How to Choose the Best Salesforce Consulting Services for your Business?

Best Salesforce Consulting Services

How to Choose the Best Salesforce Consulting Services for your Business?

Today,  Salesforce has become the world’s no.1 CRM platform, and obviously for many good reasons too. Thousands of companies worldwide are switching to this platform because of its flexibility, productivity, and efficiency. 

Now with the above context, hiring the best salesforce consulting partner is one of the appropriate things that a business can do to leverage the most from the Salesforce CRM. 

So, here in this blog, we will explain to you how you can choose the right consulting partner for your business. 

But Before you choose to find a Salesforce consulting company, it is important that should know a little bit about What is Salesforce CRM and how it is useful for you? 

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a platform that helps to manage all your customer’s relationships and interactions with your potential customers. 

In a nutshell, it allows businesses to manage customer relationships by storing, analyzing, tracking, and prospecting information in one central location. Now the data is in one central location so it ultimately helps organizations to have a complete picture of customers and prospects. 

Advantages of Salesforce CRM

  • Data organized by Salesforce CRM helps to understand the customer’s in an effective way. Salesforce has Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Analytics which ensures a better Customer Relationship Management System(CRM). 
  • Its data analytics tools help companies to keep track of customers’ past records which ultimately helps them to understand customer expectations and requirements better. 
  • Salesforce CRM helps a company to gain loyalty by maintaining consistent engagement with customers. 
  • Nowadays, everyone prefers to use mobile apps as these are more convenient and easier to use than websites. Now, here also a Salesforce CRM can help you build applications in order to make better connectivity with the customers. 
  • Communication with customers should be very seamless if any business wants to prosper. After all, no one will entertain delayed responses. However, with Salesforce CRM there is no need for companies to worry about delayed responses. This is because it has automation tools that can be used to do communication with customers through chats. 

Now let’s get started with some of the tips that you can use to find the best Salesforce Consulting services for your business.

1. Implementation Methodology

Whenever you opt to collaborate with a Salesforce consultant, it is very important that you understand the consultant’s implementation approach. Now to do this, you can go through their official website and understand how they approach and resolve a problem. Also, you can request a demo of their experience and approach. 

Additionally, you can ask them specific questions likewise-

  • What kind of tools do they use? 
  • Whether they are familiar with the latest updates in the Salesforce platform.
  • And most importantly what is their collaborative review and iterate methodology?
  • What type of consultation services they have provided so far to their clients? 

2. Pricing

Pricing structure of companies varies according to their expertise and experience. Also, you can do a little research on the internet to know more about the costs of consulting services.

Now, make sure that you thoroughly go through the pricing structure of the respective consulting company. Also, you can ask them questions like-

  • What are the overall charges for understanding the needs and recommending a proper implementation strategy? 
  • Do you charge on an hourly basis or after the completion of the whole project?
  • Do your consultants will charge separately or is it a combined tariff? 

You should ensure that the final pricing will be according to your budget. Also, you should be aware of what is written in your contract and ask any questions upfront. 

3. Technical Expertise & Experience

This is one of the most important criteria for shortlisting a respective Salesforce consulting partner. It is very important to review your partner’s technical expertise and industry knowledge. Here are some of the points that you can consider:

  • Methodologies
  • Number of Clients
  • Their Reviews and feedback on different platforms
  • Testimonials, and so on. 

Furthermore, research and find out if they have previous experience in the Salesforce domain and if they have already solved problems and challenges like the ones you want them to resolve. Are they gold or silver Salesforce Consulting partners? Basically understand their whole journey as a Salesforce consultant. 

Lastly, it is very important that the company you choose must have a vast experience across many technologies that Salesforce uses. Before finalizing them on the basis of their technical expertise, ask yourself the question, will they properly help you with the right consulting services? If not, you can go for another partner as well. 

4. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still the best strategy to find the right service whether it will be Salesforce or any other. All you have to do is check their previous customer’s reviews like what they have said about their work. Also, you can check reviews on AppExchange and take more references from their ongoing clients.  

Along with reviews, you should also go through some other important aspects such as their experience, certifications, awards, areas of expertise, etc. 

5. Location

The location approach is almost non-existent in today’s digital landscape because technology has blurred the boundaries. Although, providence may be in working with a Salesforce consulting partner that is geographically close to you. This will not only eliminate the consequences across time zones but also will give you the opportunity to work more closely with the consulting team. 

6. After Support Services

Like any other development service, Salesforce consulting services are also not a one-time affair. Particularly in today’s scenario technologies are evolving rapidly and so are businesses. It is essential that the software should get updated according to the latest innovations in technology by your Salesforce implementation partner

That’s why before you sign an official contract, discuss with them how they will support your business post-implementation services. Check out how they have provided post-implementation support to their existing customers. You should work with a Salesforce consulting partner that treats every project as its own. Lastly, go through their full package of services and make sure that they would be the best fit on a long-term basis or not. 

7. Make a Project Management Strategy

Building the right strategy is very important if you want your business to succeed. A reliable project management strategy will help you in many aspects of your business. 

Now, If you want to keep your expectations pragmatic and executable, you should always have transparent conversations with your consulting partner. Tell them about your specific goals and requirements so that they can make a proper management strategy accordingly. 

8. Sufficient Team Size

It is essential to make sure that the company with whom you are collaborating has a sufficient team to finish the project on time. Also, all team members should be well-qualified and have good experience in providing consulting services. They should be able to deliver consulting solutions according to your needs. 

Lastly, after being assured of their team size, you can move forward with the next step. 

Over To You!

After reading the blog many of you might be thinking that choosing the right consulting partner can be a stimulating task. No doubt it is a bit tough. But keeping the above points listed in your mind during your search will definitely help you to find the best Salesforce consulting partner for your business needs. Lastly, always be clear about your need and objectives for the project. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and found it helpful. 

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