Top 8 Technology Trends That Will Redefine a Post COVID-19 World


Top 8 Technology Trends That Will Redefine a Post COVID-19 World

In recent years, mobile applications have helped us to address the question of accessibility in the most innovative way. It has significantly improved the quality of our lifestyle. Smartphones have opened new gates for entertainment, education, shopping, etc. But now many applications are targeted at enhancing medical care. These applications include downloadable applets, web applets, and even native apps that supports PC, mobiles, and wearables.

The intervention of technology in healthcare starts at home. These technologies have grown beyond managing patient records and tracking fitness. Every day new strategies are designed to bring the best out of it, but even then, we haven’t given much thought to the influence of technology in our life. Now let us take a visit to medical advancements achieved by technology, especially using mobile applications.

  1. Education – For many of us, today, our smartphone has become our fitness trainer, our dietician, or even our doctor. Many applications are available in the Appstore or Playstore, which can help us maintain our fitness. These apps could be paid or free, depending on the quality of service provided. Even the free versions of these applications do help us a lot. Most applications share tips and tricks to maintain good health. Following these, will help us to stay fit, and dodge away from life-threatening diseases. Most of us use calorimeter. Now our mobiles and other personal devices know our food better than us. All health-conscious individuals use these applications to limit the food we take against the work we do to shed our calories. A simple yet helpful application to improve our life.
  2. The Data Center – One big advancement of technology in healthcare is the utilization of the database. This feature allows us to store all medically relevant details such as the history of the disease, our current prescription, our scan results into a central cloud so that any doctor whom we consult, has access to our data so that they can provide the best medical care. Such databases are helpful if we are in a condition where we can’t share such information.
  3. Our Personal Reminder – We are all occupied by one way or another, that sometimes, we even forget to take care of ourselves. Many companies invest in developing applications that can act as reminders. These reminders could be to take medicine or to remind you of a doctor or a lab appointment. Some applications have grown even smarter. They now keep monitoring our activities to ensure that we stay fit. It reminds us to drink more water, to take a break from our work, to maintain a perfect posture, and so on. These might feel quite silly, but these are crucial in preventing us from great pains.
  4. The Wearables – To sync more into our lives, these days wearables are the most invested technologies. Bands and watches are some examples of these. These wearables are now infused, with pulse checkers, footstep counters, and many other features along with smart connectivity to review our daily activities. These data can help us to monitor our health status at any time and to change our habits accordingly.
  5. Finding The Best Medical Care – Many applets aim to avoid hospital visits for us, but sometimes a hospital visit might be necessary. For such an instance, there are many applications developed to help you in locating the best palliative care for you. With the aid of the internet and exceptional mobile application, we have access to the best medical care at the global level. From booking an appointment to navigating us to the right place, mobile applets can save as big time. These applications can also help with auto check-in and completion of paperwork at hospitals.
  6. The Virtual Doctor – This is the next big trend and advancement possible in medical-mobile application development. This feature allows us to consult with the doctor we need, irrespective of the geographical location through video calling and other facilities. This can help us save a lot of time, avoid long queues, and to consult the doctor at our convenience.
  7. The Digital Store – While many apps focus on personal care and advice, some applications provide us the facility to order medicines and other medical equipment and to have them delivered right at our doorstep. Ever since the launch of such services, they have become much popular and are indeed a great help for those having trouble approaching the store.
  8. Post-Treatment Care – Until now, we have discussed the presence of mobile applets in pre-medical care. Mobile applets perform an essential role in post-medical care too. They can remind us to take our medicine or even to book a follow-up section. These applications can also provide us information regarding our medical condition, discharge reports, things to take care of, etc.

The advancements brought by technology is remarkable. It has successfully reduced death rates and improved life quality. Not adapting to these technologies would be the biggest mistake one can make regarding their health. Mobile apps have made the life of both medical professionals and patients’ life easy.

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