How Much Does It Cost to Build a Food delivery app in UAE

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Food delivery app in UAE

Wondering about investing in the food industry? Meanwhile, you’re perplexed about how much costs involves in building these sorts of apps? If so, this article has got you covered. 

Nowadays, people prefer ordering food online due to various reasons. 

Currently, the food industry in the UAE has seen tremendous growth. A recent study found that the online food delivery market in the UAE is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% between 2021-2026. Thus, making it a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. 

Mobile application development, particularly in the food industry, has huge potential due to countless factors.

If you are looking to invest in a food delivery app, UAE is an ideal market to consider. Also, you can reach any reliable app developer in Dubai to assist you in your app journey. 

In this blog post, we will explore the cost factors that impact the development of food delivery apps. 

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Why Invest in a Food Delivery App in Dubai?

UAE is a hub for food enthusiasts and tourists, making it an exceptional market for food delivery apps. 

The online food delivery market in Dubai is projected to grow by 6.4% by 2024, as per a recent study published in Statista. 

Moreover, the average revenue per user is expected to increase by 10.7% in the same period. 

This indicates that there is a significant demand for online food delivery services in Dubai. Or, you may say, in the entire UAE. 

Additionally, the government of Dubai has been promoting the use of technology to enhance customer experience and support the growth of the food industry. 

For that purpose, the government has launched various initiatives to support and incentivize technology start-ups in Dubai. Henceforth providing an incredible opportunity to entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Factors that Affect the Cost of Food Delivery Apps in the UAE

When it comes to developing a food delivery app in the UAE, there are several factors that can affect the cost. 

Here are some of the critical factors to consider; 

App Development Platform

One of the most crucial factors in determining the estimated cost of building an app is based on the type of platform you’re planning to utilize. 

The two main platforms for app development are iOS and Android. Both platforms have certain pros and cons. Thereby, choose the one that best fulfils your needs. 

However, if you want to reach a wider audience, it is recommended to develop an app for both platforms.

Features and Functionality

Another parameter that influences the cost of the app can be based on the features and functionality you wish to introduce. 

Some essential features, such as, user registration, restaurant listings, menu display, order tracking, and payment integration, are some of the common functionalities mostly found in food delivery apps.  Also, you may find ratings and reviews sections, loyalty programs, and chat support features in several apps. 

In a nutshell, features and functionalities in an app also play a vital role in determining the cost factor. 

Design and User Experience

Needless to say, design plays an integral role in identifying the app’s performance. An inferior quality design results in losing customers in the long run. 

Also, a bad-quality design diminishes the user experience, too. 

In short, user experience is directly reliant on how intricate your app design is. A well-designed app with a user-friendly interface can help increase customer engagement and loyalty. However, designing a high-quality app with innovative features can be expensive.

Backend Infrastructure

The backend infrastructure of the app is essential for managing user data, orders, and payments. 

Developing a robust backend infrastructure can be costly, though it is necessary for ensuring smooth app operation.

In short, this factor also affects the cost of a food delivery app.  

Maintenance and Support

Developing an app is just the beginning. Maintaining and updating the app regularly is crucial for ensuring a seamless user experience. 

For that reason, you also need to hire customer support so that they can address any issues or concerns that users may have.

Every other company has certain packages of maintenance and support services. Thus, determine their packages upfront to avoid any mishaps later. 

App Complexity

The complexity of the app can significantly impact the development cost. 

If your app revolves around simple features & functionalities, you’ll find minimal costs. Though, if your app includes a diversified range of complicated features & functions, you may notice a hefty price tag. 

Apps that require advanced features like AI-powered chatbots or real-time inventory management systems may cost more to develop than basic apps.

Development Team Location

The location of the development company you recruit can also impact the cost of developing a food delivery app

Hiring developers from Asian or Middle-East regions can lead to significantly higher development costs, while outsourcing to low-cost regions may result in lower costs. 

If budget isn’t an issue for you, go for any reliable app development company in Dubai, Bahrain, or in Qatar. 

App Security

App security is a critical factor that can significantly impact the cost of app development. 

Security features such as encryption, data protection, and fraud detection are essential for ensuring the safety of customer data and maintaining the app’s credibility. 

Implementing robust security measures can increase the cost of app development.

One way to ensure app security is by choosing a reliable mobile app development company in UAE that prioritizes security in their development process. 

These companies use secure coding practices. Also, they implement various security measures like data encryption, penetration testing, and access control mechanisms to prevent data breaches and unauthorized access.

Moreover, they also follow strict data privacy regulations and guidelines to protect user’s sensitive information from cyber threats. 

By choosing a reputable and experienced mobile app development company that prioritizes app security, entrepreneurs can ensure that their app is safe and secure.


To summarize, the food industry in the UAE is growing at a rapid pace, opening endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest in this thriving industry. 

However, the cost of developing a food delivery app in the UAE can vary based on various factors. Some of them are mentioned above. 

To ensure a successful app launch, entrepreneurs should consider these factors while creating a budget and carefully choosing a reliable app development partner. 

In a nutshell, if you are looking to invest in a food delivery app, ensure that you consider all the critical factors. Plus, partner with a reliable app development company UK that can help you build a successful app that meets your business objectives.


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