Parking App Development like ParkWhiz : Functions, Features, and Cost

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Parking App Development like ParkWhiz : Functions, Features, and Cost

In this hyper-secured world, finding parking spots in safe areas is an uphill struggle. It can be difficult to locate parking spaces in secure regions in our more protected society. Nevertheless, parking finder mobile applications enable users to reserve parking spaces and pay for parking utilizing apps, taking the worry out of finding parking places within their restrictions. 

Applications for parking on Android and iPhone track the user’s location, enabling them to find parking spaces nearby while they’re on the move. Once you get to the destination, it can be quicker to locate parking spots for vehicles.  

The most noteworthy feature of parking applications for automobiles is that users may reserve parking spaces based on their needs. Additional features that make parking locator software available in the USA include safe cashless payment options, a QR code scanner to confirm slot reservations and more. 

One of the key factors contributing to parking space locator applications’ appeal in the USA and other international markets is the convenience features they offer. Therefore, expanding applications for mobile parking is the most efficient approach to growing your business because the number of parking app downloads grows every year. 

Are you planning to create a parking app similar to ParkWhiz? Or are you trying to find a reputable mobile app development company?

Being among the leading custom software development company located in the USA, DianApps let you know the latest trends along with the pros and cons of car parking app development. This article will walk you through the benefits of utilizing an app similar to the ParkWhiz parking app, including its features and functions that can help you create your own mobile parking app. Apart from that, cost of software used to book parking tickets online, such as ParkWhiz, is also covered. 

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No. 1 Parking Slot Booking App in the USA – ParkWhiz App

One of the most popular parking-related apps in the USA is named as ParkWhiz. This popular parking finder app, which is based in Illinois, USA, enables users to reserve a free parking space across hundreds of locations in the USA and Canada. In Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Boston, and many other big cities, users may easily identify and reserve free rooms for reasonable and alluring costs. 

Users of the ParkWhiz application may locate parking spaces everywhere, review the pricing information, make payments online, get to their destinations, and park their cars without any fuss. It is the greatest parking solution that makes last-minute booking quicker and easier because there is no need to search for a parking space. 

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Features and Purpose of Mobile Apps like ParkWhiz

When it comes to significant features of the parking app, the admin, parking inspector, and admin panel call for equal importance. So let’s look over a list of characteristics that are necessary for a parking app like ParkWhiz to operate seamlessly. 

  • Admin Panel

Powerful Dashboard

You can effortlessly manage every aspect of your parking business with an admin panel and powerful dashboard. You may streamline your operations and save time by having the flexibility to manage parking, payments, bookings, and users all in one location.

Manage Parking Spots

The app’s creators have the ability to add, amend, and remove parking spots from the app’s database besides allowing parking spot owners to register and publish their spaces. This function keeps the app’s parking place database current and useful.

Manage Payments

A safe and reliable payment gateway that allows app owners to view and control all payments made via the app. It maintains the safety and security of all transactions while also ensuring a smooth and hassle-free payment experience for users.

Manage Bookings

A feature that allows app developers to view and control all user reservations through a single interface. It enables them to accept, decline, or cancel reservations based on availability, ensuring that users always have access to parking spaces that are available.

Manage Users

You can add and control users, check user activity, and send notifications with ease. As it turns out, app owners have total control over user management and can add, remove, or modify user accounts as necessary. Additionally, it enables them to have control over user information like booking history, preferences, and feedback and utilize that data to enhance the usability of their app.

Discounts & Offer Management

Create and manage promos and discounts to attract new consumers and increase income. It allows administrators to create and control user discounts, promotions, and exclusive deals. It allows them to attract new users while also retaining those they already have, increasing the app’s popularity and profitability.

Push Notifications

Keep users informed with push notifications for booking confirmations, updates, and promotions. With these features, you can take control of your parking business and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

  • User/Driver Panel

Quick Registration

Create a quick and easy registration process to make user registration easier. a straightforward feature that makes it simple for users to sign up, making it simpler for them to use the app and locate parking spaces.

Hassle-free Login

Streamlines the login process so that users can access their accounts without coming across any unnecessary barriers.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Locates nearby parking spots using GPS technology, making it easy for users to identify and reserve spaces.

User Profile Management Interface

Users can manage their profiles, including personal information, payment methods, and preferences, through an interface.

Booking Interface

Allows users to find and reserve parking spots fast and effortlessly thanks to a user-friendly interface that makes the procedure easier.

Search Interface

Provides visitors with the option to search for parking spaces based on factors like location, cost, and availability, making it simple to discover the ideal spot.

Early Departure

Users can leave their parking spot before their booking expires and receive a refund or credit for the unused time.


Allows users to schedule their parking ahead of time, ensuring they have a guaranteed spot when they need it.

Push Notifications

Sends users real-time alerts so they are always up to speed on the status of their reservations, upcoming reservations, and other related details.


Offers users a history of their previous bookings, making it simple to keep track of their consumption and costs.

Reviews & Ratings

Allow users to leave reviews and ratings for parking spaces they’ve used, thereby assisting other users in making more informed decisions. With these features, the user/driver panel can provide your customers with a convenient and trouble-free parking experience. 

  • Parking Inspector Panel

Reach Customer

Provides parking inspectors with a way to reach out to customers directly, allowing them to communicate and address any issues or concerns in a timely manner.

Adding New Parking Slots

Enables parking inspectors to add new parking spots to the system, expanding the available options for customers and increasing revenue potential.

Feedback Management

Allows parking inspectors to manage and respond to customer feedback, improving the overall experience and addressing any concerns or complaints.

Push Notifications

Sends real-time updates to parking inspectors, keeping them informed about new bookings, cancellations, and other relevant information.

Payments & Management

Provides parking inspectors with a way to manage payments and financial transactions, ensuring accurate and timely processing while reducing administrative overhead.

Tech Stack Necessary to Build a Vehicle Parking App

Application & Data – Nginx, Underscore, Backbone.js

DevOps – New Relic

Utilities – Amazon Cloudfront, Mailgun, Google Analytics, Twilio SendGrid, Optimizely, Crazy Egg, Mandrill, Mixpanel

Business Tools – G Suite, Zopim, Zendesk

Factors Affecting the Development Cost of Parking Apps

Team Size

Building an application requires a team of professionals to work together toward a common objective; it cannot be done by one person. So the cost to construct the app will be higher with a larger crew. Choosing freelancers or a specialized parking app development company will also have an impact on the final cost. 

Frontend & Backend Development

Apart from the expertise required to use them effectively, the technology and tools utilized for frontend and backend development are distinct from one another. Consequently, it has a direct impact on the price of developing a parking application like ParkWhiz. 

App Distribution Platform

The most widely used platforms for users to download apps are Android and iOS. You then choose whether you want to use iOS, Android, or both. Android app development services cost more than iOS apps since they require more time to design because they need to support more devices.

Location of the company

Since hourly rates differ from region to region, the company’s location has a direct impact on the overall development cost of the parking app. When compared to companies in Asia, developing an app in a country like the US will cost you twice as much or perhaps thrice. 

The complexity of the features

There is no doubt that an app with more advanced features requires skilled developers as well as more developing hours. It will also consume more testing time. This factor will raise the cost too. 

Here is an article that will walk you through the cost and other important aspects to build a travel app for your assistance. 

Cost to build a Parking App like ParkWhiz 

Developing ParkWhiz costs between $15,000 and $35,000, and it is one of the best parking apps. The price of parking locator apps will increase by more than $50,000 if you include advanced features like the ability to track your location, a chat function, and a number of customizable payment APIs online.

As one of the leading firms in the USA for mobile app production, we think that the cost of parking apps will rely on their features and functionalities. Important considerations include the design of the app, the technology employed, and the hourly rates charged by the top app developers in the USA and other regions.

Likewise, the size of the team, how long it takes to construct a mobile app, and where the mobile app developers are located all have an impact on how much it costs to develop a parking app. These are only a few of the important elements that determine the final cost of designing a parking app.

Do You Want to Develop a Parking Mobile App like ParkWhiz?

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Closing Words

We believe that this guide will serve as a bigger picture of parking app development. We are pleased if you learned more about on-demand app development.

Considering the rising number of vehicles on the road, the future of online parking spot booking apps seems to be bright. The main advantages of online parking applications are time-saving search solutions, and eliminating headaches while parking vehicles. Not only that, but removing the need to drive a great distance to park vehicles, and flexible payment options. The parking experience is being enhanced, and procedures are being digitalized.

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