos that showcase your app’s features, and incorporating user reviews and ratings.

The main difference is that it works for app stores rather than search engines, just like search engine optimization (SEO).

Your app will be more likely to appear during searches and be downloaded if it has a higher ranking in the app stores.

Searching in app stores is how most people find new apps. In fact, Forester reports that 63% and 58%, respectively, of all app finds for iOS and Android apps, come from search.

You can also check out our App Store Optimization services here. 

10. Write a Compelling App Description

The title of your app is what initially tickles people’s curiosity, but the description is what will convince them to download it.

A clear and detailed app description is essential for increasing app downloads. It should provide users with a clear understanding of what your app does, what it offers, and what makes it unique.

Encourage users by using it creatively and emphasizing the aspects of your app that set it apart. To draw customers, utilize phrases like “free,” “quick,” and “easy.” Also,  Remember to incorporate the ranking keywords you found through your ASO analysis! Use these keywords frequently within your description, but avoid stuffing the text with them.

Be sure to highlight your app’s key features and benefits, and avoid using jargon or technical terms that may be confusing to users.

Keep in mind that you still need to draw users, so keep it succinct. Tell your potential consumers what your application can offer them in a clear, concise manner.

11. Build a Website

You might be wondering how having a website helps boost the download of mobile apps. It is as easy as providing you with a location to direct traffic through your marketing activities.

By developing a website for your app, you can also improve the number of mobile app downloads. This is a powerful digital marketing strategy, particularly if you don’t have the funding for advertisements.

Numerous content marketing strategies are possible with a website but not with advertisements. Here, you can give more details about your app, such as how it operates and what advantages it has for consumers.

Additionally, you may use the landing page for your app to promote your social media channels or run advertisements. For quick app installations, don’t forget to include a QR code or a link to your app store page on your website.

Now You’d surely want to know more about the importance and profitability scope of website development. Check it here.

12. Establish an Online Presence

Don’t just stop with app development. Publish a blog or create a website. You may wonder why this is necessary. Is social media not sufficient?

Well, it’s not enough, that much is true. By developing and managing a website, you need to take things one step further.

It will act as a sort of business base where users can find out about changes, how to use the app to its fullest potential, and other types of in-depth information regarding your app.

You no longer need to spend a fortune or be an expert in web app development to construct and publish a website thanks to the availability of CMS solutions like WordPress. A domain and hosting space are available for as little as $10. What are you still holding out for?

A good way to gather visitor information for newsletters, email marketing, and other purposes is by including a form on your company website.

What’s best is that you may also have a blog section where you can publish information about your app.

For instance, if you operate a travel-related app, you may publish articles on the most recent useful travel hacks.

Hence, having an online presence can be a great way to increase visibility and drive more traffic to your app store listing. This has to include creating a website or blog for your app, as well as building a presence on social media and other online platforms. This is where teaming up with a digital marketing service provider company shines. They’re skilled in web development and content creation, ensuring your site is not just functional, but also captivating and in sync with your app’s identity.

13. Use Engaging Photos and Videos

Using engaging photos and videos can be a beneficial way to showcase your app and entice users to download it. By providing screenshots, intro videos, and other visual elements that highlight your app’s features and benefits, you can give users a better idea of what to expect from your app.

Show off your user interface by including actual, well-designed screenshots of how your program appears on users’ screens and different features as it is being used.

Typically, they are the first items visitors view when they arrive at your app’s page. Make it worthwhile for them, then. While you’re about it, add arrows to indicate the app’s features and highlight its most crucial ones.

Leverage the video feature that app stores offer. Videos are believed to convert at a considerably higher rate than photos. A short introduction video on your app’s page can do a lot to spark a potential user’s curiosity.

Make sure your videos aren’t too long when creating them in order to entice viewers who want to download your app. Additionally, you may create a video and upload it to your website or social media accounts to go into more detail about your app’s functionality, features, and what makes it unique.

14. The Freemium Approach

The freemium approach is another convincing plan of action for increasing app downloads. By offering a free version of your app with limited features, you can attract users who may be hesitant to pay for an app upfront. Once they have had a chance to try out your app, they may be more likely to upgrade to the paid version. 

Nobody can condemn you for trying to make money off your app if you invested a lot of money in its development and launch. However, you can make money off of a brand-new application that nobody is aware of. So, the ideal strategy for marketing your app is the freemium one.

Basically, the freemium business model allows customers to download the app for free while still allowing you to charge them for in-app purchases or subscriptions. Maybe 0.5–2% of users—a very modest percentage—will actually make a purchase.

Freemium is an amalgamation of the terms “free” and “premium,” as you’ve probably already figured. The advantage of this strategy is that it encourages free people to download your application.

This is a powerful strategy to boost app downloads and it’s absolutely free.

It has been suggested that getting 1 billion users is the quickest way to acquire 1 million users to pay for an app.

However, keep in mind that the download rate for your app won’t rise suddenly. It’ll take some time. As a result of this growth, you will earn more money.

The drawback of this concept is that it could not be applicable to specific app types, such utility apps. Utility apps are specialized programs that provide common functions like reminders, calculators, to-do lists, notes, and other similar tools.

Check to see if it works for your particular app type before implementing it.

15. Focus on the user

The total number of downloads you receive may not always matter. Additionally, it’s critical to understand who, when, where, and how your app is used. Analytics are crucial for figuring out what consumers want most from your app and how to satisfy them. They are also essential for producing constant downloads.

Analytics should show you how people behave from the time they download your app until they delete it (assuming they ever do that!). Additionally, they should enable A/B testing so that you can evaluate what performs best based on the predetermined trigger points you set up inside your app.

Google’s Universal Analytics is without a doubt the most widely utilized analytics on the planet. You can connect to numerous devices using Universal Analytics and link numerous sessions to a single ID. Sending that ID to Universal Analytics will give you access to a wealth of additional useful data, an exact user count, and analysis of the signed-in user experience.

For analytics on your app, there are many additional resources available. Here are a few:

  • Flurry
  • Appsee
  • Apsalar
  • Apple App Analytics
  • Countly
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Amplitude

Any of these alternatives are great for learning how your app is used and what you can change to enhance the user experience. The information you’ll receive from your download tracking will enable you to tweak your app marketing strategies and strengthen your download-boosting strategies.

To learn more about Mobile app download and usage stats around the globe, read our blog here

Let’s launch your app!

No matter how attractive and useful your app is, if you don’t make any effort to promote it, people won’t download it.

It doesn’t have to be as challenging for you to increase app downloads as it is for many. Additionally, you might not even have to make a financial commitment to reach your goal of downloads.

When employing these strategies, be sure that the interest of your target audience comes first. This will help your app remain marketable.

Yet another bit of advice: sometimes, the iTunes App Store and Google Play will modify the features that they prioritize for apps. Therefore, always be aware of market trends and update any components of your program that are required to provide precisely what your users require. You’ll consistently maintain a high rating in the app store this way.

If you accomplish everything, you may be very certain that you’ll be able to generate some significant app sales. And if that’s what you want, you’ll be close to reaching 1 million app downloads.

Searching for a team of mobile app development experts, we’ve certainly got you covered. Get in touch with our professional team of mobile app developers right away.


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