How to Grow Your Business Rapidly Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How to Grow Your Business Rapidly Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Going digital is the best way to drive user engagement and successfully bring results to your business. And that’s one of the reasons why communication with customers has become easier and more relevant alongside personalized experiences. Today, owners can within a fraction of the time compose customer data and smartly use the acquired information in their business operations such as sales, marketing, and customer services. 

To help you conquer more attention from the customers, Salesforce conveys multiple Salesforce cloud services such as sales cloud, marketing cloud, and service cloud that benefit your business growth scale extensively. 

And if your intentions are to draw audiences to your product or service, Salesforce Marketing Cloud services provide the ultimate opportunity to reach your goals indefinitely. 

So, in the given blog, we will be discussing how the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help enterprises in growing their business rapidly by knowing the benefits, functionalities, and future scope of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Let’s dive right away! 

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Anything that is connected to social promotions and automation is relevant to Salesforce Marketing Cloud such as SMS, social media, email, websites, and mobile applications. Businesses employing SFMC can seamlessly integrate and manage all their marketing channels into one space. This also saves time for marketers as the tools offer customized messages that deliver through the right channels. 

Businesses that require assistance in locating and hiring a certified Salesforce Implementation Partner are a good choice. Specialists in Salesforce Marketing Cloud are in high demand because they provide businesses with a competitive edge. They let businesses use and safeguard customer information in order to provide better services. Professionals may stay in touch with prospects until they become clients thanks to automation and AI. They could find fresh leads, boosting sales and conversion rates.

Below are some Salesforce Marketing Cloud stats that will help you understand the market of the technology alongside its usage. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Market Stats

Along with Adobe Marketing Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and IBM Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the best marketing clouds available. Only Adobe’s marketing cloud has a larger market share than the 24% held by Salesforce.

According to the 2022 report, Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration has already been used by more than 10,238 businesses throughout the globe as a tool for marketing automation platforms. It facilitates communication between clients and businesses like Aston Martin, Philips, Western Union, Vodafone, General Electric, etc. Businesses that employ these technologies currently and in the future can have a significant edge.

Additionally, nearly 30% of Salesforce’s clients were in the professional services sector in 2021. The economy also depended heavily on manufacturing (11.1%) and financial and banking services (8.8%). The top three nations that utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud for marketing automation are the US, the UK, and Australia. 7,350 (62.21%) of the company’s clients are from the United States, 653 are from the United Kingdom, and 546 are from Australia.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Businesses

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud holds multiple advantages for every Salesforce development company to help client companies increase their customers boost sales and solve marketing challenges you have faced for a long time. But what are those benefits? Let’s look at some of the major benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

1. Better Data Management

Data extensions that can be joined together to create a relational database that can be accessed using SQL are used in Marketing Cloud to handle data. This is an extra advantage over other rival systems that only have a limited data model and can only import and handle specific kinds of data. Salesforce Marketing Cloud saves many types of data and allows you to construct your data model. It is crucial because improved data management enables Salesforce Marketing Cloud to construct and organize audiences in more intricate ways.

2. Better Predictions and Performance with the Assistance of AI

If your clients aren’t opening or viewing your emails, SMS messages, and other social media advertisements, what’s the point? The ideal time to send an email to your clients and customers depending on when they are most likely to open it would be amazing, wouldn’t it? You get exactly this via Salesforce’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) model, “Einstein.” Each customer’s information is predicted by AI.

Excellent features of Einstein include an “engagement score” that makes use of artificial intelligence to forecast who will reply to your marketing emails and communications. Additionally, Einstein provides you with an engagement frequency to assist you in determining how many emails to send to each consumer based on how they behave. Your marketing team will see an increase in engagement if AI is used to create precise forecasts and score engagement.

3. Keep Track of Your Progress and Evaluate it

Understanding how things transpired in the past might be beneficial going forward. Making corrections or using novel approaches might help you perform better. The marketing team finds it improbable to follow this strategy consistently. However, the “analytics builder” function of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of every marketing campaign activity.

You may learn who visits your company’s website, how effective your email marketing is, and how your social media accounts are performing using the analytics builder. You may keep track of how many clients and prospects you have at each stage of the marketing cloud by using an analytics builder. Making business selections about marketing campaigns will be simple for you to do with the assistance of the information above. Potentially, your business will also achieve its objectives.

4. Use Automation to Create Personalized Experiences

Every client is different. As a result, you must handle each person differently. Therefore, to interact better with your consumer, you need to employ personalized touch for better results. You may extract data, upload files, segregate data, and do a variety of other tasks with the aid of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s robust automation features.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud services include “Journey builder,” one of these automated tools that enables you to design a customer journey for each individual across several communication channels, including email, SMS, the web, advertisements, and push notifications. Additionally, tracking the customer’s journey assists in taking appropriate action. Think about a consumer who adds products to their basket but needs to still complete the transaction. If so, you may remind them by email or SMS till the trip is over.

Both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud services (when the product or service goes straight to the end customer). Combining data sources, tailoring each channel, speaking with clients at each stage of the relationship, and analyzing the effectiveness of the campaign would be the actual benefits.

Although inducing into the salesforce marketing cloud services seems intriguing and creates an urge to get started immediately, you must also have an understanding of the common mistakes while hiring a Salesforce consulting partner in order to avoid future mishaps. 

What Does the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Do in Business Growth?

With the use of sophisticated tools and features, Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to identify and learn more about your consumers so that you can market to them via email, social media, e-commerce, and mobile advertising. You may create content that is particular to each customer and maintain a one-to-one relationship with each of them using Salesforce Marketing Cloud services. We can learn more about the functions of the marketing cloud by using some of the following tools:

1. Journey Builder

It is a feature of the Marketing Cloud’s visual mapping tool. At each stage of the customer life cycle, create individualized customer journeys with several pathways across various media.

2. Content Builder 

It enables you to create interactive content blocks that can be reused repeatedly for emails and landing pages.

3. Email Studio

By ensuring that the appropriate message is sent to customers at the appropriate moment through email campaigns, email studios assist marketers in developing closer relationships with their clients.

4. Web Design

Gathering information to enhance the personalization of online encounters. You can control web experiences with Web Studio (i.e., landing pages and microsites). CloudPages is able to oversee all of the website content (including forms and coupons).

5. Data Studio

You may connect with other marketers and publications using this data-sharing service to discover new things about your consumers and increase your revenue. Making marketing initiatives that resonate with your clients is made simpler the more you understand them.

6. Advertising Studio 

Use an advertising studio to help you launch your first digital advertising campaign. They can assist with alignment, retargeting, and acquisition efforts. Utilize your CRM and marketing data to create customized advertising that complements your marketing plan.

7. Mobile Studio

The greatest approach to delivering urgent communications to clients’ most-used devices is through mobile marketing.

8. Interaction Studio

You may observe, monitor, and manage your clients’ experiences with a real-time engagement tool. It enables you to provide the consumer with the appropriate material at each stage of their journey.

9. Audience Studio

Audience Studio was once a Salesforce DMP. It is an effective data management tool that gathers data, offers deeper insights, and improves consumer connections on all social media platforms.

How is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud the Future of Business?

The development of Salesforce Marketing Cloud over time indicates there will be future discussion topics. According to some statistics, the company’s revenues rose by about 215.7% this year. It follows that you may anticipate much more in the long run.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud will probably include big data capabilities in the upcoming years. This will assist in spreading the notion that jobs involving customer service are crucial. But it’s not the only thing. It is also obvious that marketing firms will be able to use data in ways that are both targeted and prognosticative with the help of these sorts of partnerships. The fact that most firms are wisely investing in big data and AI may open the door for a busy and prosperous future for Salesforce Marketing Automation.

Over time, Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration may have attracted more clients from across the world and developed into the go-to source for all CRM solutions.

Final Thoughts! 

One of the most well-liked Salesforce solutions for digital marketers and business growth is Marketing Cloud. It enhances campaign performance, provides a 360-degree perspective of each consumer, and boosts return on investment (ROI). Enterprise-level marketing automation, email services, digital advertising, data management, analytics, and add-ons like Pardot, Email Studio, and Journey Builder are all available from SMFC.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can send prospects and customers marketing-approved images and messages using your service and sales data. You can know, communicate with, and customize your customers at every point of contact with you thanks to our Salesforce Marketing Cloud services. You can deliver messages across all devices and channels and tailor every encounter straight from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account. When a prospect turns into a customer, it may keep track of what consumers are doing and continue their customer journey.


DianApps is a certified Salesforce development company that can assist you if you’re seeking Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts. By utilizing our extensive worldwide experience and team of professionals, we assist organizations of all sizes in optimizing their business operations in the most cutting-edge and effortless manner possible.

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