Top 5 PHP Frameworks That a Web Developer Should Consider in 2021


Top 5 PHP Frameworks That a Web Developer Should Consider in 2021

PHP – or Hypertext Preprocessor – is one of the programming languages that are developed on in-built web development abilities. The top website development company, using the Script tag, can easily embed the codes written in the famous server-side programming language seamlessly in the HTML code. 

What makes PHP a necessity though is the fact that website app developers cannot write complex and large websites and applications expeditiously without the execution of PHP code through multiple web frameworks.

In addition to rapid web application and website development, PHP frameworks also play a role in simplifying custom software development by creating a simple layout or a basic structure. The tools and features provided by the many PHP frameworks enable development by adding functionalities to the web application and performing simple web development tasks without needing to write complex and lengthy code.

Before we go on to dive into the top PHP frameworks, let us recount the many advantages of using a PHP framework in the first place.

  • Expedite custom web development process
  • Ease web application maintenance
  • Eliminates the need of writing additional codes
  • Automate several web development tasks
  • Efficient unit testing

What is a PHP Framework?

In order to build PHP web applications, you need the PHP frameworks. It often comprises components for applying software design patterns as well as libraries with pre-packaged methods and classes. The language can also build and transfer a wide range of text and graphic files and is not limited to HTML. 


In addition, PHP supports a wide range of databases, which streamlines the process of building websites. Because of its adaptability, PHP offers developers, designers, and businesses a great deal of flexibility and creativity extensively. 

Why Use PHP Frameworks

1. Rapid Development Process

Development time is reduced in PHP as this framework comes with built-in libraries and tools. It speeds up the web app development process as by using the PHP framework developers can create solutions in less time instead of writing the whole code from scratch. 

2. Less Code to Write

PHP programming-based development solutions are very lengthy and complex but in PHP frameworks there is no need to write as much original code during development as these come with built-in libraries and this also reduces the development time significantly. 

3. MVC Support

MVC is a modern web development approach that is used by PHP frameworks to streamline and accelerate the whole development process. By using MVC support, the website development company can work separately on each layer of the project without any sort of compatibility concerns. Along with this MVC provides in-depth flexibility that helps developers to create customized web applications rapidly and seamlessly. 

4. Easy Maintenance

All PHP frameworks are developed and object-oriented with automated testing which makes maintenance of web applications easier through its shared components. 

In other words, code that is written using the PHP framework is easy to read, test, maintain and develop further. 

5. Strong Community

All major PHP frameworks are open source which means if the developers are facing any kind of problems they can directly go through the community and get their problems solved. 


The Top PHP Frameworks That Web Developers Should Learn in 2021

1. LaravelLarvel


Initially released in 2011, Laravel is based on MVC architecture and uses its own templating language known as Blade that makes it extremely convenient to build HTML layouts. The framework uses Eloquent ORM for accessing databases that help keep the codes clean and simple while letting you easily switch to a new database if they need. The use of a mass variety of packages, features, and applications of this framework gives developers a unique touch while making development easy and fast.

Pros of Laravel

  1. The amazing documentation and large community make it a great framework for beginners.
  2. The syntax that the framework uses is very intuitive and straightforward.
  3. Developers can install a massive variety of applications and packages for adding new features.
  4. Hire developers who can deploy the web application and website to AWS and other cloud providers through Laravel Envoyer and Laravel Forge.

2. SymfonySymfony


It is a framework that has in many ways revolutionized PHP development. It provides developers with a range of reusable components which can be used in any PHP project. The framework, like Laravel, is based on MVC patterns and provides object-relational mapping through Doctrine ORM.

It is deemed ideal for complex website and web application projects in which support, predictability, and optimization are needed. Additionally, it comes with multiple drivers for the enterprise database which makes it a perfect choice for enterprise projects.

Pros of Symfony

  1. The support that the framework offers is highly robust
  2. It is very customizable and consists of 50 standalone elements which can be used in any project type.
  3. The in-built testing abilities provide advanced-level unit and functional testing
  4. The framework comes with amazing documentation and a huge developer community.

3. CodeIgnitercodeignitor


It is an MVC framework that is based on PHP which helps developers build new projects on an expedited level. Being a non-restrictive framework, it can be used as a toolkit for speeding up development.

What makes CodeIgniter a great framework for modern applications is that it provides caching, aid for a number of routing, databases, and features that are more aligned with a future-friendly mode of development.

The features that the framework comes with are packaged in a neat and flexible way making it easy for both small and large organizations to use for developing APIs and lightweight apps.

Pros of CodeIgniter

  1. It offers great performance, fast loading, and lowered optimizations.
  2. While in PHP, most of the frameworks are enforced by MVC, in CodeIgniter, developers can choose whichever design pattern they wish to use.

4. Yiiyii-framer


It is an open-source PHP framework used for building web applications. Based on MVC and OOP patterns, it adds low overhead by concentrating on the core functionalities.

The framework, at the back of its speed, is seen as ideal for developing performant web applications. From SaaS websites to blogs and social media platforms, Yii is being used by a number of businesses across the world.

Pros of Yii

  1. It provides easy automation of CRUD generation with the help of the Gii visual tool
  2. It is a full-stack framework that supports a number of front-end operations through AJAX such as validating inputs
  3. Its small weight provides fast loading times and great performance.

5. CakePHPcake-php


It is one of the few frameworks that enable developers to build applications with less configuration. It provides numerous in-built features which help code the business logic of an application. It also has a flexible database access layer and set of features that enable developers to build both complex and simple applications.

What truly separates CakePHP is that it is designed to offer a convention-based setup. Through the database carrying specific naming conventions, the framework can work without any configuration whatsoever.

Pros of CakePHP

  1. The CakePHP convention-specific setup makes it extremely easy to develop new apps quickly.
  2. It comes with a number of in-built features like validation, authentication, localization, etc.
  3. The framework consists of all the modern security features and its codebase is constantly audited by the Mozilla Secure Open Source plan.

Here were the best five PHP frameworks that a web developer should care about in 2021. However, the list of the best changes on a year-on-year basis, sometimes even on a month-on-month level, so how can a developer decide on which framework to choose for their website development project? After all, there lies a lot on the decision as it helps them become a renowned website development company.

How to choose the best PHP framework for your project?

A. Project goal
B. Community support
C. Emphasis on security
D. Need for proper documentation

So here was the list of frameworks that we believe will be a big deal in 2021 for the web development industry. Now although these top our list, we advise you to follow proper research and understand the pros and cons of the frameworks before making your choice.
We are always here to help you make the right decision for your project needs. Contact our business developers, discuss your requirements, and let us help you make the best choice.

We are always here to help you make the right decision for your project needs. Hire PHP developers from us,  discuss your requirements, and let us help you make the best choice


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