Top 10 Android App Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Android App Development Companies in the USA

As of August 2023, Android mobile operating system holds the largest market share of 70.77% worldwide, while the rest belongs to iOS. What’s more interesting is that half of this count (41.18%) comes from the USA. 

Additionally, the market for mobile app development in the USA is set to grow at a scale of USD 366.93 billion in 2030, with a staggering CAGR of 23.80% from 2022 to 2030. Having a smart business requires the touch of app development software. And if you have a million-dollar app creation idea, do not wait anymore. Hire a top Android app development company in the USA!

Depending on your app development business requirements, we’ve prepared a list of the USA’s best Android app development companies. So, this is your opportunity to filter out the one app builder company that perfectly aligns with your American business plan. 

1. DianApps

Year of Establishment: 2017

Hourly Rate: $25 – $40

Certified by TNC as a Top mobile app development company in 2023

The number one in the top Android app developers in the USA list is DianApps. The company’s app creation techniques result in delivering scalable and high-quality app solutions across the globe. 

Being a startup, DianApps understands the importance of digital transformation and gives custom app development services that turn your ideas into reality. They help in implying cutting-edge technology and algorithms, needed to make your business rank on the first page of Google search engines. 

DianApps is a company with a diverse portfolio that includes custom mobile applications. They create solutions that are both technologically sophisticated and tailored to meet the specific needs of their customers. Their commitment is to push the limits of mobile technology and make experienced developers and innovative thinkers.

This firm uses a comprehensive approach to custom mobile app development, combining the most recent technological developments, agile processes, and user-centric design. The end product is an intuitive, highly useful, and aesthetically beautiful suite of applications. DianApps is a preferred option for companies in a variety of industries due to their demonstrated track record of completing projects ranging from straightforward mobile applications to intricate enterprise-level solutions.

2. Intellectsoft

A leading provider of consultancy services for digital transformation, Intellectsoft comes from Palo Alto, California. This business is well-known for providing a broad range of IT services, such as excellent custom app development, real UI/UX design, and excellent online solutions. 

It is a reliable partner for Fortune 500 businesses and well-known brands, assisting them in creating strong software solutions using cutting-edge technology. The staff at Intellectsoft is made up of experts who have completed more than 250 successful projects for a variety of clients, including small and large organizations as well as creative startups. 

This comprises proficient coders, UX experts, and visual designers who are dedicated to creating useful programs that people enjoy.

3. Designli

Located in Greenville, South Carolina, Designli is a top digital product firm renowned for turning software concepts into finished goods that are ready for market. They employ agile development techniques to swiftly launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and refine it based on input from real users.

 Companies often come to Designli to expedite decision-making and improve products through user insights. Their methodical approach, which purposefully pauses at pivotal moments for input, validation, and possibly to secure investments, is another thing that startups and entrepreneurs respect. 

For clients looking to employ mobile app developers who specialize in creating unique mobile applications with accuracy and attention to detail, Designli stands out as a top mobile app development business in the US.

4. B2C Info Solutions

B2C Info Solutions is a renowned mobile app development company based in the United States that offers a wide range of digital tech services. This business specializes on creating high-end web and mobile applications, advancing digital transformation via the use of cutting-edge engineering, cloud computing, and design knowledge.

With more than 100 committed IT specialists on staff, B2C Info Solutions uses agile methods to offer web and mobile solutions quickly, cutting down on launch time. 

With more than 450 large-scale enterprise apps and more than 100 online and mobile projects under their belt, they have served a global clientele that includes people in India, North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. Their reputation as a top business is demonstrates success in providing custom mobile app development services and mobile application consulting services.

5. Prismatic

Prismetric is one of the best mobile app development businesses in the United States. The organization is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and has a strong foundation in India, with branches operating in the USA and Brazil. 

This company focuses on developing web services and amazing apps for Android, iOS, and iPhone that provide a complete tech solution. It has more than 80 mobile app development and design experts who are dedicated to going above and beyond for their clients.

Since its founding in 2008, Prismetric has concentrated on providing customized technology solutions that meet and engage customer needs, solidifying its position as a reliable bespoke mobile app development company.

6. InnovationM

Recognized as one of the leading mobile app development businesses in the United States, InnovationM has its roots in India. With its extensive offers in mobile applications, websites, software solutions, and ecommerce app development services, it has been a key player in the evolution of progressive organizations for more than a decade. Its skilled staff is in charge of an amazing range of complex software projects for both big companies and specialized markets.

This business is well known for developing custom mobile apps for the iOS and Android operating systems and for adopting cutting-edge technologies like big data analytics, blockchain, and cloud computing. The user-centered, feature-rich apps and websites are designed to increase productivity, security, and corporate efficiency.

7. WebClues Infotech

Offering a wide range of IT solutions, WebClues Infotech is ranked highly among the best mobile app development firms in the USA. Their area of expertise lies on developing top-notch websites and mobile applications for several sectors. Their team builds robust, user-friendly websites and apps that assist businesses draw in more customers by fusing their extensive experience with a creative flair.

 The hundreds of websites they have developed demonstrate their proficiency in web creation, and they have gained respect for their capacity to serve a wide range of foreign clients globally.

 With a huge workforce proficient in all mobile platforms, WebClues Infotech is a great choice for developing custom mobile applications. They are committed to creating cutting-edge programs that are tailored to the requirements of its users.

8. Agency Partner Interactive

A prominent player among the best mobile app development businesses in the USA is Agency Partner Interactive (API). API is committed to comprehending the distinctive features of your company and leveraging technology to boost sales and profitability. 

They make selective hiring decisions in line with the high standards established by well-known Silicon Valley IT firms. Top developers and designers from around the world are drawn to API because of its exceptional work atmosphere. 

With savings of 40 to 60% on investments, they also provide their clients with a significant cost advantage without sacrificing the calibre of services like enterprise mobile application development and Android app development.

9. The Websuasion Group LLC

The Websuasion Group LLC since 2007. is one of the leading mobile app development firms in the United States. This company specializes in giving companies tailored technologies that meet their exact data management needs. 

To identify and address each client’s particular difficulties, they perform a thorough examination of their everyday operations. The design of such custom mobile app development services is adaptable and expandable to accommodate the client’s business needs.

10. SunTec

SunTec is one of the leading mobile app development firms in the United States. This diverse IT and BPO company offers better experience in a range of markets and specializations. 

With more than 1500 professionals working for it, SunTec India offers specialized services in data entry, eCommerce data management, digital marketing, online and mobile app development, and photo editing. Based in New Delhi, India, they are a preferred partner for foreign companies looking for dependable and affordable outsourcing solutions. 

SunTec India uses cutting-edge technology and a customized strategy to service a wide range of clients—more than 8530 in 50 countries—and maintain its position as a leader in the outsourcing industry. 

The Best Mobile App Development Companies to Choose

Careful thought must go into choosing a top mobile app development business in the USA. In a market full of choices, it’s critical to sort through the claims and concentrate on reliable criteria. Examine the experience and knowledge, go through client testimonials and portfolios, and comprehend the range of services provided.

Knowledge and Experience

Examine a company’s years of operation as well as the extent of its projects. Leading organizations take pride in their pool of highly qualified candidates and their track record of applying. They set the standard for mobile app development since they are creative leaders and well-versed in modern technology. Seek proficiency in a range of programming languages and platforms.

Customer List and Testimonials

A company’s clientele reveals its ability to take on a variety of tasks and its flexibility across industries. Customer feedback provides insight into the company’s problem-solving skills, work ethic, and ability to complete projects on time and under budget.

Variety of Services Provided

From market analysis and design to development, testing, and post-launch support. The top mobile app development business in the USA will provide a comprehensive range of services.

Innovations and Specializations in Technology

Top mobile app development businesses in the USA use cutting-edge technologies to set the standard in the tech-driven commercial environment. They leverage big data analytics, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide logical, practical solutions.

 AI is unique in that it makes it possible for software to forecast results and customize user experiences. It improves security procedures and mechanizes previously done manual labour. AI is revolutionizing the mobile app development industry by providing greater security and individualized user experiences.

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides easy control and data exchange by connecting commonplace objects. To provide users more control over their digital life, developers incorporate IoT application development for wearables and smart homes.

 Blockchain promotes user trust by enabling safe, transparent data management and transactions. For the security required in today’s mobile apps, it is essential.

The scalable resources and flexible storage streamline the app development across every platform with the help of cloud technology.

 iOS app development businesses differentiate themselves by specializing in tech fields like AI, IoT, cybersecurity, and User Experience (UX) design. They design user-friendly apps that are secure, flexible, and responsive. Your needs determine the price to design an iOS app.

In cybersecurity, preventing data breaches is of utmost importance. Protect your user data by stringent security procedures and testing.

Smooth and enjoyable user interactions are given top priority in UX design, which crafts engaging apps by putting accessibility and user feedback front and center.

Recognizing these technological skills and foci demonstrates how important these businesses are to the advancement of mobile app development. These companies, which include experts in iOS app development, never stop innovating to deliver digital solutions. That goes above and beyond what users anticipate, which keeps them at the forefront of innovation.


Some of the best mobile app development companies in the world are based in the USA. These entities’ strong technical expertise and aptitude for handling challenging problems make them exceptional in their sector. They have worked on a variety of projects and have created both simple mobile apps and complex integrated solutions.

Elite mobile app development firms in the USA have a few things in common. They are adept in the newest technologies and fashions. And commits to creating user-friendly designs, and have a track record of completing projects. They constantly create excellent apps and are excellent at adjusting to changes in the industry.

Many of these businesses set the standard for incorporating cutting-edge technologies like AI, AR, and IoT. Into app development, enabling them to produce effective, immersive, and future-proof apps.

Selecting the appropriate development partner is essential. Your app idea can become a reality with the right partner. One that supports your business objectives and appeals to your target market. When choosing a leading mobile app development company, consider their experience, qualifications, and scope of work.

 Examine their portfolio and client testimonials to gain an understanding of their achievement in the workplace and work ethic. A business with a diverse portfolio and glowing testimonials from clients. Is probably going to be a trustworthy and flexible ally.

The top app development business knows exactly what you need and tailors its services to meet those needs. They ought to help you from the beginning to the end.


The top US mobile app development business assists you in handling a range of app development needs. They create successful apps by combining technical expertise with creative solutions that are original and user-focused. Consider a partner’s background, style, and portfolio before selecting them. In the digital market, your app might succeed if you have the proper staff.

These leading US companies have the knowledge, experience, and creativity required to carry out your mobile app project. If you’re looking for a reliable partner from among DianApps.


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