IoT, Bots and Mobile Apps – A Victorious Trident for the Future

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IoT, Bots and Mobile Apps – A Victorious Trident for the Future

In recent times, businesses, news channels, banks, and several other public, as well as private sectors, are flourishing due to the emergence of mobile applications. It provides a wonderful opportunity to reach their potential customers. Mobile apps are a one-stop point to get all the information they need. To say it simply, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives.

The number of mobile app users is increasing every day. It reached 230 million users last year and this is only in India. Using IoTs and Chatbots has a lot to do with this increment. The Internet of Things (IoT) market has been growing rapidly since the year 2009. According to Statista, the worldwide IoT market will reach more than $1.7 trillion by mid-2021.

With the help of IoT, the world has been gifted with a range of new concepts, for example, smart vehicles, smart cities, and innovative toys.

Apart from this, Bots are the next big thing. Being a very important part of iPhone and Android app development, it provides useful applications and results to the users. It has leveled up the industry and impacted the communication and online business world.

What is IoT?

IoT is an interconnected network of devices and it is also commonly referred to as the Internet of things. It uses the internet to connect with each other. They all have an IP address. They communicate with each other through mobile devices using a smart interface. The IP Address Lookup is a handy way to let you find out where a specific IP Address is coming from. It quickly tells you the city, country, and exact coordinates (latitude and longitude) associated with that IP. It checks multiple databases that store geographical information linked to IPs.

IoT technology in the mobile app is home automation systems or smart homes. All the appliances, machines in the house like lights, security cameras, cooking devices, and so on are connected to the internet. They can receive instructions from house owners using an IoT integrated app.

What is IOT

What are Bots?

Bots are like virtual computer assistants. You can find bots in your Facebook messaging apps or Skype. They provide an easy way to order lunch or book tickets. In mobile apps, Bot is like a virtual assistant, only they use text for communicating instead of speech.

The first Bot was ‘ELIZA’, and Joseph Weizenbaum developed it in 1996. The modern-day Bots use the same principles as Eliza, and you can communicate by typing. The future of the iPhone application lies with Bots and very soon it will take over everything. With the help of Bots, you can order things or book tickets without opening the app yourself.

What is BOT

Why is IoT the future of mobile apps?

  • IoT ensures cloud-based operations: Using IoT in mobile apps will mean users will get access to the cloud.
  • IoTs give entrepreneurs full control: Mobile apps for IoT will ensure that entrepreneurs have full control of their system. Using a smart device they can easily control all systems with a few clicks.
  • Have control even without the internet: IoT technology gives the user the ability to control their apps even without internet connectivity.
  • Data collection: With mobile apps for IoT, firms will find it easier to collect valuable data using sensors. It will aid them in making quick and informed decisions.
  • Automation: With IoT, an enterprise can have automation and convenience. Let’s read an example to understand this point clearly- if you use a hotel app with IoT features a guest doesn’t need a key to access the room. The guest can use the app lock to unlock the door of their room with a few simple clicks.

Why are Bots the future of mobile apps?

  • They are easy to install: To use a bot, you only have to search for it within any messaging app. Once you click on it, you can start chatting. There is no need of downloading or installing a mobile app for bots from the Play Store or App Store.
  • It is easy to distribute bots: You can install a bot from your messaging app, and even share the bot from within the app. You can even link your favorite bot to social media accounts. The best example of this is slack. The Slack bot is automatically added to other members of a team even if only one installed it.
  • Mobile apps for bots are cheaper: When you develop and deploy a bot using a messaging app, it’s cheaper for you. The reason is that you don’t have to pay the amount for developing the chatbot app. While creating, maintaining, and deploying a mobile app is expensive.
  • Bots will soon be everywhere: There are numerous messaging apps in the market. We surely use at least two of them on a daily basis. They are omnipresent at all levels of the market. Thus, you will find them everywhere too as bots use mobile apps for deployment.
  • Bots are portable and user-friendly: Bots are portable as you can install them as a live chat or a car audio system. You can use them as a personal assistant like Siri or Alexa which makes them convenient and user-friendly.
  • Bots are beneficial for e-commerce sites: E-commerce business and retailers use bots to engage more consumers in their B2C business model.

How does IoT integrate with mobile apps?

Mobile devices come equipped with technology, such as geolocation, allowing multiple connections, through Bluetooth, near field communications, or WiFi. These all contribute to mobile app development at the core of IoT-enabled devices, as used by any leading iPhone app development company.

To share a simple example, to check into a hotel, you need a key or access card. It’s a hassle to carry it, and they always lie the fear of losing it. Now, imagine if you could open the hotel’s app on your phone, choose your room, click some buttons and access your room. This wouldn’t be possible without the integration of IoT and mobile apps.

How do Bots integrate with mobile apps?

Although there are several reasons why mobile applications should integrate chatbots, here are the two most important ones. Bots can be installed and integrated into custom mobile application solutions. Besides, mobile app users can use Bots straightway in order to initiate chats. No additional software is needed to run the bot in your business applications.


Both Bots and the Internet of things are amazing technologies that offer businesses a powerful medium to engage clients and thus, the future of the mobile app will be driven by both these technologies. Therefore enterprises and individuals all across the world are inclining towards the usage of these multiple technologies to ensure maximum efficiency. We would love to make you a part of these amazing paradigm-shifting technologies by incorporating them with your idea in the most impactful manner. Get in touch with DianApps, the best iOS app development company in the United States and Australia, and witness the magic unravel.


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