How to Hire Developers for a Startup? A Guide for Non-Tech Founders

How to hire developers for a startup

How to Hire Developers for a Startup? A Guide for Non-Tech Founders

How often have you grappled with the thought of making your startup into a successful and reputable business agency? We are guessing the numbers are extravagant, especially when your interest is in tech but you come from a non-technical background. 

Questions like– How will I make an impact with a mobile app development that will give voice to my brand? Or can only a tech expert excel in the technological ecosystem? Even though we live in a modern society, such doubts are always going to be triggering, as few of us still can’t accept that a non-tech founder can develop an equally exuberating tech product, that smashes the counterparts of coming from a non-technical space. 

One of many startup firms– Airbnb is the ultimate example of embarking on a successful journey. How? Well, the hospitality giant is created by non-tech founders. Just one of the three co-founders had a background in computer science. So if they can build an empire with zero experience in the technology domain, why can’t you? 

Not just them, but a few more examples of non-tech founders are:

  • Pandora
  • Alibaba
  • StyleSeat
  • Tinder
  • Vayable 

And many others have been able to get past the hurdle and surpass the innovative heights that a technical founder might not. 

Even though the insights are intriguing, every one of them experienced certain difficulties while in the making of successful startups. And that being said, the most crucial phase in a founder’s journey is to hire dedicated developers who can understand, create, and implement the vision of the standardized business. 

This blog is going to help you get started with the hiring process instantly and also enable you to find mobile app developers that can prove to be the right fit for your startup. 

What are the challenges involved in finding the right developer for your startup?

Even if it is very impossible to completely eliminate all difficulties, business owners may greatly lessen the stress by selecting the best talent or outsourcing firm for their company. assembling a strong team from scratch that can work on your idea and turn it into a fully operational commercial endeavor.

Finding the correct match as soon as possible when acquiring the appropriate personnel for your firm is a significant problem. In order to properly manage the business processes and make sure that the activities are in line with the business goals, non-technical founders of companies need to hire developers.

Also, business owners must locate app developers for their company that can serve as the ideal team for their project, assist them in comprehending technological procedures, and provides them with strategies for productive collaboration.

This article aims to provide information on the many elements influencing the hiring of developers for startups or onboarding an agency. We’ll also walk you through a step-by-step manual on how to locate and attract the best developers and how to lessen the difficulties you’ll face as a fresh entrepreneur entering the market.

Let’s first examine what would be best for your company: employing a developer or onboarding an agency, before delving into the specifics of recruiting developers for a startup or hiring an appropriate development agency for a startup.

Which is preferable for a non-tech founder? To hire in-house or to onboard an agency?

Although hiring in-house developers is preferable to the alternatives, a non-tech entrepreneur may find this to be a challenging task in and of itself due to a lack of technical knowledge.

Difficulties encountered while employing in-house developers:

  • High price
  • Limited experience and skills
  • Limited scalability
  • Inability to manage complicated tasks

High Price

At a startup, hiring in-house developers have a significant financial cost. One of the expenses you’ll have to make is the cost to the business. The overhead costs of employing an internal developer include setup, office space, equipment, and software, to name just a few.

Limited experience and skills

The in-house developer will probably specialize in one or two programming languages unless you employ many startup app developers, which would drive up costs. The possibilities of your product concept will then be constrained by the developer’s skill set.

A dedicated outsourcing company, on the other hand, will provide you with a web developer for a startup in addition to project managers, graphic designers, quality analysts, and others who can help you advance your app development project while boosting the effectiveness and scalability of the procedure. In addition, they employ a variety of developers that specialize in different fields.

Limited scalability

Even with shorter sprints, the development process takes longer when there aren’t enough in-house workers to work on many projects at once.

Inability to manage complicated tasks

Compared to developers working for specialist development firms, in-house developers sometimes lack the appropriate perspective or experience for managing large-scale projects.

By hiring a software development company to meet your demands, these difficulties may be quickly eliminated. Read our post on why DianApps is the best outsourcing to a mobile app development company to learn more about why non-tech founders should consider outsourcing their requirements.

But, if you still feel that hiring in-house developers for a startup would be a better option than outsourcing to a mobile app development business, follow these steps.

Choose a developer with a broad skill set who can comprehend the core of your product’s code and has a clear idea of how other technologies could interact with it. In conducting the interviews, keep in mind their ancillary perspectives on growth.

You should also find out if they are front-end developers, back-end developers, or just both. To continue on a similar route for strong product development, you must be further competent in assessing their strengths and shortcomings while making your business goal clear to them.

Yet as we already discussed, outsourcing your development needs will save you money and be good for your company. Here is some advice on how to pick the top app development company.

A step-by-step guide to selecting the best agency for your business requirements

If you’re looking for a software development firm to hire dedicated app developers for your startup, you should look at a few key factors that will help you assess the agency’s level of experience and skill.

Robust Portfolio

Check through the development agency’s portfolio of completed projects and customers they have worked with to decide whether they are the best match for your project. In order to identify the key talents of the top full-stack developer for startups, you should examine their portfolio. Also, examining the product outcomes of a company that provides custom software development services for startups can assist you in figuring out their overall capabilities.

Domain Expertise

Just a select few businesses focus on innovative techniques and technology (such as Appinventiv). Decide what the agency is recognized for and what its areas of specialty are. After you have a good notion of the agency’s area of expertise, you may choose one that most closely resembles the sort of product you’re attempting to develop.

Qualifications to assess the knowledge of mobile app developers for startups:

  • Ascertain whether they have a firm grip on the programming language. The best programming languages to know are listed here.
  • Examine their database expertise and see whether they can handle a system update.
  • Check their knowledge of data structures and other algorithms to see whether they are well-rounded.
  • Before the project is deployed, make sure they can utilize a variety of tools and technologies to test and troubleshoot.

Success Stories

In order to choose the agency, you must carefully consider the client testimonies the agency has received. Finding software developers for startups requires evaluating the caliber of work a business does, which is further supported by customer success stories. You will learn a lot from these testimonies regarding important areas of software development, such as meeting deadlines and spending limits.


When hiring developers for a company, you should also think about if they can produce a product that meets your specific needs. Selecting commercial software is simple, but finding a company that can create a strategy specifically for your company’s needs is challenging. The proper talent can operate in accordance with your business objectives and offer product modification, opening the road for your product to obtain immediate momentum in the market. Such talent can be found at a dedicated app development company like DianApps.

Assistance with conception and after-launch upkeep

To find the ideal developers for your firm, be sure the outsourcing company will walk you through every step of the software development process. They must be able to collaborate throughout the ideation stage in order to provide post-deployment product maintenance. The team must continuously update the development and include cutting-edge technology in accordance with the shifting demands of the market. This will further pave the road for the overall success of your product.

Sprint Breakdown

The company you’ve chosen must be able to break the development process’s numerous tasks into a number of sprints. This will enable you to evaluate the offshore team’s accountability and ability to complete the sprint on schedule.

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