Top 20 App Development Companies 2024

Top 20 App Development Companies 2024

So you have decided to plan a business application. That’s great! But in the middle of app development companies, which one should you choose in 2024? 

The world is changing and so is our way of dealing with businesses, having mobile app development services can pop out your products and services appealingly and bring your vision to life. 

Statistically speaking, the mobile app development services market is currently valued at $208.5 billion and is preparing to grow by $865 billion in 2030. That is a huge jump of 23.45% CAGR from 2023 to 2030. 

So to put it simply, the scope of your business to expand is high and you must grab it now! 

This blog will give you the top 20 mobile app development companies of 2024. So buckle up because there’s a lot to cover! 

Before we move on, let’s know the roadmap for creating successful app development for startups

Top Mobile App Development Companies You Should Know in 2024

Behind every successful app idea, there is a team supporting your vision to make it accessible to all users. Here we have 20 companies that deliver similar perspectives for your mobile app development services. 

1. DianApps

When you speak of which is the best mobile app development company across the globe, DianApps ranks on the top list. We are a multiplatform development company that provides all kinds of mobile app services to businesses. 

Our core abilities is being responsive to every technology present to date while seamlessly integrating those that best fit you. 

We follow the rules of Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (similar to Google) and ensure that every app we deliver is relevant to users and appealing in the best-trending way. 

Why Choose Us?  

With a bag full of success stories and clients across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and India, we make the right fit for you. We have worked with 1000+ startups and Fortune 500 companies to assist them in enhancing their domain via digital transformation methodology. 

Being established in 2017, our organization has set its mark on the top listing companies such as Clutch, TechReviewer, Top Developers, IT firms, DesignRush, and many others. DianApps has a team of 150+ developers that masters in every programming language and framework including:

  • React Native app development services
  • Flutter app development services
  • Salesforce consulting and development services
  • iOS development
  • Android development 
  • Web development 
  • Python 
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript 
  • .Net 
  • GoLang and others

Choosing us will result into:

  • High security
  • High concurrency 
  • Technology inclusion
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Inventive arrangements 
  • Worldwide reach

Reach out to us for app development services inquiries for more clear-cut information on how we can help you reach your goals exponentially. 

2. eFlair 

Leading mobile app development agency eflair specializes in developing cutting-edge, easy-to-use mobile apps for a range of sectors.

A dynamic developer of digital solutions, eFlair specializes in creating mobile apps and online domains that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. They are an all-in-one resource for all of your digital needs, from concept to launch, because they are experts in design, development, and marketing. 

eFlair is the partner you can rely on to advance your online presence thanks to their track record of success and dedication to providing great outcomes.

3. Experion Technologies 

With years of expertise in the sector, Experion Technologies is a top provider of IT solutions and services. Their area of expertise is using digital technologies to promote corporate success and growth. 

Experion leverages a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including mobile, online, analytics, cloud, and digital, to help organizations across diverse industries reach their full potential. Experion has a global customer base covering 35 countries and more than 500 clients.

4. ValueLabs 

For businesses looking to use technology to innovate and transform their operations, ValueLabs is a reliable partner. 

To assist you in overcoming significant business issues, they offer a committed staff of software application developers who work with the most recent tools and development techniques. A seamless and effective experience for your app development company is guaranteed with ValueLabs’ intuitive, customizable, and simple-to-maintain mobile application.

5. Kellton

One of the best firms for developing mobile apps, Kellton has a solid reputation for innovation and a clear outlook on the future. They specialize in transforming businesses and assisting them in thriving in the digital age by utilizing new technology. 

Kellton offers comprehensive digital solutions, including mobile and web development services, to hundreds of clients across numerous industries, whether working with startups or Fortune 500 corporations. 

6.  Infosys

In terms of offering consultancy and next-generation digital services, Infosys is a well-known global leader. Using their years of experience managing the systems and operations of large organizations, they assist clients in navigating their digital transformation journey. 

Infosys expertly supports clients as they embrace the power of the cloud to accelerate digital transformation, with a presence in more than 50 countries and its headquarters in India.

7. Konstant Infosolutions

A prominent provider of cutting-edge app development solutions for important sectors including healthcare, on-demand services, real estate, food and restaurant, eCommerce app development, social networking, and more Konstant Infosolutions. 

Konstant Infosolutions offers specialized services to start-ups, SMBs, and corporations globally. The company has a team of over 180 specialists and more than 10 years of experience.

8. Chetu

Chetu is a well-known provider of software app development solutions and support services to a wide range of customers, including Fortune 5000 firms, SMBs, and startups. 

With a staff of approximately 1,800 software experts capable of creating outstanding applications across a range of devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, Chetu has a reputation for industry expertise, 20+ years of experience, and significant growth.

9. QBurst

One of the top businesses for developing mobile apps is QBurst, which is also well-known for its proficiency in providing services for software development, mobile app development, web development services, and digital transformation. 

Their team of specialists is skilled at creating fantastic, user-friendly programs and app development costs that are flexible and simple to maintain employing the most recent technology and development methodologies.

QBurst works with a range of clients, including startups, SMBs, and Fortune 5000 corporations. It has a global presence and a successful track record. 

10. TechnoScore

Top mobile app development services TechnoScore provides a range of services to help you connect with various markets and target consumers. They have a group of skilled Indian mobile app developers with over 20 years of expertise who are committed to offering unmatched solutions. 

Modern technical infrastructure and the newest tools are available to their clients at no additional cost. This, along with their knowledge, enables them to offer innovative solutions that are tailored to the demands of their clients’ enterprises.

11. Evon Technologies

Evon Technologies works with a wide spectrum of clients, including startups, SMBs, and Fortune 5000 corporations. The company has a global presence, more than 15 years of experience, and a successful track record. 

Their team of experts is adept in using the most modern technology and development processes to produce outstanding, user-friendly applications that are flexible and easy to maintain. 

12.  GloriumTechnologies 

Custom mobile apps are created by GloriumTechnologies for a variety of businesses. They have a team of talented engineers who are very knowledgeable about various mobile technologies. GloriumTechnologies sincerely wishes to provide its customers with the greatest mobile app development experience possible. They’ve already demonstrated their skill by producing high-caliber apps that are completed on schedule, within budget, and function properly.

GloriumTechnologies specializes in developing unique apps that are tailored to the unique requirements of its customers. They collaborate closely with their clients to fully comprehend their needs before creating an app specifically for that client’s industry. To accommodate the demands of every project, they may increase their staff and resources. 

13. Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions specializes in developing high-end mobile apps that can serve businesses of all sizes. They have seasoned developers on staff who specialize in a range of mobile technologies, ensuring a comprehensive skill set. Their commitment to providing customers with a unique mobile app development experience is underpinned by a strong track record of creating high-quality apps within set timelines and price ranges.

A talented group of mobile app developers at Suffescom Solutions has experience with a variety of mobile technologies. The company’s unwavering dedication to excellence inspires them to produce top-notch apps that are in line with customer needs. 

They make use of the most recent technologies and techniques to ensure apps that are safe in addition to being well-designed and user-friendly.

14.  Designli

As a flexible application development company, Designli invests a lot of effort in creating applications specifically for enterprises of various sizes. Their competent team consists of seasoned designers skilled in a variety of adaptable innovations, including iOS, and Android app development, Respond Local, Vacillate, and Xamarin. 

Their unwavering responsibility is to provide clients with a superb mobile application development project, supported by a track record of producing excellent applications within agreed-upon timelines and budgets.

Regular and open contact with clients during the development process is a core principle of Designli. This approach makes sure that clients are consistently updated on the status of their projects, making sure that their expectations are satisfied. 

15. The NineHertz

A number of the leading brands in the globe have used applications made by the award-winning portable app development company NineHertz. They have a team of seasoned engineers who are experts in a wide range of flexible innovations.

The NineHertz stands out as a leading player in the application and gaming turn of events, renowned for offering a wide range of services at prices that are budget-friendly. 

Their large team, which includes more than 200 talented game creators, serves as evidence of their commitment to excellence. The business invests a lot of work in creating a variety of exhibits of games, paying close attention to various types and phases.

16. Intellectsoft 

Because of its focus on large-scale application configurations, Intellectsoft is a wise choice for businesses seeking technological change. To create applications that promote corporate growth, they put a strong emphasis on adaptability, security, and innovation coordination.

In 2007, Intellectsoft established itself as a key player in the product enhancement industry. This innovative company specializes in providing comprehensive application development and programming solutions, providing end-to-end services that pay particular attention to the unique needs of various enterprises. 

Their expertise spans the entire improvement cycle, positioning them as an adaptable partner in the field of computerized development.

17. OpenXcell

Procedure, plan, improvement, and promotion are all covered in OpenXcell’s comprehensive methodology. They are renowned for creating applications that make a significant impact thanks to creative design, strong utility, or unique features.

With considerable experience spanning more than 15 years, OpenXcell has emerged as a recognizable name in the field of programming improvement administrations. 

Their key strengths include developing robust, secure, and adaptable portable and online applications, along with large-scale business programming and huge global IT setups. Since its founding in 2009, OpenXcell has consistently improved, having a significant impact on enterprises.

18. InspiringApps

A highly regarded component, InspiringApps is well renowned for its expertise in the design and creation of mobile, web, and custom Software app development. 

Their unique approach is based on creating significant arrangements and intense interactions that go beyond conventional bounds. InspiringApps, based in the vibrant US city of Stone, has established a solid basis for itself as a noteworthy player in the innovation industry.

Their duty to develop apps that go beyond basic utility is at the core of their operations. InspiringApps aims to create agreements that resonate with customers more deeply by providing important experiences and meaningful collaborations. This strategy reflects their dedication to having a positive impact on several partners, such as employees, clients, and the larger local region.

19. Dynatrace 

Dynatrace is a driving force behind innovation, working to advance programming frameworks that enable teams to seamlessly manage, enhance, and scale cloud-based applications. The active stage that serves as a facilitator for various exhibits of incorporations and cutting-edge inventions is at the heart of their efforts. 

This phase serves as a catalyst, boosting effective systems for improvement and enhancing the potential for usage across various places.

The dedication of Dynatrace to leading-edge discernibility and computer-based intelligence-driven support is one of the company’s greatest strengths. Groups greatly benefit from incorporating artificial consciousness into their solutions, working with increased skill and dexterity. 

20. WillowTree

Since its founding, WillowTree has successfully delivered an amazing total of more than 700 applications, emerging as a notable participant in the field of application enhancement. This accomplishment serves as a reminder of their proficiency and capacity in developing programming arrangements that cater to various customers. 

Their expertise is in creating local, portable, and web applications that are meticulously custom-fitted to the exceptional requirements of customers from a variety of eight different enterprises. This adaptability demonstrates WillowTree’s ability to succeed in a diverse range of spaces.

The incredible coordinated efforts of WillowTree with IT behemoths like Apple and Microsoft are one of the best aspects of their process. 

This serves as an indication of their standing within the industry and of their ability to create organizations with key players. Additionally, its diverse and outstanding portfolio boasts mobile app development of applications for well-known businesses like HBO and PepsiCo. This further demonstrates their ability to provide ideas that resonate with a global audience and meet the exceptional demands of well-known figures.

What Benefit will you get by hiring an app development company?

In today’s tech-driven society, mobile application development has developed into an essential tool for businesses trying to communicate with their consumers and streamline operations. As the need for innovative and usable apps keeps increasing, working with a top-tier app development company could be a game-changer. Here, we examine the outstanding advantages that result from delegating your app project to a recognized authority.

  • Unmatched Expertise and Skill: 

The best app development firms have a staff of exceptionally talented individuals with years of expertise in developing a wide variety of applications. They have experience with a wide variety of platforms, technologies, and programming languages, so your app will be developed to the highest standards.

  • Customized and Scalable Solutions: 

Top app development companies are aware of the particular needs that each organization has. They work closely with clients to provide specialized solutions that address specific needs and are extensible for future growth. This level of customization makes your program stand out from the competition.

  • Cutting-edge technology: 

Keeping up with the latest trends and technology is essential in the competitive world of app development. Leading businesses invest in ongoing research to incorporate cutting-edge technologies like blockchain technology, AR/VR services, and AI, improving the usability and appeal of your app.

Read about AI in market research for a comprehensive guide details.

  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design that works seamlessly: 

The success of an app depends heavily on user experience. To ensure that users have a flawless and interesting connection with the app, reputable app development companies place a high priority on UI/UX design services. This focus on detail leads to higher levels of client satisfaction and retention.

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  • Thorough testing and quality control: 

Glitches and bugs can negatively affect an app’s reputation. Leading app development companies carry out extensive testing on a range of platforms and conditions to find and fix any problems before release. A hassle- and error-free user experience is guaranteed by this commitment to quality control.


Each firm we’ve looked into delivers a fantastic combination of expertise, development, and dedication to the dynamic environment of application advancement.

Overall, the top application development companies we looked into are not just producers of programming solutions. They are co-creators of cutting-edge digital experiences, powerful agents of development, and partners in progress. 


Looking for the best app development company?

DianApps being a top mobile app development company provides a unique combination of abilities, services, and triumphs over hardship paints a picture of an industry that is almost as diverse as the customers it serves. 

The field of application development continues to be a crucial basis of modern business systems, even as firms work to control the power of mobile and online applications to fuel their growth and improve customer loyalty.


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