How to Change & Boost your E-Commerce Store with Mesmerizing Designing


How to Change & Boost your E-Commerce Store with Mesmerizing Designing

When Darwin established his theory of the survival of the fittest he only made sense with something that is applied even now, be it for life, a dream or a thriving business. All keeping up with the moving time. The world is slowly getting accustomed to the new changes and exploring new experiences in real life. From thrift shops and real-life shopping experiences to virtual ones, life moved on accepting and normalising every new normal.

The world saw an unprecedented time in 2020 surviving together on a global level with forced shutdowns, Quarantines, travel bans, and retailing closures but one field which strived and thrived during these times was the e-commerce marketplace. But it wasn’t all roses for all the e-commerce websites exactly where Darwin’s theory makes sense about the survival of the fittest. Who used the time to their advantage smartly strategizing and coming up with unique solutions acquired flourishment. While 2021 is hopeful for new opportunities here is how you can prepare and compete to win with innovative E-commerce website designing in 2021.

What pleases the eyes is what sells, even though there are other categories, however, this one right here is the main priority. The reason why designing is attended to so much. Let’s take an example for a broader understanding, everybody has been gifted with their creativity and so it makes the competition harder. Surely each one has a special unique feature that makes them stand out and that feature itself is what makes that person’s creativity successful.

There wouldn’t be any Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates or Elon Musk if they would have relied on one single idea or creativity and establishment in different niches. Similarly what will make you different will depend upon your ability to bring out a special feature.

The E-Commerce sector saw growth in 2020 with consumers who are willing to continue to shop online provided the accessibility of buying things from your home is pretty easy. But then again there are a lot of brands out there who offer the same services as you, and so, what makes you different from the others is what matters, this is where the designing comes in.

The first thing that attracts a customer’s attention is the design. Not only does it capture attention but leaves a good first impression. It ignites the curious user’s mind to stay and explore more and enjoy a good user experience and leave a lasting effect for the customer to return and shop for more.

The biggest trend that we saw in 2020 was probably the E-Commerce web development emerging and adapting strategies for the sudden shift to the online marketing model.

To tackle the new and sudden influx of visitors, business owners adopted omnichannel marketing strategies for online businesses. As the number of buyers increased, so did the businesses reach by advertising their products and services to every present channel on the internet.

Seeing the huge influx of audience, the business learnt the various ways in which they could attract customers to their services, they saw the opportunity to grow their businesses and provide a personalized shopping experience with similar products recommendations, personal shopping assistance (Thanks to AI) and even helpful guides. Building trust and bond between them. Applied by all of the business in 2020, just for the sake of enhancing the user experience.

What Does 2021 Bring in for Businesses? And How can They up their Strategies

Whenever it comes to user enhancement, a Website development Company seems to be the most appropriate to confide in. With the unique UX and UI techniques on the behest, they aim to grow your business by providing you with the most apt user experience.

Whenever it comes to website designing, there are about 5 important elements that one must keep in mind, no matter what timeline they are following.

Video Content

Creating a video for your website is a great way to increase engagement and drive more traffic to your site. With the availability of various video maker tools online, it has become easier than ever to create a video for free. However, it’s important to remember that the content of the video is key. The video should be well-researched, well-written, and interesting to your target audience. As a web designer, you should focus on creating high-quality content for your videos, as well as for other elements of your website such as news and information, images, and blogs. By making sure that your website is engaging and interesting, you can increase the amount of time that users spend on your site and boost your SEO efforts.


Making it easier for your user to use your website will always earn you brownie points. Because if there is one thing that the human mind hates, is inaccessibility and finding it difficult to move about your site. The user should know where they are, and where they want to go, with no more difficulty in choosing on any kind of page. Easily navigable, intuitive, accessible, and mobile-friendly, well, there you’ll have the answer and just the right amount of traffic if not more.


Those who understand the concept of eye-pleasing, have got it right. Having a visually impressive website is key for all human minds. Maintaining your brand image, reflecting your ideas, as well as your services, is what the designers need to keep in mind. Your websites provide the information of who you are as a business, and how you visually connect with your audience, increasing your credibility apart from your brand awareness.


Using all the digital marketing techniques is what we mean by here. You might have the most aesthetic website, being user friendly as well as have excellent content on it, however, to increase its visibility through various digital marketing campaigns including SEO, social media marketing as well as email marketing.

To have a successfully running website it is necessary to have the proper knowledge to understand and know and how to reach the audience and utilize your content in the best way possible.


Engagement is very necessary for your audience, hold their attention and make them stay longer on your website, and encourage them to come back to you is what matters.

Your website is no showcase, and it is there to generate leads, increase sales and help you grow your business, and also increase traffic.

To stay well in the game, it is necessary to have the right elements and follow them thoroughly.

Few Trends That Must Follow in 2021

1. Neumorphism

It combines the developments of a flat design and skeuomorphism or the things that mimic real-life objects. This is also called Soft UI and is a visual style that can combine the background colors, shapes, gradients, and the highlights and shadows that give intense graphics to the buttons and the switches, making them look real.

Image Source: Pinterest

It is known to infuse a feeling of freshness in-app user interface design, looking soft as well as giving them the freedom to experiment.

TIP You can use high contrast elements and typography making the UI design accessible and user-friendly.

2. Scroll Effects

This is an old trend that seems to have the perfect trending capabilities since ‘11. Scrolling allows the user to zoom in or out of images, scroll horizontally and implement transitioning across various sections.

Scroll Effect

3. Organic Designing

A trend that is catching on to becoming a really fast one. It is influenced by the powers of nature and even the organic world around, it inspires the web in many various ways. The websites are usually heavily focused on earthy shades and natural shapes to organic textures.

4. Structured Navigation

Ditch the mega menus and the detailed placing of each and everything on the page, and choose the streamlined menus. Users are reaching websites or even the products not via homepage but through SEO. Less navigation guides the users to a path where the engagement is more and improving the user experience.

Structured Navigation

5. Audio Experiences

It is one of the major aspects of enhancing the user experience and taking it a level further. The Audio experiences on a website tend to tackle language barriers as music is cohesive and binds everyone together and helps in web-based storytelling.


6. Material Design

The material design concept uses everything, shadow effect, movement, creating depth, etc. It utilises the maximum use of white space. Shadows and intentions with a motion to provide a layered kind of approach to the design.

Material Design
Image Source: Tumblr

It gives the website a minimalistic look and has a lot in common with the flat designs. Using the shadow to provide maximum depth

7. Typography

Of the lot, typography is provided with the least focus, however, if done incorrectly, it could cost you a lot. Once you get your typography right, you can bring life and energy to your site. Be it the already present fonts or the customized ones, they provide you
with all.

8. Illustrations

Giving your website, customized illustrations with an added animation will be a big boon for you. They will add a unique factor that could make you stand out in a crowd of many. With proper implementation of the same, it could be a great way to showcase your product in use. It also has a storytelling aspect attached to it, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything and let the illustrations do their task.

9. Proper Animations

Now we know it, and we know it right. Animations used can be a very big boost to your website as they attract a lot of audiences and they even enhance the user experience by increasing the engagement factor. However, you will have to take care of not going overboard with it.

Proper Animation


How to Stay and Win the Game

The best thing about the internet is that you can at least predict the future of the trends that could follow, just like how Core Web Vitals and UX-related page signals are going to be a trend. So, for those Business Owners who don’t already know,

1. Attract

To ensure that you stay in the game, you will have to make sure that your website is well optimized and is generating the lead, and is effectively doing it, to attract the customers that you are willing to have.

One of the latest additions is the google core web digitals. It is supposedly going to be one of the largest trends that will help build a customer-centric website prioritising user experience. It will make your website more accessible and usable for literally everyone on the internet.

TIP make sure that you pay the same focus and attention to the mobile users and enhance the mobile responsiveness with context to the websites. So, the designing must be one accordingly.

2. Convert

Once you have been successful in attracting and generating leads, you are halfway through your journey. It is now time to use the site visitors as actual paying customers and design your website accordingly. With the oncoming traffic, you must now have the chance to generate conversions for yourself.

The most important part of converting the visitors is to give your customers their exact needs and leverage unique and innovative ideas to elevate your UX/UI on your website. Now you can do that by-

  • Personalizing the shopping experience and providing recommendations, and similar products.
  • Shopping assistance through chatbots, using AI technology.
  • Making the payment and checkout procedure simpler and fast
  • Increase the mobile friendliness and the page loading speeds because no one likes it slow.
  • Adding good quality content with audio and videos.
  • Client testimonials, and feedback, work wonders into making the customer buy a product.

3. Retain

Now once you are done attracting and converting the customers into a loyal audience, The next step and the prime one is to retain that audience whilst you attract more. Implementing customer-centric strategies that are aimed at customer retention is very important.
Have a website with a clean layout

  • Make navigation easier
  • Highlighting the key pros and brand values.
  • Incorporating high-quality visuals
  • Having a return policy
  • Establishing relationships with your customers
  • Providing them with the best of all aspects of the experience.

When you provide the customers with a pleasurable, easy, and good shopping experience, and provide them with extra marketing surprise elements, it makes it easy to retain the audience. It also encourages more attraction to customers.

Building the best and buoyant website is what you need to do. It is all about eCommerce building in 2021. You must use the perfect blend of strategies and must be adept at ideas for you to attract your ideal customers. To provide the most incredible user experience, you must confide in the best website development company and utilise the best UX/UI Designs to hold a strong base and sail through 2021 with no harm and only benefits.


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