How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Restaurant Mobile App?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Restaurant Mobile App?

What’s a Restaurant app like? Does it include something fancy that does not apply to having a restaurant in person? Well, NO!

The only difference that makes sense is providing convenience to customers. And giving glimpses of the atmosphere, cuisines, and online booking facility. But why do you need to shift your already existing restaurant into a full-fledged restaurant mobile application? 

A pressing issue raised by many restaurant owners and investors, asking whether everyone needs it. Or does only 5-star restaurants can afford such mobile app development services?

Don’t worry, all your questions are valid and will be acknowledged in this particular blog post! 

With the rise of mobile app technology and modern demands, every industry today plans on upgrading their business according to the changing lifestyle and receives better reviews/feedback throughout this process. 

Let’s look at how restaurant apps have taken over the traditional way of serving food to customers. 

Most Influential Restaurant App Statistics To Know

Due to the hindrance of COVID-19, the Food Industry has become familiar with online delivery experiences. To help its customers seek their food cravings, even in the time of crisis. This phenomenal theory validated the reasons why restaurants need mobile apps: 

  • In 2022, the online food delivery sector generated revenue of US $339,257 million. 
  • By the end of 2026, there will be an increase in the annual growth rate of 8.29% in the revenue stream, expected to reach a market size of US $466,472 million. 
  • 60% of the customers ordered online food in 2022 which also raised the takeout profits by 30% higher than those who do not. 
  • On top of these insightful statistics, the count of active customers using Food delivery app development for business is expected to grow by 2,613.2 million by 2027. 

These are significant figures that show how digital restaurant transformation solutions, including mobile apps for eateries, may develop a business. Companies have begun to invest in restaurant online ordering apps, which have simplified the process of placing real-time food orders, locating restaurants, reserving tables, and even just posting reviews online. 

The fact that the restaurant-to-consumer delivery category is expected to grow is indicative of this contribution. Given the stakes, you undoubtedly want to know how to create a restaurant app and how much it will cost to create a dependable app for your establishment.

Check out the top-class reasons for building a Restaurant application. 

Benefits of Restaurant App Development: Owners & Customers 

Restaurant apps benefit both sides of the parties, the Restaurant’s owner and its customers. Let’s see how. 

Restaurant Mobile App Development Benefits for Owners 

  • Loyalty Programs:

Owners get a chance to hit a double jackpot through this inbuilt loyalty program feature that helps in retaining existing customers and also inviting new ones seamlessly. 

  • Online reviews and ratings:

What makes your restaurant good in the eyes of the beholder? It has honest reviews and 5-star ratings. Feedback plays a key role in making users understand you better. With the help of a mobile app development company, you also have the option to hire a digital marketing team that looks after the brand’s social media strategies. 

  • Online ordering:

Being a customer yourself, you must understand the importance of fast delivery. Online ordering facilitates app development services and enables a supreme connection between you and your customers while also strengthening your loyalty program system. 

  • Better customer service:

Restaurant app development services, if perfectly aligned, provide the best customer experience as the app itself promotes your business, and automatically engrosss customers to order from your restaurant. 

  • Digital Menu Card:

Online menu template/cards are so much more convenient. Customers can simply filter out what they want through the search options and immediately place an order online. 

  • Easy payment options:

Forget the traditional way of counting money through your hand or via a machine. Now accept cashless payments in a giphy, this also enables customers to order only from you, because your restaurant can save their precious time especially when they are desperately hungry. 

  • Online slot reservation:

Isn’t it frustrating to stay on the caller line and wait for the restaurant to answer and book a table? We bet it is! But with the addition of online slot reservations in mobile app development services, customers can quickly book their favourite restaurant table, as per their time options, and also confirm whether the timing matches the Restaurant availability or not. 

  •  Offer great deals and discounts:

Customers love festive discounts and deals that save them costs and bring joy to their happy meals. Having a restaurant mobile application is so convenient. You can simply send a push notification to your customers and tell them to savour the great deals. 

But this is not the end of Restaurant app development benefits, owners also get to understand their Return on Investment better, alongside of transparent user interaction or behaviour through the feedback features and more. 

Hire mobile app developers from us today! To get the best Restaurant app services for your business! 

Restaurant Mobile App Development Benefits for Customers

Loyal Programs:

Of course, this goes both ends, while owners enable the loyalty program services, customers get to leverage it. 

Faster payment settings:

From ordering from your favourite restaurants to getting fast deliveries, you get everything in real-time, why not pay the restaurant on time as well? The restaurant app provides faster and more secure payment settings that debit the order price instantly (And you no longer have to carry the change) 

Table reservation:

Whether you are browsing the restaurant’s website or their application, customers have the option to book their top-pick restaurant’s table anytime and anywhere. So that you don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the special occasion with your friends and family. 


Savour the wide range of cuisine all in one place or filter out the one that you carve at the very moment with the help of the mobile app development services offered in the restaurant app. 

Give reviews and ratings:

Ordering check, Payment check, table booking check, don’t you think that your favourite restaurant needs a 5-star rating and review? A restaurant application also includes this facility, so you have a place to appreciate the hard work and of course the taste. 


Hire Mobile App development company for your business today

We have covered both benefits and features in this segment, I guess you are ready to finalize your app development process with an accurate pricing structure provided by top mobile app development companies in the USA or whichever place your restaurant needs assistance. 

Hire DianApps, a software development company, established all over the world. 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Restaurant Application?

Finally, the most crucial segment of this blog post, will answer the most critical question– How much does it cost to develop a restaurant mobile app? 

To determine the average cost of mobile app development, you need to look at the following two categories:


A simple app requires simple feature infusion such as images of the restaurant ambience, food & drinks menu, payments, push notifications, location services, etc. Now such mobile app development services may cost from $8000-$15,000. 


With this category, you get to take your restaurant app to the next step of illustration. Wherein you get customization services, pre-order meals, a 3D view of the restaurant, 3D menu cards, order tracking status, etc. Such enhancements cost $25,000. 

Now, for your convenience you can craft menus easily with menu maker. Also, the DianApps team has also gathered an estimate of mobile app development company time and cost to build your restaurant app in time.

Look at the below Table, we’ve managed to address both Android and iOS app development costs and time. 

However, do you know what’s the best solution for building your first-ever restaurant mobile app? It’s going MVP, a practical way to test what works best for your restaurant app and then after a few months or so, you can switch to simple or complex app development services. 

Our restaurant app development services help you make better smart decisions. 

Wrapping Up 

Mobile application development is indeed shaping the future of restaurant and food delivery businesses. The blog post above was useful in providing you with information regarding the price of creating an app for a restaurant. We nearly covered every aspect that affects how much it costs to create a mobile app for a restaurant.

But if you continue to have difficulties, you need to get in touch with our professionals. You can clear up any questions you have regarding your app development idea by contacting our team. With our professionals’ assistance, you may bring your idea for a mobile application to life.

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