Employee Onboarding Software: Advantages and Top Tools

Employee Onboarding Software

Employee Onboarding Software: Advantages and Top Tools

Employee onboarding software? Well, that seems like an effortless idea!

Gone are the days when the company HR department used to acquaint struggle in hiring candidates while also managing their profiles manually. Today, with the advent of technology, companies across the globe have begun overcoming this stressful process by considering employee onboarding software. 

Now, what was wrong with doing all the tasks by using the hands of a human? Well, New hires need help to get acquainted with a new company, department, co-workers, and processes, while hiring teams are scrambling to get the new engagement up to speed as quickly as possible.

In such a situation, a well-executed employee onboarding program can have a long-lasting impact on employees, your organization, and your business as a whole.

It not only helps convert new hires into productive team members faster but also reduces turnover rates, increases productivity and job performance by up to 70%, minimizes risk from unplanned employee departures, increases new hire retention by 82%, and much more.

This article covers everything you need to know about employee onboarding software and its benefits for your business. Keep reading to learn more.

What is employee onboarding software?

Employee onboarding is a type of software app development technology that is designed to help HR and recruiting teams create, manage and track employee onboarding programs.

In other words, it’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that you can use to make sure that new hires are set up for success from day one.

There are a few different ways that employee onboarding software can be implemented. Some companies opt for a hybrid approach, combining online tools with in-person orientation sessions. Others rely solely on online tools, like employee onboarding dashboards.

Whatever approach you choose, employee onboarding software can have a big impact on your organization’s culture. It can help your new hires feel welcome and ease them into their new roles. It can also save time and money by streamlining the onboarding process.

Among the above-mentioned few, there are many benefits employee onboarding software provides including but not limited to the following, these benefits are well-cherished by the top software development company like DianApps. 

8 Top Benefits Employee Onboarding Software Provides

1. Manage onboarding activities in one place

Making ensuring your new recruits are familiar with their new job responsibilities, business regulations, and other important information is a crucial component of the onboarding process.

You may control all of these processes from a single spot with the aid of employee onboarding software. To ensure that everyone is moving in the right direction, you may design checklists and guidelines to take your new recruits through particular tasks.

Additionally, you may utilize your onboarding app development services to build databases of knowledge that your staff members will require while they work for the business. You can keep track of an employee’s benefits, performance evaluations, and other details in one location.

Your staff won’t need to search for the information they want because they can obtain it immediately by logging into their onboarding program.

2. Improve communication with key stakeholders

To make sure that your workers have the greatest onboarding experience possible, communication is essential. To ensure a smooth transition between departing staff and new hires, communication is crucial.

You can speed up communication between your HR department and new recruits when you utilize employee onboarding software. In this approach, the HR staff will be able to immediately respond to any queries or issues that your new recruits may have.

You may expedite communication between your new recruits and their supervisors and colleagues by using employee onboarding software. You may establish a single hub where all staff members can submit queries and exchange details about assignments, projects, and other matters with the help of mobile app developers.

3. Increase employee engagement and productivity

Software app development for onboarding new employees is an excellent option for businesses trying to boost worker morale and output. Implementing an employee onboarding program may greatly accelerate new recruits’ ability to become engaged and productive employees.

The emotional commitment a person has to his or her job, employer, and coworkers is known as employee engagement. In essence, it refers to how engaged, effective, and content your staff is at work.

On-demand software development services for onboarding new employees may aid in raising employee engagement in a variety of ways. For instance, it might facilitate the development of a more streamlined and effective staff onboarding procedure. Additionally, it helps increase employee engagement by making interactions and communication between hiring teams, supervisors, and new hires easier. ​

4. Reduce turnover and recruitment costs

Employee turnover rates are the frequency at which workers quit their employment willingly or are dismissed. Employee churn is an expensive issue that many businesses deal with.

The cost of replacing an employee is estimated to be between 90% and 200% of their yearly income. The first six months after beginning a company, where the average turnover rate is 31%, are when turnover rates can be particularly high.

While it is hard to totally eliminate turnover rates, using employee onboarding tools may greatly lower them. It can aid in reducing the time needed to ramp up new recruits’ productivity, among other things.

5. Streamline the hiring process

The recruiting process is made more efficient by employee onboarding software. New recruits will be less unproductive the sooner you can train them and integrate them into the team.

Simply said, recruiting is made simpler and more effective with the use of employee onboarding software. The hiring process at your organization may really be integrated with many employee onboarding mobile app development solutions. This enables you to improve efficiency and streamline your hiring procedure.

You may streamline the recruiting and application processes with the use of employee onboarding software. Additionally, they may aid in streamlining the interview procedure and making it simpler for recruiting teams to work together, keep track of, and manage prospects during the whole hiring process.

6. Improve culture and relationships with employees

The culture and connections with your employees may be improved with the aid of employee onboarding software, which is another fantastic advantage.

Your new recruits will be able to learn about their new jobs, computer systems, and business regulations much more quickly if you utilize employee onboarding software.

As a result, you may spend more time cultivating relationships of trust with your staff. As you assist each of your workers in becoming familiar with their new duties and responsibilities, you may take more time to get to know each of them.

You will promote your business’ positive organizational culture by exposing your new recruits to such a disciplined and well-organized onboarding procedure.

7. Reduce paperwork for employees and managers

If you’ve ever employed someone, you are aware that there are several paperwork forms and chores to perform. You may automate these processes and documentation with the use of employee onboarding software, saving you time on administrative activities and paperwork.

You may automate chores like writing welcome letters, setting up payroll, or developing an employee handbook with the aid of employee onboarding software. You can also use digital forms in place of paper ones.

This helps you avoid mistakes while also saving you time.

8. Create an unforgettable first impression

You can make a strong first impression on your new recruits by using onboarding software. It enables you to design a unique onboarding procedure for each new hire. This might give new recruits the impression that they are a valuable member of the team right away.

A digital welcome package can be made. This may be anything from documentation to films that assist in educating your new recruits about the business. New hires may feel more prepared for their new position as a result.

You may also set up a welcome dashboard where new recruits can access details about their manager, the business, and their health insurance plan.

Best employee onboarding tools:

Employee onboarding is a crucial process for any organization as it sets the foundation for a successful and productive relationship between the employer and the new hire. The process includes orientation, training, and integration of the new employee into the company culture, values, and policies. With the advent of technology, several cross-platform app development tools have been developed to streamline the onboarding process and make it more efficient and effective.

Bamboo HR

One of the most popular employee onboarding software tools is BambooHR. This software offers a comprehensive solution for managing the entire onboarding process, from pre-hire to post-hire. It enables organizations to create custom onboarding plans, automate paperwork and compliance tasks, and track progress throughout the process. BambooHR also integrates with other HR systems, such as HRIS and ATS, to ensure a seamless and efficient process.


Another popular software tool is Gusto. This software is designed to automate the onboarding process and make it easy for new hires to complete all the necessary paperwork and compliance tasks. It also provides a centralized platform for tracking and managing employee data, such as benefits, payroll, and compliance. Gusto also offers a mobile app that allows new hires to complete their paperwork and onboarding tasks from their phone or tablet, making the process even more convenient.


A Greenhouse is another software tool that is gaining popularity in the employee onboarding space. This software offers a comprehensive solution for managing the entire hiring process, including onboarding. It enables organizations to create custom onboarding plans, automate paperwork and compliance tasks, and track progress throughout the process. The greenhouse also offers a mobile app that allows new hires to complete their paperwork and onboarding tasks from their phone or tablet.

One of the key features of employee onboarding software tools is the ability to automate paperwork and compliance tasks. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that have to comply with complex regulations and laws. For example, iCIMS is a software tool that automates the compliance process and ensures that all the necessary paperwork and documentation is completed before the new hire starts working. This includes background checks, I-9 forms, and other compliance tasks.

Another important feature of employee onboarding software tools is the ability to track progress and measure the success of the onboarding process. This is important for organizations to identify areas that need improvement and to ensure that new hires are integrated into the company culture and values. For example, Lever is a software tool that enables organizations to track the progress of new hires throughout the onboarding process and measure the success of the process.

Over to you 

Both new hires and hiring teams must make important decisions during the employee onboarding process. Therefore, you must ensure that everything goes well throughout the procedure.

Solid employee onboarding software is a terrific resource to use. It has several advantages and uses, as this page has mentioned.

It can assist you in streamlining your onboarding procedure, lowering your turnover rate, and strengthening employee relations.


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Using employee onboarding software, you may streamline your onboarding procedure and enhance communications with important parties.

By having new recruits fill out forms before they begin, you may save time using this application. By developing self-guiding checklists for your new recruits, you may also automate the onboarding procedure.

In general, employee onboarding software may assist you in streamlining your hiring and onboarding procedures and improving the onboarding experience for new hires. Therefore, it is a wise investment that will greatly enhance your company.

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