On-demand Pharmacy Apps: Making Coronavirus Outbreak Less Severe


On-demand Pharmacy Apps: Making Coronavirus Outbreak Less Severe

In the past few months, the landscape of the entire world has changed. The Coronavirus crisis has not only made people caged into their houses for weeks but has also compelled them to operate remotely. This has created a sense of uncertainty and panic among all; especially because this pandemic seems not in the mood to avert.

A ripple effect of this is that almost every business is facing adverse effects of the pandemic crisis; including Pharmacy.

Yes, even today when the most purchased item in the world is sanitizers, disinfectants, and other such medicines, the pharmacy industry is bearing a large scale of loss. 

The pharmacy local businesses are finding fewer customers as people are fearing of getting contaminated with COVID-19 if they go out or touch the same places. They are seeing cash money as a carrier of Coronavirus and demanding for contactless payment solutions. This is making it difficult for local pharmacists to do business and ensure regular cash flow. 

Likewise, workers at the pharmacies are hesitating to work for the whole day and take the risk of getting in touch with an infected person. In fact, many of the workers are quitting their job with the hope that they will work again when there won’t be any risk in their lives. This is affecting the management process and making the work last for more than the required time period.

At the same time, the majority of consumers are keeping a stock of essential medicines at home, which is again becoming a challenge for the local pharmacies as the supply chain process is quite slow during this pandemic period. Additionally, they are focusing only on the severe medical conditions and not the chromic ones; resulting in mismanagement of the supply once again. And so on.

To mitigate the prevailing market challenges and sustaining their business, pharmacy companies are looking ahead to On-demand app development. They are understanding the concept of Healthcare app business model and thriving their processes to ultimately bring the essential advantages such as 

  1. Real-time Availability

    In the present panic situation, the on-demand business model helps pharmacies deliver the medicines and other services beyond their local regions and working hours.

  2. Enriched Customer Experience

    Currently when people are panicking and demanding all the services at their doorstep at the earliest, investing in the idea of online pharmaceutical delivery helps with engaging and retaining the target user base.

  3. Lower Cost 

    When running pharmacy business locally, most of the entrepreneurs put their own labels to the medicines and ask for customized charges. However, when it comes to entering the space of On-demand app development, business leaders come to realize that competitors sell medicines and other services at different prices, which further encourages them to deliver their products/services at cost-effective rates. And that too without compromising on the profits.

  4. Huge Profits 

    As hinted in the earlier pointers, the idea of embracing the concept of On-demand business aids pharmacists in connecting their target user base even during this pandemic period, fulfill their needs, and get a huge return, along with their trust.

  5. Enhanced Marketing 

    In the present time of COVID-19, users are avoiding going out and are looking for every possible means to get the services right at their doorstep, an online pharmaceutical delivery application acts as your marketing tool as well. It does not solely help with capturing the attention of the targeted audience, earn a hefty amount of money, but also promote your brand and propel users to share your application with their near and dear ones.

Now as you know the reasons why online pharmaceutical delivery applications like PharmEasy, 1mg, and Netmeds are becoming the new trend in the pharmacy world, it is likely that you are looking forward to launching a similar application. This clearly implies you must be thinking of hiring a reputed application development company.

One of the best options you can go for is DianApps, The on-demand app development company has an adept and experienced team of business strategists, designers, developers, testers, and marketers who have already designed apps for many clients worldwide. And that too belonging to different sectors and industries.

The team is well familiar with the hidden challenges and opportunities associated with this business model and assists startups and established brands to launch a future-centric mobility solution into the market, stand out from the crowd, and much more.

So, what’s holding you back? Contact the experts today and change the future of your pharmacy business.


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