Challenges Faced by Developers while Developing React Native Apps

Developing React Native Apps

Challenges Faced by Developers while Developing React Native Apps

The rapid boom of digital technology has given us access to cutting edge features and customized functionality in the form of mobile applications. The radicalized global usage of everyday apps has made it quite impossible to imagine living out a single day without your cell phone by your side.

A growing number of programmers are actively redesigning the way we think about mobile apps with fast-paced innovations that meet new-agers demands. The most preferred addition to this arsenal of platforms is React Native. It has gained great fame over the years and has become a hot favorite for developers out there.

Developers often come across a host of unforeseen challenges as they work on their software. Choosing the right platform to build your iOS or Android app can make all the difference as you plan and structure your way through the complex process of designing an application. React Native App Development is one such option that helps you access all app building modularities with a simple yet efficient programming language.

React Native App Development is vouched for by expert app developers and app development companies for its incredible utility. Read on and discover how you can bring your ideas to life with state-of-the-art programming that react native has to offer:

Challenges of React Native App Development

Designing an app from scratch is no small feat. It requires hours of brainstorming, design planning, risk assessment, advanced programming, and all these are just the tip of the iceberg.

However, programming using React Native is a useful option when you want to build a functional and efficient application. Still, certain facets of this language can be problematic without a thorough understanding of its scope and features.

Here are a few things to look out for when using React Native:

It ain’t that simple

React Native is known for being easy to use with basic knowledge in cross-platform app development. Unfortunately, several occasions when advanced rendering of the app requires a Native App Development expert to work out certain computations.

Being familiar with the library core and understanding its more intricate functioning is not always a reasonable thing to ask from regular app developers. Of course, this can easily be resolved by working in hand with expert teams from app development companies.

Complicated iOS Deployment

Testing and running the application for iOS devices can be quite a hassle as it requires testing platforms from Apple’s reliable structuring. While React Native can be used for different mobile applications, this software caters to android deployment with much more functionality.

Technical hiccups

Using this platform, a developer can execute only one JavaScript thread at a time which can drastically reduce processing speeds when trying to run multiple functions. Native React does not support numerous threading processes which can be a tremendous bother when creating complex apps.

The abstraction layers add robustness to the application, making them a convenient feature when you’re building an app. The downside of this detail is that the bugs that pop up in these layers are quite challenging to resolve. It can also make you much more dependent on external libraries, taking away centralized control from the main developer.

Why do developers prefer it despite the challenges?

The advent of Flutter, Xamarin, Swift, etc. has shaken the popularity of React Native by offering a better alternative and improved performance. However, a few developers still incline towards React Native for certain reasons and we have listed a few of them:

JavaScript Coding

The primary reason why React Native is so sought after is that the whole app is coded in JavaScript. Developers tend to prefer JavaScript, as it is the most used and preferred programming language. So people adept at programming in this language, find React Native quite easy to use. This leads to more building of mobile apps using React Native, thus leading to more output and productivity.

JavaScript also ensures cross-platform possibilities making sure the app developed can be designed for both iOS and Android with minor tweaks. This makes companies prefer this language in particular in order to cater to large crowds in less time.

Facebook Support

Facebook is quite cosmopolitan now. React Native is quite popular, despite being open-sourced, and is supported by Facebook. The initiatives taken to redesign React Native to improve performance and efficiency were taken up by Facebook, making it quite indispensable to the React community. In turn, Facebook uses React Native in their apps like Marketplace, Ad Manager, etc.

User-Friendly Tools and Features

Developers always look for perfection in their work. Hence, the tools provided by React Native to combat their drawbacks like React Native Debugger with React Native Inspector and Redux Dev provide a comfortable developing and debugging experience for app building. Fast Refresh enabling gives you instant feedback that lets you make useful changes and edits to improve your functioning. The best feature would be Expo: which allows non-coders to develop apps too without fretting.

The Ever-Supportive Community

The charm of coding and developing always lies in the community, be it on Reddit (r/reactnative) or Reddit Native GitHub where all codes and answers lie in the open-source domain. Stack Overflow also contributes positively making this easy-to-use and not close-knit. The community is ever-growing and has so much more potential.

Far-Reaching Potential

Start-ups are the new “in” with thousands of entrepreneurs busting with concepts and ideas, for the efficient functioning of companies, the database, and social networking matters. Apart from React Native developed Instagram and Facebook, web-designing apps like Wix, which provides effortless and beautiful designs for corporate websites and blogs are actually products of React Native. Discord designed by React Native is immensely popular among gamers and now, non-gamers like YouTube content creators earn and organize popular events. The potential of React Native is far-reaching: be it for music, health blogs, websites, pictures, and connecting people or in the long run, even boosting growth and development.


Despite the challenges, React Native faces, the user-friendly interface, and popularity rank way higher than most of app development. Popular apps like Skype, Instagram, Walmart, SoundCloud Pulse, Tesla, Airbnb, Ubereats, and many others are built using the React Native framework. It has a lot of potential with more creativity buzzing among the youth. This provides an ideal platform to seamlessly put forth more useful apps and maybe play a more prominent part in mobile app development.



We are sure you are convinced that custom software development can be your viable option to create a simple and easy interface for your business. But if you still are unsure, hear from a react native app or flutter app development company or take expert advice before you sign the deal. 


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