How To Start A Blockchain Gaming Platform?

How To Start A Blockchain Gaming Platform

How To Start A Blockchain Gaming Platform?

Every day, new uses for blockchain technology are being discovered across the globe. When people hear “blockchain,” the majority of them immediately think of Bitcoin and investment, but this technology is not bounded to just making money..

Blockchain is used by industries including agriculture, healthcare, and retail space. With this, another industry has also dived in – ‘Online Gaming.’

The video game business has grown significantly over the last few years. According to Statista, “An estimated $268.8 billion will be spent on online gaming by 2025, up and above from the current value of $178 billion.”

As a result, blockchain technology incorporated in the gaming industry becomes a promising area for development. Due to this, there is a rising need to understand how blockchain games operate and how to make a blockchain game that would catch players’ attention.

This article will acknowledge you above Blockchain game development, how it differs from a traditional game, which blockchain games are already ruling the market, and what benefits blockchain technology holds for online games. You can choose to design your own blockchain games to generate revenue based on this information. 

And that’s not it, blockchain gaming platform also offers a great deal of useful advice for those of you who are thinking about stepping into this market, which may help you better navigate the world of blockchain gaming app development.

Blockchain Games

Blockchain is a network of data blocks that is available to the public. It cannot be moved or altered. With this approach, a complete record of everything that has occurred on the network relevant to the data is preserved. 

The system is decentralized, which means that users who own digital assets will solely control the game. Therefore, there would be no interference of the central authority.

How do Traditional games differ from Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games, in contrast to conventional video games, use blockchain tokens as their digital money. These tokens can be bought, sold, and transferred without the assistance of the service provider. Players who play crypto games should first register on the blockchain platform used by the game, gaining access to the blockchain wallet. 

When it comes to the use of virtual currencies, blockchain games are unique, as they offer players a level of security and transparency that is unmatched. When compared to traditional games, crypto games are decentralized and provide players with tangible economic benefits. Players can use blockchain games to entertain themselves while also earning cryptocurrency. 

Top Play-to-Earn in Blockchain games

Here are some of the most technically advanced and well-known blockchain-based games.


A game called CryptoKitties runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. The game, created by Canadian studio Dapper Labs, allows players to collect, breed, purchase, and exchange different CryptoKitties. Each CryptoKitty is a unique NFT, indicating the owner has a unique pet.

My Crypto Heroes

A multiplier RPG called My Crypto Heroes allows you to level up your character by completing missions and participating in PVP battle. The game is very deep and has pixelated art as well as interesting missions. The game uses the Ethereum blockchain network, just like CryptoKitties.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice, a fun game of multiplication where you can build and maintain your own island. Anyone can buy a virtual island and use it to gather and construct different kinds of goods. There are a lot of wonderful things about My Neighbor Alice, according to its creators, who claim that the game is “introducing blockchain to millions of gamers.”


Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a trading card game. Using the gaming features, people can play and trade different kinds of NFT-based cards. The company often adds more space on the platform for additional users.

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Advantages of Blockchain games 

For Developers 

The benefits of blockchain gaming for developers make investments in this field justifiable. What follows are the key advantages of using blockchain in games that you should think about when developing your games:

1. Effective data encryption

Blockchain-based games implement cutting-edge technology to secure the use and storage of crypto tokens. It implies that the risk of hacking is very low for developers. All the data is stored on a decentralized blockchain network, making it quite impossible for hackers to modify or breach players’ transactions. 

2. Many growth opportunities

The market for crypto-games is currently expanding, which means businesses investing in game app development in this industry can benefit from numerous growth opportunities and have a better chance of gaining market share.

3. Security and user-friendly experiences

Games with blockchain technology can be user-friendly because they offer a high level of security. Tech-savvy gamers appreciate these benefits and may develop a feeling of loyalty to the well-made, captivating blockchain games.

4. Transparency of asset distribution

The complete transparency of asset distribution can be advantageous for developers as well. They can attract players who want to own their assets and be confident that no one would take their ownership. By luring players who had unpleasant experiences with the asset ownership or who just want to feel secure, developers can capture a certain percentage of the traditional gaming market.

For Players

When creating a blockchain-based game, you must make sure that players can take full advantage of the blockchain development services. The main advantages you should offer are as follows:

1. Digital ownership

All blockchain-based games have the special ability to let players truly own game content, such as an item they won or purchased during play. Developers cannot simply take away assets that belong to players, who are free to use, trade, sell, or store them. Gamers who want to use blockchain games to make real money are attracted to this feature.

2. Greater security

Blockchain games offer players greater security because they use top-notch data encryption. There is zero chance that the information will be compromised and accessed by unauthorized parties. All of the transactions are highly protected.

3. Greater transparency

As already mentioned, blockchain technology enables a level of transparency that has never existed in game-related digital transactions. Players have access to all transactional information, which promotes transparency and ensures honesty. Since all information is publicly verified, players are aware of the total number of assets and are confident that developers are not manipulating them.

4. Full control

The level of control provided to players is another important benefit of crypto games over conventional games.

How has the gaming industry been transformed by blockchain?

Due to its liquidity and the fact that players are familiar with tokenization, experts claim that adopting blockchain in the gaming industry is a piece of cake.

Here are some intriguing details about how blockchain will change the mobile app development services sector.

1. Increasing the scrutiny of the gaming market

Hackers will find it very difficult to access data across the server due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology and its highly effective data encryption techniques.

Thus, it fosters a safe environment for business owners and game developers, which leads to higher-quality output. A decentralized blockchain network would be impossible for hackers to shut down because there are no servers to attack.

2. Trading resources and earning rewards

Blockchain game mining techniques enable mobile app developers and players to create resource-rich games and apps, update game versions, and win rewards. This improves their user experience while enabling them to contribute and earn tokens.

3. Control over favorite video games

Gaming networks built on blockchain technology are immutable. This guarantees the future existence of network-deployed gaming series and programs. As a result, you can download and install various video game versions from any location without sacrificing your gaming experience.

4. Enhancing the ownership of in-game assets

By increasing transparency and introducing new regulations to the gaming industry, blockchain technology may assist in the ownership of in-game assets. Actual digital ownership, which will enable players to trade rare items and make money, is one of the key components of blockchain-supported gaming.

Smart contracts are used to manage all transactions in a game built on the blockchain. The execution of smart contracts is irreversible and based on pre-programmed parameters. Therefore, as soon as a blockchain-based game starts, all in-game items gathered through smart contracts are quickly transferred to users’ public address accounts.

In addition, there is no centralized management of smart contracts. Nobody can modify either the private ownership of the in-game assets or the public address where they are kept. They will continue to belong to the person who owns them in the game.

5. Enhancing the value projection of intangible assets

After Crypto Kitties was released on November 28th, 2017, players had already invested about $6.7 million as of December 6th. These numbers show that when a fun game is created on the blockchain, players will value intangible digital collectibles.

If you develop a compelling blockchain game, players will be eager to pay real money for intangible digital valuables. Undoubtedly, there will be a rise in investment due to the combination of cryptocurrencies and thrilling video games.

6. Improving payment methods

Cryptocurrencies are extremely anonymous and safe. Consumer credit card data has already been exposed online and sold on dark markets in numerous instances of breached extensive networks in the gaming sector.

In blockchain gaming applications, payments are made using local crypto tokens or other comparable tokens, which improves the transaction experience. In this way, the use of cryptocurrencies in video games can give more payment options to the players.

Blockchain gaming platform – development process

Building a blockchain gaming platform is a difficult task because there are plenty of hurdles to overcome. So, to win that hurdle race, a series of steps must be implemented. Look at them below!

1. Develop an idea

The creative idea behind the core of the blockchain gaming platform will serve as the foundation for the game’s captivating mechanism. It will cover everything, including the blockchain platform, programming languages, features, APIs, frameworks, and consensus mechanisms. This will happen when the strategy is actually carried out after extensive research and planning.

2. Research and planning

It gets difficult to accomplish anything without research and planning. Research on the project’s scope for the blockchain game should be done to streamline things. The strategies for how the plans will be made are compiled into a roadmap.

Next to analysis, a comprehensive review of the blockchain gaming project is carried out from beginning to end. In the meantime, the goals are determined and how to achieve them is decided. Understanding the differences in the market and taking the necessary action in order to eliminate them is made possible by market research.

3. Establish a team

Putting together a top-notch technical team of blockchain game developers with knowledge of web3 and blockchain technology is required. The right talent pool with sufficient knowledge of blockchain and game development is crucial. For this, it will be necessary to hire specialized web3 developers, mobile app development company, and more.

4. Choosing a Blockchain platform

To create a blockchain gaming app the right blockchain system is required. Several systems are available, including Ethereum, Solana, EOS, TRON, Polygon, COSMOS, and Tezos. Consider their benefits and drawbacks, then decide which will work best for your blockchain game.

5. Create digital assets

Once all of the requirements from the previous stages have been met, it’s time to create digital assets. These resources would be suitable for illustrating the characters, weapons, or any other props. The design of such assets should be distinctive and appealing, which is important for increasing the value.

6. Build the gaming mechanics

The blockchain development company must be involved in the brainstorming and creative processes for blockchain gaming. For purchasing, selling, and training digital pets, rules must be decided. The game mechanics should allow for smooth transitions between game modes. To achieve that, the blockchain game must undergo quality testing. Whatever flaws and errors that might exist, they must be found as soon as possible.

7. Payment integration

Developing blockchain game trading requires payment integration. The blockchain platform is combined with a reliable and secure payment platform. This aims to make it possible for gamers to conduct business by exchanging digital goods. To ensure that every transaction takes place in a secure environment, an exchange platform that can be trusted is essential.

8. Game launch

It’s time to launch the game for users once the above stages have been achieved successfully. The crucial point is that just launching the game won’t attract many players. In that case, promotion is required. Blockchain game promotion can be done through social networking sites, community building, or by getting in touch with the right Digital marketing company that can help you reach your target market.

Seeking the help of Blockchain experts?

You may seek professional assistance if you don’t have much time to learn about blockchain gaming app development. DianApps is always available to assist you in answering your questions. Through our blockchain consulting service, a variety of businesses and industries, including gaming, can access blockchain products and solutions. Our team has years of experience, which helps to provide professional, competent, and effective blockchain consulting regarding the adoption of blockchain technologies. 

Final game!

Blockchain game development services have significantly changed gaming opportunities. Decentralization is a key element that has contributed significantly to its popularity. This game-changing technology has raised the financial shares in the gaming industry. P2E, earning while playing, and asset trading using non-fungible tokens are just a few profitable activities that take place. It is viewed as an optimistic move that will hit the previous records and outdated perceptions of the gaming industry.


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